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Which Laptop You Recommend?


May 22, 2010
It’s been a while since I’ve been playing Civ since I don’t have a PC/laptop. But now I realized I have to move on from using my iPad Mini lol
I was looking to get a laptop, but I’m kinda lost, something that’ll play Civ VI and has a nice build quality, price point perhaps ~€1500. I was looking at the Zenbook, Surface Pro, MacBook Pro (have an iPad Mini/iPhone) and like the UHD screens! What laptops around 14-15” would be good to play Civ VI on and aside from that has a good pixel density and build quality?? I want to finally have one more turn...!
A Macbook is not good enough if you want to play Civ 6. If you want to play Civ at a medium settings on a laptop I would recommend a laptop with at least a GTX 1050. A laptop with with a GTX 1060 could play Civ 6 with high settings at a good frame rate. If you can wait then you should do so. New laptop CPUs are on the horizon from Intel which should give a good boost to performance and new GPUs from nVidia are coming soon as well. As for the here and now I would get a HP Omen. You can get one with a 1060 and GSync which is a god level upgrade since there is no screen tearing. A must for playing games. If you want a a more traditional laptop I would get a Dell XPS15 inch. They come with a 1050 and good build quality.
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