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Who here remembers MoM's Wraiths?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by ShuShu62, Oct 20, 2010.


Who here rememebrs MoM's Wratihs?

  1. What you talkin about my MoMma?

    40 vote(s)
  2. What are Wraiths?

    21 vote(s)
  3. Boy, they really ruined the game for me

    8 vote(s)
  4. They were a fun exploit to discover, but I enjoyed the game anyway.

    54 vote(s)
  1. Jolly Rogerer

    Jolly Rogerer Prince

    May 16, 2008
    Lol, I just remembered High Men + the spell that made roads into railroads for unlimited movement. :)
  2. UncleJJ

    UncleJJ Deity

    Jun 13, 2006
    A lot of players in this thread have said that 11 of one magic type starts are exceptional and OP. But I can only say that about 11 life and 11 death books, the other three seem less useful.

    11 death books allow the wraith spell to be picked and that leads to an easy way to overwhelm normal troops and convert them to undead without loss. These undead can garrison your cities and eat no food and cost no gold, allowing a powerful economy to be build in captured cities.

    11 life books allows the stream of life spell, and that gives cities unlimited happiness and faster growth for a massively powerful gold economy that can buy its way to victory.

    But what could you pick with the other 11 book starts? I can't see any rare spells or the 2 uncommons that are OP.

    11 sorcery books could give storm giant or several other blue rares. But that's an expensive monster to maintain at 10 mana / turn in the early game. Useful in the middle game, maybe, but not overwhelming like the wraith is and doesn't build an economy.

    11 chaos books have a similar problem, the best rare spell could be efreet but that costs 15 mana to maintain, but doombat (8) and fire giant (3) could be used for an early magic based blitz. Is that what people mean? It doesn't seem exceptional to me. Maybe they pick lightning bolt or warp lightning but both eat vast amounts of mana as well.

    11 nature books are a bit more useful and might be almost be OP in the right circumstrance. There are several good rare spells. Gaia's blessing is a good city enchantment giving faster growth and improving surrounding land but only 2 happiness. I find it makes cities grow too big and the tax rate has to be kept low. Pathfinding is a great uncommon spell and transmute, basilisk or cockatrices could be useful.

    So the 11 nature start could be strong but not as powerful as the life or death options. How do other people play the 11 sorcery and 11 chaos starts? what am I missing?
  3. Iranon

    Iranon Deity Whipping Boy

    Nov 14, 2007
    11 Nature books can be extremely strong. Gaea's Blessing is arguably more useful than Stream of Life as it requires much less commitment and is also better at increasing the potential of otherwise mediocre cities. Shame there's no easy way of combining it with Just Cause early on.
    Pathfinding Basilisks allow a quick and crushing offense, while keeping the Rare pick open for Gaea's Blessing. While the lategame potential doesn't look as ridiculous as the economy and buffing capabilities of Life, Call Lightning can win many battles on its own and is great on a stick.

    I consider 11-book Chaos and Sorcery openings somewhat less impressive, but the initial spells and the discounts keep them on par with the best mixed picks.
  4. Kissamies

    Kissamies Prince

    Oct 20, 2005
    Ah, I stand corrected. At any rate it is a shame.
  5. Peregrine

    Peregrine The Swift

    Dec 30, 2001
    The Nether Regions
    Jolly, that's why I preferred a Myrror start; ALL roads are magic roads on Myrror. :D

    Dark Elves are the coolest civ in that game too. They cost much more than any other race, but they're worth it. :p

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