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Who are the Great People?

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Lore' started by xienwolf, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. xienwolf

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    Oct 4, 2007
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    Kael has been nice enough to provide some resources for images so that we can design a Great Person Mod for FfH.

    The point of this would be to even further explore the Lore of FfH by getting a short story or quote each time a Great Person is born, specific to that particular person.

    So the challenge now, is to get all the information that we can on each Great Person! Please post anything you can dredge up, or feelings about how they should look (even just gender if not specified anywhere, but ideally race, and possibly Civilization they come from)

    1. Branding - Female/Human - Grigori - Spoke with Trenton early in his quest to bring Danalin back into the world about the role of the Gods, Priests and Religions
      • I yearn for a kingdom without gods or kings. Only men and women under none.
    2. Melusine - Male/Human - Hippus -
      • Magnadine? A fool. Everyone thinks he's great, just because he can ride a freaking pony. I don't need a horse to kill people, isn't that even more impressive?
    3. Sidhelle - Female/Elven - Ljosalfar -
      • "We had trapped the thief in the corridor outside the library. 5th squad was to her left, and 2nd squad to her right. As I called on her to surrender, she reached into her backpack, which was stuffed with stolen spell scrolls, and pulled out a crystal rod. As the squad began shooting, she activated the rod. There was a blinding light and when we could see again, she was gone." --Ilnacht Vivordur, Svaltalfar 2nd Hunter Squad Leader - After action report
    4. Carrow the Hunted - Male/Human - Doviello -
      • He is an embittered mistheist, the sort of atheist who does not so much disbelieve in the gods and their agendas as personally dislike them. -- Interviewers notes penned on Carrow's Application for Citizenship
    5. Khord Tenhare - Male/Human - Grigori - Known Facts: Lead the War Party which cornered Stephanos, and was then killed by his own men
      • To this day the Grigori travel down the length of the serpent's canyon and offer small tokens to the stone mound at its end. This is a reminder of their own failure, and the screams of Khord Tenhare are said to still echo within the canyons walls.
    6. Pinchete - Male/Goblin - Clan of Embers -
      • "...it came at me from the deep wilderness. I cursed my carelessness as it's canines went for my throat. With brute strength did I turn him, look into his eyes and butted him into the darkness" --Recounting of Pinchete's favorite tale, How I Tamed Gral, the Greatest Mount
    7. Needles - Male/Human - Grigori -
      • Those idiots at Aeron's Bounty? Inefficient. Wasteful. Overpriced. They're cultists masquerading as assassins. They add pomp and ceremony to what is a very simple job. Me? You pay me, and tell me who you want dead. They end up dead
    8. Bahamet the Second - Male/Human - Malakim -
      • Bahamet calls it "subtlety." I call it sitting and chatting with overfed royal dandies until his enemies die of old age. --Panlupan
    9. Groo the Wanderer - Male/Human - Doviello - Known: Inspired by a Comic
      • Now Groo does what Groo does best!
    10. Cabal Tenhare - Male/Human - Grigori - Known Facts: Head of the Nightwatch for the Junon, slain by Stephanos
      • The streets of Junon were said to be safer during the night than during the day. Cabal Tenhare and his hundreds of pet ravens watched over the sleeping city. If any crime was commited there would be only caws, a flurry of black wings and a black cloud would descend on the criminal.
    11. Panlupan - Female/Human - Lanun -
      • "Her idea of tact is toasting the King before setting his palace on fire." --Bahamet the Second
    12. Volanna - Female/Elven - Svartalfar -
      • The Bannor always brag about how their devotion to Junil allows them to ignore pain and other irritants... I've found this 'gift' allows my poisons to go unnoticed till it is too late for even the most proficent Confessors to save them
    13. Father Jeon - Male/Human - Bannor -
      • I've come to understand a certain pattern in this life. The gods and Kings agree too often. If the King changes his mind then, miraculously, the gods seem to change theirs as well. When the time for war comes, the gods demand blood and martyrs. When the king wants to fatten himself on gold, the gods suddenly expect grand and expensive tribute. I don't know about the gods themselves, but religion is clearly an arm of the king, not the people.
    14. Llangru - Female/Orc - Grigori -
      • The clan is strong and Bhall is stronger, but I find that working alone makes certain jobs much simpler and entertaining to complete.
    15. Nosamonce - Female/Human - Sheiam -
      • I have learned that if there is any power in demonology, then it lay with the demons. Using it for your own purposes is like trying to beat mice to death with a rattlesnake.
    16. Bhalira - Female/Dwarven - Luchuirp -
      • Some gods, like Nantosuelta and Sirona, are benevolent. Some are not. But in the end all they want is our obedience, not our well being.
    17. Comillo - Male/Human - Calabim -
      • Many people speak of the unique... Hunger... of the Calabim. Having lived among them long enough to share in this strange affliction I stand now as testament that it can be overcome, though the Hunger exists in all Lands, not just that of the Calabim. I speak of the Hunger for greater power over the people of Erebus... of what did you speak?
    18. Hamlyn Ka - Male/Dwarven - Grigori -
      • Good... Bad... Maybe that Runekeeper was right after all; I'm just a traitor.
    19. Kimble the Quick - Male/Human - Grigori -
      • "Kimble the Quick / He would take his pick / Of the gold and the silver up in Jubilee / But Perpy found out / and now the poor lout / is locked up in a tower with his lunacy!" -- Grigori children's rhyme
    20. Bakabushi - Female/Human - Illian - Known Facts: Mother was Balseraph, captured in a raid
      • I'm only laughing on the outside / My smile is just skin deep / If you could see inside I'm really crying / You might join me for a weep.

