Who thinks they are the greatest general of all time?

What unit makes the greatest general

  • Frigate / Ship of the line

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  • Galleon / Merchantman / Caravel

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  • Converted native scout

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  • I R TARD, plz to gimme shiny button to play with

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May 1, 2006
What unit do you think is the most effective place to assign your great general, ensuring victory over your enemies in a war of conquest against other competing colonies. NOT to fight the king's army.
If you actually have a strategy/reason to go along with your choice of unit then go ahead and reply with it here.

Please remember that this question is purely about multiplayer strategies and has nothing to do with fighting the king for independance. What works against the ai is not the same as what can fool players. If that was the case then a Veteran soldier with grenadier 3, veteran 6, formation, siege, withdraw 3, ranger 3, mountaineer 3 or as many of those as you could get to sit on a forested hill one tile inland from your citys center tile would be able to decimate the kings army as they take and dock into your town. With of course enough soldiers with ranger and mountaineer backing him up as you can get and one dragoon to finish off the last unit remaining in your old city before returning to your stack of doom.
Its actually very simple. Choice of soldier / dragoon doesn't matter because you can change his equipment anytime. Cannons already have enough chance to win when attacking cities so useless to promote them with GG.

If you want to conquer native have a GG give all his xp to the dragoon. Give him surgeon + strength promotions. Add 2-3 cannons and just wreck everything. The super dragoon only prevent native from fighting back while you raze their city with the 90%+ attack chance of cannons.

If you want to hit european, promote a privateer with a mix of navigation and strength.

So it all comes down to either promoting a colonist or promoting a privateer.
I should have been more specific in my original post. I did clearly state that any general vote you have must NOT be to fight the kings army. But when i said this i intended it to mean NOT for single player and/or fighting the king. Since natives, europeans, and the kings army will always behave predictably, any strategy you voted on for single player would be null and void. Not to mention impossibly boring compared to a thinking opponent.

Now if you are saying that in multiplayer your strategy is to destroy all the indians with one dragoon and one cannon or to sink other players ships with a privateer giving you an economic and mobility advantage; then by all means you are more than welcome to say you cant decide between what two is the best way to win in multiplayer between dragoon and privateer.

But you should know that there are ways to easily combat either of those strategies. If you focus all your str into a dragoon then i could setup a soldier with formation, charge, veteran 6, min man 3, mountaineer 3, and withdraw 3 while building up defenses and rebel sentiment in a hill city and you wouldnt be able to take me out. Then i could buy or build a ship of the line and train up some cannon by fighting indians and go bombard your city with ship of the line and attack from sea with cannon with so many bonuses you wouldnt stand a chance.

And if you go for the privateer i could counter with a frigate. The price difference between your privateer and my frigate is only 600 gold if i have peter. Or i could just build a ship of the line in my city with a shipyard and only pay for tools to get it.
You are saying that its a bad idea to put my GG on the privateer because people can make frigate? So following this line of though, people should never make privateer right?

And what does Peter Minuit has to do in all this? How come its not me who has him? And how come you have more money than me in the first place?

If you disagree with me, try to be coherent. Heck, i don't even understand why im replying to all this non-sense you're spewing after every single of my post today. See the thing you posted in the Value of Silver post? Yeah thats non-sense too. I wont bother explaining.
It only takes about 4 or 5 more turns of trading to get the gold difference between privateer and frigate. Are you trying to say having a privateer for 4 turns will get you a great general? Are you trying to say that if you make a privateer on turn 8 and i make a frigate on turn 12 that your privateer will sink my frigate when i hunt you down?

Very rarely do i miss peter in my multiplayer games, i micromanage the first few turns to get him specifically. There are only 2 random factors that determine if you get peter before me.

#1 is the amount of food generated by the center city tile
#2 is the randomness in whether or not an elder statesman is available for hurry immigration

I can mitigate the problem of having a low food city by buying food from indians on the first or second cycle of trading. But doing that will cut into the amount of trade points generated since that gold spent on food is not going to generate a profit in europe as furs or silver bought from indians would.

