Who Is Your Hero?


Aug 31, 2001
It’s been a while since ENEMY ACE ™ has posted a thread,
And he does hope this hasn’t been done already…

We ask:

And if you still have role models today:

As always, give a reason!
You are an interesting bunch so I expect
Some interesting results…go for it!

Well, I am my own Hero!

But as a kid, Ronald Reagan! :lol: DOn't ask, only because he was presidient around when I was a kid.

My History teacher was also a role- model. He sorta helped me to break out of my "shell" I was in at that age.

And what are your Hero's, Enemy Ace?
I never really had any heroes, also as a child. Well, the only ones that could be counted as "heroes" may have been some football players of that time (Go, Rudi Völler :goodjob: ).

I don't think nor ever thought much about heroism.

But I'm also interested to know about the Ace's heroes.
I too am a hero to some, Dictator to millions!

But seriously as a kid, I was really inspired by the air heroes of WW1:
Fonck, Nungesser, Richthoven, Voss and Boelke.
These guys were cool, living in a different world of danger and honour.

I have always had a deep respect for Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira.
She is witty, individual and intelligent...not to mention a gorgeous woman!
She was one of my teenage inspirations!

Oh and I forgot to mention, Skeletor was a major role model, too!
You're right, how could I forget Skeletor!

A puppet of that hero was enough to scare my little brother to death ;)
Eddie Rickenbacker. ;)

Ok, actually my heroes when I was young probably fell more along the lines of Darkwing Duck. (Man, I miss that show. :( )
Hard to put my finger on one from when I was a kid.....Steve Garvey, I guess.....

But now, I gotta say George Washington....if for no other reason than that he actually led a revolution, won, could have become king or dictator and most people wouldn't have minded....and he controlled the military anyway. Despite all of that, he did what nobody else has been able to do since, which was to actually refuse the power in favor of democracy.

How many revolutions start out as a fight against an oppressive gov't, maybe even supposedly for democracy, only to become just like the last boss?
Luke Duke...:) He had a really nice car!!!

Actually, I have to agree with the Ace...

As an avid student of history, I read the exploits of Manfred von Richtofen hundreds of times...

What a hunter he was!

But my hero was actually my uncle... He was just really cool. (And he let me win in Midway, my favorite game)
Carl Sagan and Eddie Vedder when I was younger. I still admire them both, especially Sagan.

And most of the founding fathers. Everytime I read something about Jefferson or Franklin I become more impressed with their types. Of course, that is probably just America revisionist propaganda, but it is awe inspiring none the less.
Originally posted by Rowan
As a kid ...........Doctor Who, now; 7 of 9 !
[dance] :beer: [dance]

Same here, except my favourite was Doctor number 2, Patrick Troughten.
As a kid I couldn't help but have M.J. as my hero. But enough with basketball stars, they don't deserve hero status. My hero is someone you don't know and probably may never. He's so modest he would frown on me using his name so I'll keep this one to myself. Suffice to say he's a schoolteacher and a great religious man. Someone more in touch with God I cannot name.
Hmm... Difficult overall question having just got home from an election, and the post election commiserations that we got the mjority of seats, but probably not government. But, on the bright side, I got on national TV in the background to aninterview, and got a call from home two seconds later telling me to stop drinking and smoking on camera, and to suck my stomach in a bit...

But in terms of my heros, I would have to say Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Stalin, myself, Adam Mienciwic, and a couple of others.
Roger Clemons, until he went to Toronto then :gasp: The Yankees.
Ted Kennedy
Mr. Sullivan (history and law teacher from high school)
Arnie Arluke (Sociology teacher from college)
Malcolm X
Bill Clinton
Christopher Walken
David Cronenberg
Clint Eastwood
Francis Ford Coppola
Denzel Washington
Ray Bourque
Originally posted by Mikoyan
A few years ago, Darth Vader was my rolemodel.
And he still is...
And who needs reasons to worship Darth anyway?

I'll second that!

It's funny how Vader is more popular than the annoying Rebels.
Lucas intended for us all to like Luke and company...
(well I did like Princess Leia!) But the Empire is so damn cool!

Long live the Empire!
(cue screaming noise of TIE fighters...!)

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