    Great Bards:
    1. Dain the Cytherean - Male/Human - Sidar -
      • Beyond the abyss of mortality is only the shining beacon of permanence. Living beings are attracted to its light like moths to the flame and the end result is the same for moth and human alike.
    2. Ofeofae - Female/Human - Balseraph -
      • Revolutionary songs are like embers from a campfire, scattered by the wind. Most will be smothered before leaving their mark on the world; but once in a while, one will catch on a twig or a leaf, and before long the whole forest is aflame.
    3. Airodaunt Balon - Human/Male - Malakim -
      • Music proves that the mind gravitates towards patterns. Consider the beauty of the major chords, or the augmented fifths, or that a phrase must always end with the note on which it started. Deviation from these established rules unnerves us-- in this, even the brutal Doviello make a concession to order.
    4. Caspian Loch - Human/Male - Bannor -
      • War is the mother of all things
    5. Taneath - Male/Human - Sheiam -
      • Make a fire for a man, you warm him for a day. Make a fire of a man, you warm him for his lifetime
    6. Pramas Olds - Male/Centaur - Kuriotate -
      • The socialites shake their heads at my work, whispering that art should be pleasing to the eye. Bollocks, I say. If nature wanted her children to be shielded from her cruelty, she wouldn't have given us eyes with which to see it, or a brush with which to paint it. --From an address to the Avelorn Conservatory
    7. Hodkamset - Male/Human - Bannor
      • The greatest works of our time are composed of pain and suffering. Who better then to create great masterpieces than those who wandered the bowels of hell itself?
    8. Samawen the Ghost - Female/Human - Sheiam -
      • ...it was clearly to be no ordinary summoning; the rituals here were not to gain powerful demons, as before, but rather to procure the legendary Samawen, greatest bard of the First Age. As she floated through the planar gate, she sang, in an unknown language, but with a hopelessness so profound that half the men present --hardened ritualists all-- were sobbing bitterly by the last stanza. I do not know what she had seen in the Great Beyond, to make her despair so. I'm not sure I want to know. --Nosamonce, Memoirs
    9. Pelia the Dancer - Female/Human - Balseraph -
      • As she swept about the stage, the crowd was silent with a breathless joy. Every pose, every movement was... art. Her garments swirled and flowed as though they, too, were performers in their own right, shifting in patterns of color that spoke to the onlookers in a voice almost of their own. All of us were entranced. Which is why not a soul among us marked Pelia's associates as they slipped through the crowd, divesting us of our jewels and coinpurses. -- Casper Turnis, following the one-night-only performance of Pelia the Dancer
    10. Argase the Magician - Male/Human - Sheaim -
      • The performer was nondescript in appearance, except for eyes that shone with an eldritch darkness; but worse than his own eyes were the eyes of the crowd, which looked upon him as though he were their hero, their king, and their god. --Branding, on Argases' performance in a Grigori border town.
    11. Furia - Female/Human - Balseraph -
      • Seeing Beauty meakes you feel Beautiful. Seeing Tragedy makes you feel sad. Seeing yoruself... Well if you look long enough, you may find who you really are.
    12. Vernadot - Male/Human - Balseraph -
      • "Aye two hundred strong we was, marchin' on da mad clown's city. They had no resistance, hells they was holdin' parties for us! Dey led us to da big carnival tent, and... he came wit' da lute wit' 12 strings... Only 6 of us survived."
        -Captain Harzak Stonehammer on the... amazing music of Vernadot.
    13. Clairone - Female/Dwarven - Khazad -
      • ...from the time the Khazad ventured to the surface, Clairone has bombarded passerby for miles around with enthusiastic yodeling, ostensibly to guide travelers and merchants to the Underhome. I sometimes wonder if it's actually to keep them away. --Nosamonce, Memoirs
    14. Persellus - Male/Human - Calabim
      • Your Bannor poets create great works in the name of sacrifice. Am I truly so different? My canvas is the flesh and my ink your lifeblood. Just because my sculptures beg me for mercy does not make the sacrifice any less powerful
    15. Melisandre - Female/Human - Balseraph -
      • To truely inspire the Mad King, new art is required, born of the unusual, the wanton, the unexpected!
    16. Cladius, Chorus of the Damned - Male/Human - Bannor - Known Facts: Performs in the Tavern known as "The Pit" under Alexandria. Channels the sound of eternal torment from the deepest recess of hell where people who commit suicide are tortured.
      • The best art comes out of intense suffering. My Muse provides an opportunity to harness the greatest such source.
    17. Kamen Shandoun
      • Some say the gods are unknowable, others say their will is obvious. Me, I will stick to teaching all people of themselves, simply letting them chose the lyrics to my songs
    18. Dianchete - Female/Elven - Svartalfar
      • Every soul has it's own song and the body it's instrument. The key to making it sound is knowing where to strum and prod.
    19. Dhaunae the Illusionist - Male/Human - Amurite -
      • Oddly enough, smoke and mirrors are more impressively "magical" than true magic ever has been.
    20. the King of Squirrels - Male/Elven - Ljosalfar
      • With all your trinkets and titles, are any of you really happy? What has civilization done but told you to keep going forward and climbing higher till the day you die? Civilization feeds you? My body may often go hungry in seclusion, but my soul is forever fed.

