Which tiles are hills?


Jun 8, 2019
By scanning over this image, can you immediately tell which are hills and which are flat? Don't look too hard, just try to guess immediately, as if you're playing the game and need the info readily available.

When I look at this picture, this is what I see:
Spoiler :

Well, I'm wrong, there's only three hills.

I know everybody knows hills are hard to see, but now that they've been polishing certain aspects of the game, such as adding wonder and city-state pickers, perhaps it would be the appropriate time to rework hill tiles.

Is this terribly game-breaking? No, but it is annoying, and it does disrupt the game whenever one accidentally moves onto a hill with bad enough consequences that you need to reload the save.

Furthermore, I can never tell, by simply looking at the map, what the most defensible positions are.

Hills with forests or rainforests have a bunch of tiny stones that differentiates them from flat tiles, but again, you still need to squint.

So in the end the only solution is to use the Hill filter, but you'll not have that on all the time, and you'll still make mistakes. Besides, I don't think one of the basic terrain types should need to be highlighted in order to be properly differentiated.

Nearly everything in this game is distinctive enough, so it makes no sense for hills not to be.

PS: I know the Environment Skin mod makes them clear. I use that mod sometimes, but I also enjoy Civ VI's art and would just rather have proper hills in this art style.
Which tiles are the hills? You said there were only three, but I can only tell two of them. And you're right, that should come in the February or January Update.
I agree, it's hard to tell.

I keep yields on, though, which helps if you don't find it too annoying.
Oh, yeah. I always use those too. Forgot that was an option.
I agree, it's hard to tell.

I keep yields on, though, which helps if you don't find it too annoying.

Natural disasters modifying yields complicates it a bit. In my last game, I chopped a Woods tile thinking it was a hill but it actually had an extra production from a forest fire... :(

Isn't there a time of the day that make shadows on hills more clear on the map?

A bit more elevation would go along way in making the plains/grass/snow hill tiles easier to spot. Then for forest or jungle hill squares perhaps the art should be modified to have a small break in the greenery with a little hill poking up through it. It would make it so much easier to see.
I agree, it's hard to tell.

I keep yields on, though, which helps if you don't find it too annoying.

It's a quick toggle with the "y" key.

All this time I thought it was combo of my old eyes/computer. Would be a nice polish fix as the game nears EOL.
It doesn’t even make sense that the hills are so much smaller than the mountains. The hills look like one of those 3D maps (the ones with little bumps for hills), whereas the mountains match the clear-and-cartoony style of the rest of the game. IMO, hills should be significantly bigger, similar to the Chocolate Hills NW, both for clarity and to fit the overall look of the game.
It's a quick toggle with the "y" key.

Yep. I think it makes my computer hang a tiny bit, though. That's a lot of little icons to calculate and render.

On the topic of utility, though, sometimes they're slightly less useful for determining if a tile is hills than before since the tile could have been fertilized by a blizzard or something
please god yes, this has been an issue from the start

I still hover over every single time
I compared the snow tiles at different time settings hoping the shadow will cast on them for a better resolution. But... I still don't know which looks better :(

Highly appreciate your effort. I think the evening ones looks better, but evening maps have a low readability overall.
No need to worry, everyone! @Deliverator has just released a new mod that makes Hills... Hillier!
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