Why did I get deleted?


Jan 30, 2002
I got deleted? Gee thanks. I guess this makes me a crackpot, but Civilization III crashed on me and ever since I can get a clear image on my computer screen. In other words, boys and girls, it damaged my computer.

Perhaps I am the only person this has happened to and the rest of you out there have nothing to worry about, but be warned.

Just in case anybody would like to be helpful. After the crash. my desktop was reduced in size. On previous crashes, the same thing had happened to me, but everything returned to normal after I rebooted but this time the changes were permanent.

I enlarged and recentered my desktop, but the image remained blurred. To this day, letters remain double lined. colors are off on any application I try.

I have contacted support, but solutions are not very forthcoming. I'm told that I have a "video problem" and that I should change my drivers and re-install direct X. Don't quite understand what they are saying. Video is the only thing working right on my computer and I don't see how my drivers could suddenly be wrong, but I did what I was told and there was no change.

Just sign me a trouble-maker, I guess.

Somebody help me?
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