    Great Commanders:
    1. Captain Ostanes - Male/Human - Hippus -
      • You ask what gives us the right of conquest? It is very simple, actually: it is because we win. Were we to loose, History would place us alongside the Doviello as barbarians. History is written by the winner
    2. Captain Uldanor - Male/Human - Hippus -
      • Some men intend to live forever by being the greatest general ever, others by becoming the greatest artist, or sage, or explorer. Me? I intend to live forever by not dying.
    3. Simon of Gitta - Male/Human - Kuriotates -
      • Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.
    4. Ducet the Patient - Female/Elven - Ljosalfar -
      • When they come to engage, disappear into the trees. When they retreat to camp, pepper their tents and cook-fires with arrows. When they can no longer sleep for fear of knives in the night, when they grow weary and frustrated and careless, when they march in disorder, then, and only then, will we unleash hell.
    5. Goroff Grist - Male/Human - Bannor - Known Facts: Adjudicator in the Trial of Lita the Witch
      • The testimony has been heard and a just decision has been made. Lita of Alexandria will be exiled from the Empire. This exile will be initiated by throwing her from the Cliffs of Hastur. Like the crow, Lita will take flight. If she falls to her death, she may be given an Order funeral. If not, then any punishment we can give will not equal the fate she will eventually suffer...
    6. Haerlond Gosam
      • In times like these, when even the gods derelict their duty, all you can trust are your kin and your blade - and as I have discovered to my loss, sometimes you cannot even trust your kin.
    7. Hyksos - Male/Human - Malakim -
      • It is said, 'the enemy of your enemy is your friend.'" And he is, for as long as you both have the same enemy. You must prepare for what comes after the victory, when they turn on you.
    8. K'thun - Male/Elven - Svartalfar -
      • Look, battles are easy. Humans want to complicate things, but all that you really have to do is shoot the enemy in the back. If you cannot get behind the enemy, bribe them to shoot one another in the backs for you.
    9. Morsuelis - Male/Dwarven - Khazad -
      • It looks a little like ash, does it not? Careful, my liege, with your candle. This powder, these fine grains on the table before you, this is the future of warfare. This powder, in sufficient quantities, will crush Walls and Wills in equal measure. And once those are out of the way, the rest is just mopping up.
    10. Averax the Cambion - Female/Human - Sheaim -
      • They march down our roads in brave, glorious columns. They have drilled their formations. Left turn. Right turn. I have spent a handful of minutes preparing magics which shall end all of those years of practice.
    11. Tethira - Female/Human - Bannor -
      • War is sweet to those who do not know it
    12. Palpeious - Male/Orc - Clan of Embers -
      • Attack from the hills not across the river. Are you SURE you get the idea, Greeb? Yes, the arrows and walls WILL be a problem, Snod, but that's why we gave the Ogres big rocks. You say they ate the rocks, Harough? For Bahll's sake, just... CHARGE!
    13. Rivanna the Wraith Lord - Female/Human - Svartalfar -
      • "Objections to the use of the undead in warfare are founded in misguided tradition. The air chills notably in the presence of a Wraith, need you more proof of their suitability, look only to your sons and daughters who have been spared from battle by our Conjurer's minions.
    14. Justin of Dalath - Male/Human - Bannor
      • Do you think I enjoy killing? Do you think I enjoy cutting down those begging for mercy? I do not. But I know I must, because for the followers of the Ashen Veil, giving mercy is a sign of weakness, a chance to stab you in the back when you turn away.
    15. Lord Dunsted Traver - Male/Human - Calabim -
      • Drown our Warriors to make Zombies? It may be Militarily practical, but... why waste perfectly good food?
    16. Reboaha - Male/Orc - Clan of Embers -
      • What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!
    17. Darsinger - Female/Human - Doviello -
      • You think I planned that?
    18. Nigel of the 5th March - Male/Human - Hippus -
      • "I remember asking him why we were avoiding battle... why we were slaughtering the Bannor's sheep instead of their men. 'Because, my boy,' Nigel laughed, a merry glint in his eye, 'the sheep don't fight back!'" --Graehme Purvis, Reminisces of a Raider
    19. Kered - Male/Orc - Clan of Embers -
      • Fire is my Muse. The Catapult my instrument. Men tremble at my Ballads.
    20. Anthony Callier - Male/Human - Amurite - Known Facts: Leader of Amurites 5th Squad, dubbed "Regiment 12" by their Commanders
      • "Did you consider the impact our magic would have on the battle? What would happen if the air and earth turned against you? If half of your well-trained soldiers suddenly stopped attacking in the midst of battle? If our soldiers' weapons cleaved through iron and steel like air? No? Hmph... I did!

