Why conquered cities razed automatically?


Jan 18, 2002
Never played the Germans before, but in conquering their cities about 1/2 just disappeared with no standard prompt:
1- install new governor , or
2- raze city.

Any ideas why I am not always getting the choice but left with an road where the city used to be?

Not true - you can take a size 1 city as long as it previously had some culture. If it didn't have any culture, you don't get the option of keeping it.

Personally I don't think this should be the case, but that's what we've got.
Thank you for the answers. Civ3 is first civ game I have played so did not have the history. Didn't see anything about size1 cities.

Not a big problem, just need to plan to have settler{s} follow strike force. Just caught me by the surprise as this was the first time it happened.

Guess after finish present game, will add 1.17 and see what it's like to always be behind in the tech race. fun, fun, fun.

again thanks for solving this mystery.
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