And i usually offset the fact that i likely will not have an elder statesman early on by setting production to political points. Trade points come as quickly as you can make trips to and from europe and to and from indian villages so they arent as important as getting the political points fast.

If you play john adams then you will get peter first just about every game since he gives a bell bonus. But the dutch have a decent shot at peter since they can bring more things from europe every trip than anyone else.

If you think none of this makes sense... if you think its all untrue and if you think im harassing you by offering my differing opinion, then you should either refute my ideas properly or ignore my posts.

Yes that crap i said in the thread about silver was intended to be humorous but you think im serious no matter what i say. So here is me seriously saying the world is flat, the sun cuts across over the earth and passes underneath it about the time the moon comes up, and yes the apollo moon landing was faked, humans cannot reach the etherial heavens you should know that!
Actually when you complained about my silver post i thought you were referring to this thread here:


And not this other one here:


Beause in the first thread my initial post is clearly aimed at being humorous with off the wall wacky math and politically punditry because i find that thread starter to be an offensive person. Someone who is obviously exploiting the game mechanics for a predetermined outcome on his actions in the game.

And the second one well... it actually is simply proving a point by way of exaggerating the values to give a more magnified effect on the outcome of what can be done using the game mechanics and i think it illustrates to the thread starter a course of action to gain some benefit from having lowered silver all the way down to a value of 1. You just get as many transports as you can into europe and corner the market on silver, wait till the price stabilizes at a higher value and then sell for a profit if the taxes arent too high.

I appologize to the original thread starter of the first post but i have nothing to appologize for to you because everything else is just stating my opinion on strategies i feel are more effective. Freedom of speach baby!
Freedom of speach baby!
Forum Rules said:
Your rights to Freedom of Speech don't apply here.

That said - the answer to the poll depends on the situation of the game when you get your great general. I usually go for a soldier or dragoon, though a later one might go on a SoL. Frigate is workable if you can get one quickly. I suppose it's also worth mentioning the only multiplayer games I've done are with AoDII which thankfully nerfs amphibious assaults and cannons... so my strategies are probably somewhat different and I imagine lead to a longer and more interesting game than yours.

Giving a poll with many options and the laying into people who express an opinion different to yours it's very polite. It's also fairly pointless.
I made a mistake, he was talking about fighting indians and fighting europeans but i took it as meaning just single player fighting the ai. And since i had said the poll was to not include tactics to fight the king i suppose i considered him talking about fighting ai natives and what i had assumed were ai colonies termed "europeans".

But i was wrong to not define my polls question more accurately and my assumption that he was refering to ai colonies could or could not be wrong.

The intention of the poll was to find out what general fits into each players preferred strategy for beating other players on gamespy, direct ip, lan, hotseat, email play or in other words vanilla colonization. I understand that what you start doing on turn 1 can change when you find out the other player has a privateer and you were going to use transports to attack from sea.

(something i allow players to vote on to ban each game i play now, long with the right to pick peter minuiet since he is so economically unbalancing)

You took my words out of context and quoted a rule that doesnt apply since im not intentionally attacking a person verbally at all, nor am i spamming, cursing nonstop, or otherwise trying to cause any disruption.

I am very much going to voice my opinion and argue my point of view and try to prove to others who disagree with me why i think my strategies are more effective than the ones they put forth. Unless they can come up with a better way to achieve the goal than i can. Then i will alter my strategy to fit in the aspects they put forth. But most guides ive read seem to focus on single player or single player aod2 and the many trolls come out of the woodwork to bash the vanilla game for petty issues that are not really problems but mechanics of the game designed to make it a challange.

The owners and moderators of the forums control the content and whenever they want to silence me they can. But i expect they must have some cause to or they wont bother. Guess what i havent read any forum rules but i have used forums of many types for a long time. And they are all pretty much common sense. No need to even read them to adhere to them if you arent out trying to cause trouble.

No im not extremely polite, i try to be hard and fair in my judgements of others. And i dont go out of my way to make people feel warm and fuzzy. Im bored, ill check back in a month and see whats new then. Im going to be playing darkfall soon and wont have time to waste here. Feel free to bash me while im gone but if thats not trolling i dunno what is.
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