    Great Engineers:
    1. Khmer Otterfig - Male/Goblin - Clan of Embers - Known Facts: Small, green, kind
      • It isn't easy... Being Green.
    2. Faber Ozzie - Male/Dwarven - Balseraphs - Known Facts: Comedian, bad one
      • Wakka Wakka!
    3. Hoyden Drew - Male/Dwarven - Luchuirp - Known Facts: Resourceful, Oblivious
      • Think of the safety. Think of the sense of well-being. And, at last, your family can be protected from the heartbreak of gorilla invasion.
    4. Milana - Male/Human - Doviello - Known Facts: Loud, dangerously uncontrolled. Likes beating on things.
      • Woman! Woman! WOoooMAN!.... Woman!
    5. Zoot Ghent Gear - Male/Uncertain - Balseraphs - Known facts: Likes flamboyant devices. Romantically involved with a chicken.
      • I shall now disassemble this highly erratic Golem while simultaneously, and at the same time, reciting from the works of Airodaunt Balon
    6. Ethel Agames - Male/Elven - Svartalfar - Known Facts: Pompous, Naked under his Clothes
      • That... is the Svartalfar way!
    7. Fodgel Thor - Male/Human - Elohim - Known Facts: Calm and quiet fellow, he is very easygoing and a fan of gentle Tavern music
      • When you get shot by a pickle in close range, do you get garlic burns?
    8. Bareke - Male/Dwarven - Luchuirp - Known Facts: Intelligent. Inarticulate
      • Meep meep meep meep
    9. Zehanpuryuh - Female/Human - Lanun -
      • This "Mithril" has many possible uses. You could shape it into a sword, and trade it to a merchant for gold. Or, you could kill the merchant with it and have both the sword and the gold. Both are fine decisions.
    10. Vesta Glory - Male/Elven - Ljosalfar -
      • A Beautiful wall IS a Functional Wall. Who would dare to lob rocks at the majestic trellised rampart of Evermore?
    11. Valoel - Male/Human - Elohim - Known Facts: Builder of the Mercurian Gate
      • Long has the glory of the Heavens caught Man's eye. It is my humble task to see the favor returned.
    12. Tilonas Sal - Male/Dwarven - Khazad -
      • They laughed when I started digging they did. But who is laughing now? Who is the one who discovered the Great Iron Vein? Who created the Mines of Gal-Dur? Ha! That's right! ME!
    13. Hulik Darkanus - Male/Human - Illian -
      • "Then the light caught on the the carving, and a coldness lanced through me that had nothing to do with the cool air. The figures were not carved into the ice blocks of the wall. Rather, the figures were people, frozen corpses embedded into the walls as a testament to the wrath of the Lord of Winter." --Account from the taking of Garduk
    14. Athos Ulthane - Male/Dwarven - Khazad -
      • Achieving perfection is not about not making mistakes, it's about making sure no one can see them.
    15. Gregamir - Male/Dwarven - Khazad -
      • A Functional Wall IS a Beautiful Wall. How can you not stare in awestruck wonder at the rigid and coarse bulwark of Khazak?
    16. Haldayne Ozark - Male/Dwarven - Luchuirp -
      • Why travel as the wind takes you?! -These Golem Oarsmen lets you choose your own path!
    17. Schrewneil - Male/Human - Balseraph - Known Facts: Genius, Mad Genius, Amateur Gardener, Just Plain Mad (not all in that order)
      • Blew up in his Face? Well, that means it works. Next time we just point it at ourselves. Or leave some behind when we retreat...
    18. Pistis Sophia - Female/Angel - Mercurian
      • To create... is Divine
    19. Thorion Vo - Male/Dwarven - Khazad - Dwarven Vampire
      • This city I designed my self, perfect in shape and efficiency. See as the roads all lead to the palace as all blood flows to the heart?
    20. Aegeus Isildur - Male/Human - Kuriotates -
      • I planned these cities. With the help of a thousand peoples I built them. Look at them! Are they not the grandest things on Erebus? Home to unimaginable numbers, reaching up to heaven, all shining like the gold they're made of. See them gleam!

    (Continued on Post #3, reached Character Limit for this Post)
  2. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    1. Branding- Grigori
    2. Melusine- Hippus
    3. Sidhelle- Elven
    4. Carrow the Hunted - Doviello
    5. Khord Tenhare -Dwarven
    6. Pinchete- Gobln
    7. Needles - Goblin
    8. Bahamet the Second - Malakim
    9. Groo the Wanderer - Orcish
    10. Cabal Tenhare - lanun
    11. Panlupan - lanun
    12. Volanna - Svartalfar
    13. Father Jeon - elohim/Bannor
    14. Llangru - Orcish
    15. Nosamonce - Sheim
    16. Bhalira - Luchuirp
    17. Comillo - Calabim
    18. Hamlyn Ka -Khazad
    19. Kimble the Quick - Lanun, svartalfar, or Hippus
    20. Bakabushi -doviello or illian

