which path should I take?

dante alighieri

Oct 31, 2006
Oberammergau, Germany
I had really wanted to try for a cultural victory but I think I went about it the wrong way. As a matter of fact I know I did. Though i have some pretty good cities going on, I spent too much time jerking around rather than concentrating on culture. (Stop me if i'm wrong but you need three cities with legendary culture right?)

Anyway, as the celts I'm in a minor tech lead overall. I share a continent with the french, the maya, the arabians, the carthaginians, the indians and the spanish. I own just about half of it, the next continent has the japanese, the khmer and the germans and they're behind us overall in tech. After a short war with the persians I extincted them and took two cities from saladin who DoWed on me during my persian cleansing. His cultural boundaries are engulfing those cities though. So I have to wonder, is it worth attacking Saladin to make some breathing room for thosecities or should I just leave well enough alone. I can easily try to tech out a Spaceship victory if I want. Pacal and DeGaulle are close enough in tech to be a viable threat in a space race but i think I can handle them . (they're both either friendly or pleased since we share hinduism and have had war alliances through the game) Or should I try to culture up my top three cities? I think it all goes on to attacking saladin. I have infantry and he doesn't yet. My border cities are well guarded. The only reason i attacked those cities were because of an oil resource near one. (That his borders conveniently overwrapped :rolleyes: after I took the city) I have an oil resource but its in the ocean so i need an offshore platform to exploit it right now. I also have a GS saved up to build the ethanol company when the tech comes up, just in case.)

I wish i had a screen shot, but in general, what would you do?
Depends on the difficulty setting, I assume you're not playing on a very high one. On difficulties from Monarch or so onwards, culture victory can be tricky to pull off because you can face severe problems if another civ attacks you (they will get ahead of you in tech so you need to get the right point of exit).

If you think your cities can produce enough culture (something like 500/turn should be the aim) I'd probably go for the culture victory. Space race is always possible with spies or some well-aimed conquests of high production cities and diplomatic is always an option if you have good relations with some large civs.

It's not too easy to say a lot about it without knowing your actual situation really.
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