Who Are You Picking To Win The Superbowl? - Superbowl 58

Who Are You Picking To Win The Superbowl?

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Shades of the Sun
Oct 10, 2007

You only get to pick ONE (1) Team! :yup:

No saying lame things to try and pick both teams so you can claim "See I was right!" or "We won!" or "I'm happy with the result" regardless of who wins... that's lame :thumbsdown:... By all means explain/defend your pick but don't hedge, because that's lame:thumbsdown:

Lame things people say for the Super Bowl (to try to justify picking both teams)

1. I WANT Team X to win but I THINK Team Y will win = Lame :thumbsdown:

2. I HAVE TO cheer for Team X (because my cousin, best friend etc is affiliated, or I have some other "connection" to the team) but I also WANT TO see Team Y win because (I'm from the town, or near it or have some other "connection" to the team) = Lame :thumbsdown:

3. I THINK Team X is the better team and SHOULD win but I'm PULLING FOR Team Y (because "I think XYZ player is a really good person" or "I hate so and so" or "Player XYZ is my favourite at so-and-so position" or some other reason/connection (see #1 and #2) = Lame :thumbsdown:

4. I'm not a fan of either team so I don't care who wins... but if I have to pick I'd say (see #1,2 or 3) = Lame :rolleyes:

Just pick ONE team

Both have the same touchdown calls from their home broadcast announcer, that if i didnt know better i would think its the same dude.

San fran i guess so the swifties dont get a ring.
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San fran i guess so the swifties dont get a ring.

I was watching the KC/Baltimore game yesterday with a KC fan and he asked me why I kept calling them the Swifties. After the 3rd camera pan up to the KC box he said "OK I get it now".

I think KC is going to win. San Fran had all sorts of problems dealing with Lamar when they played a month ago, and Mahomes is a tougher scrambler to defense because he's always looking downfield.
I voted San Fran because I'm more of a Chase Young fan than a Travis Kelce fan. If I have a preference in NFL games, which is rare, it's either for a former Ohio State player (such as Young), or against Deshaun Watson.

Although one of my friends recently married a Chiefs fan (since before they were the Swifties), so I may be obliged to switch allegiances if there's a viewing party. Otherwise, I'll hope for Young to have a big game, but most likely be playing Civ instead of watching.
The ones with red as their team color. You know, with that yellowy color in their uniforms too.
I'd not put my money on it, but I'm going with the 9ers by 2 touchdowns
Chiefs. The Ravens are an amazingly talented team and the Chiefs embarrassed them, in Baltimore. 49ers only beat Lions because of a collapse.

edit: I will also add this team has more "veteran presence" in a super bowl than the 49ers team, and I trust Mahomes to win a super bowl a lot more than Mr. Irrelevant.
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Apparently the 49ers were assigned a soft spongy field at UNLV to conduct their practices on while the Chiefs are getting to use the Raiders field. The Chiefs are refusing to share/alternate practice fields so the 49ers are stuck with the substandard field. The "hardness scale" of a field is supposed to be around 75. The Raiders field is a 70 and the UNLV field, which is apparently layers of sod rolled over the artificial field, is a 50.

But that's OK, the 49ers are still going to win, despite the disadvantage.
NFL and Deep State scheming to insure that it's Taylor Swift who wins the Super Bowl!
That's how deep the scheme goes.
I dislike the game in general, but I dislike the 49ers specifically. Go tay tay.
I knew the chiefs would win never doubted them for a minute. I still dont think mahomes ends up winning as many super
Bowls as Brady but of course they beat the San Francisco 69ers and their golden gay bridge and Mr. Irrelevant. 69ers haven’t won a Super Bowl in roughly 20 years. lol.
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