    For the Andventures, i just choose a civ\race that sounds like it would give out names like the one listed
  3. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    Great Merchants:
    1. Jenkin - Male/Human - Patrian - Known Facts: Student of Kylorin in Earth Magic
      • Unfortunately, our divinations prove that the vein of silver is directly beneath the slums of Ithaca. But with your permission, m'lord Kylorin, we can solve both this problem and the lack of available slaves with a single stroke...
    2. Rusa Pariek
      • I never called them anything other than 'meat pies.' So I wasn't technically lying. Besides, the city morgues were getting too full, the poor were going hungry... See a Need, fill a Need.
    3. Omar of Turin - Female/Human - Kuriotate -
      • Gold was my servant, not my master --Epitaph
    4. Tya Kiri - Female/Human - Amurite
      • Men are always after what is best for themselves or their friends. They think only of the "now." It falls to Women, the bearers of our future, to make sacrifices to ensure the best for our children
    5. Belarchass the Slaver - Male/Human - Calabim -
      • The Bannor say they believe that human slavery is a sinful abomination, but I call hipocrisy. They use their own people as mere pawns in their hopeless war against the Sheiam-- those they conquer are slaves in all but name, working and fighting only to avoid the headsman's axe. Me, I'm just more honest in my nomenclature.
    6. Mavreen Mawklistyr - Male/Human - Lanun -
      • I may be less an eye and a hand, but at least we've all learned a valuable lesson. --Captain's log #1978 - shortly after the first expedition to Doviello lands.
    7. Maaerun - Female/Elven - Svartalfar -
      • Meeting foreigners is always tricky; I introduce myself as "Maaerun, human trader." And then they say that I'm obviously not human, and I have to say, "Well, that's not exactly what I meant."
    8. Joffa the Barakite - Male/Human - Malakim
      • My endeavors earn me a golden treasure, yet I am poor. Because I am as a river to my people.
    9. Goodreau - Male/Human - Grigori - Known Facts: Originally known as Tamur the Merchant, a Bannor follower of The Order. After the death of his daughter Elizabeth, now a Grigori Merchant
      • I have turned my back on my people and my god. The religion that once seemed so important to me, that I dedicated my life to, offered no comfort to me when I needed it. Only hollow words about faith and my own weakness.
    10. Florina of Lorinwood - Female/Elven - Ljosalfar -
      • Any decent merchants knows the price of something, but few know the value of it.
    11. Agravaine - Male/Human - Illian -
      • The most exquisite and pure glass you've ever seen, at least until it melts in your bags on the way out of Garduk. I suppose it's a good thing that most of my customers freeze to death, I'd hate to disappoint them.
    12. Kersasus Actium - Male/Human - Grigori -
      • Why do you praise Junil for the bread? Did He sow the seed? Did He reap the harvest? Did He bake the bread? The farmer grows the wheat, is he Junil? The miller makes the flour, is he Junil? The baker bakes the bread, is he Junil? Place praise where praise belongs, for without the farmer, miller and baker you would starve, but Junil brings you nothing good you couldn't get otherwise. Indeed, without you doing His will He would be nothing.
    13. Geogi Bandon - Male/Human - Elohim -
      • They say I'm rich in my gold and I don't have anything else. They are wrong. I'm rich in my childern, in the deeds i've done, in the things i created. In gold, I'm filthy rich
    14. Oparr the Underhand - Male/Goblin - Clan of Embers - Known Facts: Willing/Purposeful follower of the Stewards of Inequity
      • Admittedly, my methods have been criticized as being murderous, wasteful and borderline demonic, but I take exception to this; I have never been wasteful.
    15. Nephrion Cathwar - Male/Human - Malakim
      • If someone offends me, some Gold in the right hands will take them out of my life. If I or one of my family fall ill, I can buy medicine. You may think there is power in swords and prayer, but I find my power in Gold.
    16. Vohu Manah - Female/Elven - Ljosalfar -
      • A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place
    17. Gonael - Male/Human - Balseraph
      • Even the intellifent man and his wealth shall part ways. The fool however, will miss the wealth so much that he believes any lie that offers the hope to have it again.
    18. Enos the Maul
      • Sometimes the best bargaining chip is the one you put in somebody's skull.
    19. Sopheriel Mehayye - Female/Human - Bannor
      • Establishing the structure of Bannor will not only make that people happy, but will have some effect in diminishing the misery of those, who in other parts of the world, groan under despotism.
    20. Sopheriel Memeth - Female/Human - Bannor
      • We are the heirs of the ages, and yet we have had to pay few of the penalties in which old countries are exacted by the dead hand of a bygone civilization

