Who Are You Picking to Win the Superbowl?

Who Are you Picking to Win this Epic Superbowl 2002 Rematch?

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Personally I think Darth Hoodie retires the same year Brady does on the theory that he may decide he's too old to go
through a full rebuild. As you point out those bucketloads of money he's made also mean that he doesn't have to work
another day in his life if he doesn't want to.

Want to is the key. The dude absolutely breathes coaching. Full rebuild doesn't seem that likely to scare him out...especially since there is every indication that he is going to have to coach around a declining Brady until replacing Brady with a fan from the stands will be an improvement. I expect the Cheatriots will be more in the "great team looking for a QB" mold than the "full rebuild" mode.
That could well be - I am not going to bet on it either way.
So...a TV station employee in Pittsburgh got fired because he was responsible for the local station's graphic at the bottom of the screen during a clip of Tom Brady that said "Tom Brady-Known Cheater." The station said that the firing was based on the station's "commitment to unbiased reporting." I don't see the problem on those grounds. The guy was suspended...for cheating. He plays for a team that has been sanctioned more than once...for cheating. What exactly does one have to do to qualify as a "known cheater" if he hasn't done it? It may have been tacky, but it certainly doesn't seem false.
I'm going with the Pats. While I know bupkes about football, my understanding is that Brady and Belichick are very good at making in-game adjustments. A friend told me that Brady is 4-2 in playoff games that he's losing at half-time, while the rest of the NFL is 7-50. Of course that's an incredibly small sample-size, but it's the only one we have. The same person noted that the Pats have their players memorize one another's assignments, which allows them to swap two players' roles, even at the line of scrimmage, on the fly. My gut is also swayed by the Super Bowl experience disparity; I don't whether the more experienced teams actually have a discernible edge in Super Bowls, but the Super Bowl isn't just one game, it's a whole week of events and prep and travel and press and everything. I also wonder if there will be more Pats fans in the stands. On the one hand, the Rams haven't been in LA for long; otoh, I think the Rams are the neutral fan's pick. I feel like the Pats could have the in-stadium energy advantage.
This is lame but I will say IF the Pats win this game they deserved it (unless the refs helped them). What I mean by that is the Rams absolutely have the better team. For the Rams to mess that up by being outcoached is pathetic.
Joe Montana
Terry Bradshaw
Bart Starr
Troy Aikman
Eli Manning
Steve Young
Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
Ben Roethlisberger
Jim Plunkett
Phil Simms
Nick Foles
Doug Williams
Joe Flacco
Bob Griese
Ken Stabler
Joe Namath
John Unitas
Jim McMahon
Jeff Hostetler
Brad Johnson
Trent Dilfer

Anyone care to guess what these super bowl starting quarterbacks have in common?
Do you mean besides winning it?
They won Super Bowls as the underdog team?
It isn't MVP because Unitas never won it (lost to Jets, Chuck Howley got it in SB 5).
It isn't MVP because Unitas never won it (lost to Jets, Chuck Howley got it in SB 5).

Unitas didn't start against the Jets. That's actually critical. If he had, he wouldn't be on this list.
That too.
Answer contained within, for the impatient.

Spoiler :
They all have as good or better a winning percentage in the super bowl than Tom Brady will have even if he wins on Sunday.
Most probably due to a small sample size ;)

And my choice is the Rams, due to a coin flip :lol: :lol:
I don't like him either, but this is silly and you know it. The fact that Brady has even had that many trips to the super bowl is in and of itself an accomplishment. The loser in the Super Bowl at least got to show up for it, which 30 teams in the league cannot say.

Do you really think the Pats would be better off starting Flacco? (even if he knew their playbook)
Note : I haven't looked at the spoiler yet.

Given that the question was phrased with only the restriction "Starting Super Bowl Quarterback" I have come up with an
incomplete list of things that do in fact answer the question as posed :

1. Their team won the Super Bowl.
2. They are all male.
3. They all threw a forward pass in the Super Bowl.
4. They all handed off in the Super Bowl.
5. The all played in the National Football League after 1967 (i.e. during the Super Bowl era).
6. They all played for a Super Bowl winning coach.
7. They did not start on defense.

My last guess at what Tim was looking for is that all of them had at least 1 SB with no turnovers attributed to them, although the sloppy nature of SB5 does take away conviction that it is true.

OK, I see that was wrong now.
Without actually checking... I was gonna guess that they were all undefeated in Superbowls, but it seems that is incorrect, not sure who the culprits are though... cause at a glance this list seems pretty undefeated :think:.

Roethlisberger. That's the right track though.

Serutan, the idea of the question was that there was something they all had, and that everyone who had it was on the list. Yes, things like "they are all male" are true, but they ignore the concept that the list is exhaustive.
Griese also lost one; people remember the undefeated year but many forget the 'Fins were curbstomped by the Cowboys the previous year.

I am so unmotivated to watch the game this year- I have less than no desire so see Darth Hoodie and his apprentice win,
and despite it realistically not being the only reason, that non call in the NFCG really left a bad taste in my mouth.
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