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[BTS] Why All Games End w/ Augustus Ranking?


May 5, 2013
Long Island, NY
I looked for a thread that might answer this question but either it doesn't exist or I'm not using the correct search terms.

I'm a mediocre Noble-level player (via Steam) and yet all my wins are ranked Caesar Augustus; that can't be right. My winning "Score" is almost always below 10,000 pts. (the "Normalized" is almost always below 100,000 pts.).

I saw a CivIV Vanilla list that ranked "Augustus" for any score above 15,000...which can't be a "Normalized" score because it's too low for that.

Is it that the victory ranking no longer works correctly? Does playing on Steam have anything to do with it not working?
It is a part of the game original programming. It rates you by a Normalized score that is really quite low and has nothing to do with the level you are playing at. Although it has been many years, I think I began getting Augustus rating when I was only playing at Warlord level.
I guess we could have a competition to see who can win a game and be rated Dan Quale or Nero.:lol:
IIRC if you play the game on Settler than no matter your Normalized score you're always given a Dan Quale rating, so that could be an interesting competition. If in a different way :).

As for Augustus rating being easy to get, two expansion packs and years of people figuring out ways to play the game better has wreaked havoc with what was once considered a great score in v1.0 vanilla. I mean, my personal best Normalized score is over 11 times what's needed to get Augustus rating, and the actual experts on this forum have managed to get a Normalized score like 60 times greater than that, so...yeah. The sheer degree of score inflation that's happened is honestly an achievement in and on itself :trophy:.

Incidentally, I have won a Noble game and gotten Louis XVI:king: as my rating before, so balance aside I can confirm the system works. It just might take an Always War space race that drags on until mid-1991 AD :eek: to see it.
A couple years ago when I still played with huts on doing a noble or prince lvl game I got Dan Quayle. Game lasted a whole 3 minutes. I settled my cap, used my warrior to run a circle around my city, but before completing the circle an Ai warrior popped a hut right next to my cap with 3 barbs. I was doomed. 3 F'ing minutes.
I seem to recall getting a barb event next to my capital in the first 20 turns once. It was a long time ago and I can't remember any specifics now, but I do remember that I hadn't even made a warrior yet.

I feel your pain. :lol:
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