    Great Prophets:
    1. Tuatha Dé Danann - Male/Human - Elohim -
      • A man seek only average wisdom, for a man's heart is seldom cheerful if he is too wise.
    2. Aes Sidhe - Female/Elven - Svartalfar -
      • The night shall be thy cloak, and thou shalt blend with it as doth the darkest panther. Deception shall be thy blade, and mystery thy follower. Turn back from no place, but become as one with the inhabitants there, till their will is thine, or their blood the earth's
    3. Teutates - Male/Human - Kuriotate -
      • Comes the dragon, comes his magnificence, comes the brightest gold the world has seen. What part have we in mysterious magics? We shall be but trampled underfoot coming and going by one god or another. But come with me, and ride with the dragon, and he with fire and acid shall guard our glory and destroy the hordes that rise up against it. The dragon is power. Soon we shall have among us the essence of the divine
    4. Belatu Cadros
      • As with The Order, the worst advertisement for the Bannor are its fanatics.
    5. Cenn Cruaich - Male/Human - Grigori
      • Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before false gods. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.
    6. Mag Tuireadh - Female/Dwarven - Luchuirp -
      • They refer to us as "lunatics" only because they understand neither the meaning nor the ultimate purpose behind our Speaker's visions. But then, what can you expect of a people who have never dreamed of the towers of Carcosa, or midwifed the birth of a Drown?
    7. Nyarlat - Male/Human - Balseraph -
      • "Nature, while inventive, lacks true imagination in this regard, but to an... Unencumbered mind, the possibilities are intriguing. A tigers teeth give a last ditch weapon, a hawk's eyes enhance an archer, and a bear's strength and fur could give any soldier an advantage over the northern savages. Furthermore, with the proper supplication to our masters, the problem of unwilling subjects is easily overcome..." -- From Speaker Nyarlat Hotep's Musings on Perfection
    8. Aengus Saone - Male/Dwarven - Khazad
      • The highest calling of any race is that of Industry, of taking raw materials from the world around us and shaping them into things of utility and beauty. This is the price of Kilmorph's blessing, and we pay it gladly.
    9. Cailleach Beara - Male/Human - Sheiam -
      • Of all that is written I love only that which hath been written with Blood. Write with Blood and though wilt find that Blood is Spirit.
    10. Calwinna of Junil - Female/Human - Bannor -
      • No one ever really pays for it in silver. The price of any evil-- necessary or otherwise-- comes due in flesh.
    11. Talia Gosam - Female/Human - Malakim - Known Facts: Varn's Wife. Had an affair with Baron Duin while betraying the Overcouncils top secrets to him
      • We have always been animals first and people second, so that no matter how eloquently our reason may speak, the final word is always had by our hunger, our rage, our lust.
    12. Lita the Witch - Female/Human - Bannor - Known Facts: Pagan/Witch
      • What are the names of these demons you say I follow?" Lita argued, "Hate, suspicion, fear, weakness, pride. Do you believe these are my demons or your own? You scream because I killed a bird, yet you will return to your mutton dinner tonight and see no hypocrisy. You claim that what I have done is evil, yet the temple diviners perform the same acts with oils and burnt incense.
    13. Abellio - Male/Satyr - Ljosalfar -
      • Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always
    14. Abnoba - Female/Human - Sheiam -
      • Entropy always wins out in the end. Buildings decay, kingdoms collapse, and people die. Your life is just a long, futile struggle against the inevitability of time. Don't you think it's time you joined the winning side?
    15. Cinnia - Female/Human - Lanun
      • Dance. A walk through life. Dance. A tool in strife. Dance. Control your fate. Dance. The Overlords wait.
    16. Lanthis - Male/Elven - Svartalfar -
      • We will torture your body, break your bones, perhaps we'll kill your family, and toy with their rotten corpses. In time - and we can be patient - you will serve.
    17. Pontif Elmin - Male/Human - Bannor - Known Facts: Present with Capria at War Council when Donal Lugh returned from Hell
      • The Veil will bring corruption from hell to the world! The must be opposed at every opportunity, for the sake of the world!
    18. Fand - Male/Demon - Infernal -
      • What most mortals fail to understand is that we do not come simply to kill. Your orcs and barbarians derive pleasure from killing. We are more... sophisticated. It is not mere death that we seek, but suffering. Madness. Torment. When Brother murders Brother and Daughter slays Mother, and Reason dissolves in the face of unutterable Chaos, that is when we shall rejoice, dancing to the piping of accursed flutes as your world burns around you." -- The demon-prophet Fand, just after the signing of the Infernal Pact
    19. Gosea - Male/Human - Sheaim
      • We have walked for this path for too long and everything else faded away. We have to continue in wicked deeds, blaspheme and deny the will of Heaven, or we would have to deny ourselves
    20. Vaghan of Lugus - Male/Human - Malakim -
      • Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.

    Great Sages:
    1. Mikel Dylantyr - Male/Human - Patrian - Known Facts: Student of Kylorin in Fire Magic
      • Kylorin taught me that, given enough mana and skill with the flame, everything burns-- wood, steel, even rock. Therein lies the solution to most problems a mage might encounter during his career.
    2. Denelcor Hep
      • It is not the job of poison to murder any more than it is the job of the arrow to slay. My trade may be called criminal by some today, but it shall be called progress by all tomorrow.
    3. Abruel Azburgah - Female/Human - Sidar -
      • The only thing that's yet to yield is my thirst for knowledge.
    4. Tephus the Mistwalker - Male/Human - Amurite -
      • I fear not the ether! I tame it! Mold it! Nurture it! I advance the cause to save Erebus from stagnation!
    5. Bradeline - ???/???? - ???? - Known Facts: Has a well named after him. Or not. Need to check the Kael story in the pedia closer to see if the teacher was named Bradeline, that was the origin of the Well IIRC
      • Imagine a world where everything changes to match the state of your mind, where evidence never pushes back against your theories, where your every thought is correct simply because you think it so. Can there be any better definition of hell for a man of learning?
    6. Malchavic - Male/Human - Sheaim -
      • The tragedy of human life is that, just as you are reaching the peak of your knowledge and skill, your aging body fails you. How can a nation prosper when its greatest minds die off after a mere generation?
    7. Cu Roi - Male/Human - Elohim -
      • Power without wisdom is deadly
    8. Menolly NuValle - Female/Human - Calabim -
      • Success is the mark of genius: failure is unacceptable. There are no second chances. Remember that if you wish to survive in the service of our Lord and Lady.
    9. Luciaqua - Female/Human - Sheiam -
      • When prospective adepts first arrive, they are sorted into two groups. The first group is to learn the art and science of demonology, which is at the core of the Sheiam's military strength. The second, less promising group will also serve the One True Art, but in a rather different and more final sense. --Excerpt from The Theory and Practice of Human Sacrifice, Vol. 1
    10. Ozziel - Male/Human - Balseraph -
      • We [Balseraphs] are not so strange as you think. We embrace a world of delusions and dreams, yes, but so do you. You simply call these delusions 'laws' and 'religions.' We are more honest.
    11. Abdulkani - Female/Human - Sheiam -
      • "Those prating milksops at the academy whine of morality, ethics, and of things man was not meant to know! Bah! And they call themselves sages! What is a sage if he does not make the unknown known? To delve among the secrets of the multiverse, and to uncover the secrets of life ... and of DEATH itself!" Abdulkani, formerly of the Cahir Abbey Academy of Metaphysics
    12. Narsiss - Female/Elven - Svartalfar -
      • Oh, you bureaucrats and your silly rules. Why should those apply to me? After all, I built our secret codes, and where would you all be without those, hmmm? Back to begging for technological scraps from those Bannor thugs, I should imagine. No, I think I'll keep it on me, thanks just the same. --when asked to remove her sword before an Undercouncil meeting
    13. Delent Payne - Male/Human - Calabim -
      • The Body is an exquisite device. So many organs, all so dependant on each other. I've had centuries to perfect my knowledge of the inner workings and innate weaknesses of the body. It is interesting to note, considering it's delicacy, how much damage it can suffer before failing.
    14. Asher the Encephalic - Male/Human - Kuriotate -
      • The mark of genius is perseverance in the face of continued failure. Lesser beings quit, assuming their theories are wrong. A true genius will adjust his theories to account for new data, and try again, and again, and again, until he triumphs.
    15. Othmar the Astrologer - Male/Human - Lanun -
      • People complain that the gods do not take any interest in the lives of the common folk. yet, at the same time, they complain of the overabundance of constellations... what they do not realize is that the gods are touching their lives through these self-same constellations.
    16. Shoftiel - Male/Dwarven - Luchuirp -
      • I have dreamt of a place full of the weapons of the Gods. Imagine what could be done if we could study them.
    17. Willim Marlander - Male/Human - Elohim -
      • "As the time-honored aphorism states, 'Knowledge is power'. And, indeed, that is true. But the power brought by certain forms of knowledge is not worth the price." Willim Marlander, Chancellor of the Cahir Abbey Academy of Metaphysics
    18. Thessalonica - Female/Human - Elohim -
      • And so, we pledged to promote the dissemination of knowledge by reason that no borders made by kings and emperors nor oceans and mountain ranges shall extinguish the light of intelect
    19. Damabiah - Male/Elven - Ljosalfar - Known Facts: Rebellious but delicate, heartbroken though insolent, passionate and warmhearted
      • Why do we hate the Svartalfar, and why do they hate us? Mere centuries ago both courts broke bread at the table as friends and equals. If my time with your people has taught me anything, it is that no race is predisposed to hate another. I will not rest until once again I see Faeryl and Arendel walking hand in hand through the paths of the Umbralwood
    20. Magister Cultuum - Male/Human - Amurite - Known Facts: Talks a lot :D ;)
      • "Cultuum? Spends all his days up in the Tower of Alteration. Apparently he's trying to build a better universe. Some say he's insane. Every so often he'll mention one of his ideas, though... you know what I reckon? If he pulls it off, I'm moving there." -Unknown adept on Magister Cultuum
  4. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    Are you forgetting that all the Adventurers (in the game at least) are Grigori? Technically they are all part of the Grigori army, but the army isn't very large, well organized, or disciplined (its basically just allied local militias) and they are known to often be AWOL. I'd expect most of them to be Grigori Humans, although there could also include a few foreigners or other races who have spent plenty of time with the Grigori.
  5. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    i always thought adventurers came from all over the world to join the grigori army... some will be grigori by birth, but many will be escaping from other civs, or have become dissillusioned (like the dad in cassiel's pedia) with the gods and want to help stop them... i doubt that there'd be a requirement to be an adventurer
  6. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    Yeah, the Grigori do have the largest immigrant population, so that is possible. I don't recall any reference to non-humans living among them, though that doesn't completely rule it out.
  7. KillerClowns

    KillerClowns Emperor

    Oct 6, 2007
    Father Jeon, by his name, is a religious figure. Since the Grigori are, by definition, anti-religion, I imagine Father Jeon to be a priest (probably Order) who turned his back on his gods for some reason or another.
    Needles seems more like a human's nickname then a goblin. I imagine a Kuriotate assassin, hopping about the city and using needles as his trademark before somehow ending up among the Grigori.
    Branding always struck me as a male name.
    We've already got info for Lita the Witch. I reckon her to be Bannor, or maybe Malakim (they're the two most likely to freak out about paganism). We can use that quote about fear of the unknown (IIRC) from Madero's entry.
  8. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    Bah, MC you could at least tell me that you want to be a Male/Amurite and provide a quote for yourself while you are in the thread :p Hopefully you are just distracted right now while looking up good quotes for all the other people ;)
  9. El_Duderino

    El_Duderino Warlord

    Jan 19, 2008
    i like KC see father jeon as a former priest, but i would think he helped cassiel found the grigori medics after seeing too much killings in the battlefield in the name of his god
  10. Mewtarthio

    Mewtarthio Emperor

    Apr 14, 2004
    Talia is Varn's wife, I believe. I'm pretty sure Kael's talked about her before. Didn't she have an affair with a werewolf?
  11. Pyr0mancer

    Pyr0mancer Prince

    Jan 18, 2008
    I seem to recall sister rather than wife. And yes, she had a relationship with Baron Duin Halfmorn at some point.
  12. KillerClowns

    KillerClowns Emperor

    Oct 6, 2007
    Here's a possbile quote for Father Jeon:
    "Having served the gods for so many years, I've discovered a pattern. The gods always happen to agree with whatever the king says. If the king changes, then, miraculously, the way the gods think does as well. When a warmonger rules, the gods demand blood. When a merchant rules, the gods seek gold. I don't know about the gods themselves, but religion is clearly an arm of the king, not the people."
  13. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    Nifty quote... but not quite certain it'd fit in properly with FfH, where the gods really ARE there, and really CAN talk to people. Add to that the fact that many of the leaders are nearly timeless.

    Could work well, sentiment-wise, as it explains the whole "I am no longer a religious man" aspect which is kinda required for him to be a Grigori Hero now.

    EDIT: I went through the Pedia and did a search for each name. Came up with little, but added what I could. Didn't check the Pedia for Age of Ice yet though.
  14. KillerClowns

    KillerClowns Emperor

    Oct 6, 2007
    True. The gods can speak to mortals and clarify things. But they aren't exactly looking out for the common man. It's the kings who interpret the orders of the god and, as long as they don't defy the basic spirit of the god, they've got free reign to interpret it how they like.
    Also keep in mind Father Jeon might not know what we know. Say he's Bannor. It's easy, from his perspective, to suspect Sabathiel is a myth, or at best a title carried by a mortal man, not a real person.
    EDIT: That said, I'l fiddle with it a bit.
    EDIT 2: Fiddled with it further. As you can tell, the image of a former priest serving the Grigori intrigues me.
    EDIT 3: Possible idea for Great Commander Hastur: a Lanun captain who earned the name through brilliant but exceedingly ruthless tactics. The quote would reference the fact that he is named after the archangel, and how he earned that nickname. I've got nothing, might get a brainwave later.
  15. A_Hamster

    A_Hamster Small Furry Animal

    Dec 20, 2007
    Incorrect. Human male. See the official site.
  16. Mewtarthio

    Mewtarthio Emperor

    Apr 14, 2004
    And here I was thinking he was some mysterious monster who eats people that wander around in the dark...
  17. Nikis-Knight

    Nikis-Knight Deity

    Dec 22, 2005
    Orange County, CA
    Pontif Elmin is the Great Priest in Donal's Lugh's story.
    And also, erm, the confessor when he dies in Amelenchier's story.
    I will have to promote him in the latter to be consistent (I'm looking at an edit of the text right now anyway).
    Edit: Actually, I think I'll recommend a name change in the second instance.
  18. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    @ A_Hamster: Cute. I think I had heard of that comic once before, I suppose it's time I visit the Easter Egg thread to see if any other such gems pop up.

    Hrm, seems barbaric, so another Doviello? Could almost claim he is a Hill Giant with how he looks on the pictures I could find there.

    You have access to any material which might furnish a decent quote?

    Ooh, thanks Nikis! I was really hoping that you might get ahold of this thread early and make it easy by adding a few names to the Pedia :) (also, can't believe I missed that the Father's Name was in there. I think I even used that as a Question in the Trivia Thread)

    So are you saying that the guy who claims to be an emissary from Pontiff Elmin will no longer have any association with him? Or that he will be Elmin, and you'll change the name of who is an emissary of?
  19. A_Hamster

    A_Hamster Small Furry Animal

    Dec 20, 2007
    He's supposed to be a Conan the Barbarian parody, so he'd be human, if larger than normal. If you want to give him a nationality, you could make him Doviello.

    As for quotes, sorry I can't since I never took my friends' recommendations to read the series, but here's one I found on Wikipedia. "Now Groo does what Groo does best!" That paragraph explains that Groo is an excellent swordsman and so enjoys fighting he often forgets which side he is fighting for and so kills troops of both sides.

    @Mewtarthio: You're thinking of a grue. As in "Help! A grue is nibbling on my toes!" :p
  20. Monkeyfinger

    Monkeyfinger Deity

    Oct 24, 2006
    All the great engineers are anagrams of muppet names, IIRC.

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