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Why do I have civil disorder when everyone is happy?


Dec 11, 2003
Denver, CO
I've been playing my first game on Regent level, as Egypt. I've been at war with Japan, and have had most of the world in a military alliance with me against Japan. When the Greeks finally destroyed the last Japanese unit, quite a few of my cities went into civil disorder, and I can't figure out why, because when I cycle through the city displays, they are mostly full of happy people. In the Civilopedia it only says that civil disorder arises when there are more unhappy people, and I don't have any unhappy people. What's going on? Will they just straighten themselves out if I finish the turn?:confused:
Which government are you in? Democracy or Republic perhaps? I believe that war weariness doesn't show as unhappy faces in the city screens, but maybe I'm wrong.
Sometimes, after a Happiness altering event (such as trading for a new luxury) you need to do something to refresh the game calculation: easiest way is to move the luxury slider up and down an increment on the domestic advisor screen.

You should then see the new 'actual' happiness levels of your cities, after the loss of the 'war happiness' you apparently had from fighting the Japanese.
Sounds like some of your cities experienced war weariness (hence the disorder) but then your enemy was wiped out (ending the war). For that one turn, you may see a bunch of burning cities, but as soon as you go to the next turn everyone should be happy again.

That's the trick to war under democracy: wipe out the other civ as quick as possible. Easiser than waiting for them to decide to sue for peace (and often quicker)...
Thanks for all your responses!

To answer back:

1. Yes, I did install one of the smiley-faces citizen mood pictures.

2. For government, I used Communism all through the war, but then switched right away to Democracy afterwards. Maybe some bit of post-war weariness?

I guess I'll play the turn through to the next one and see what happens. I've been busy all day and haven't had a chance yet.
maybe the japs arent 100% defeated (they could have a city somewhere, or maybe just a settler?) and you're still at war?
Originally posted by Esca
How do you tell if you are suffering from War weariness, if it does not show up as unhappy citizens?

The only time it wouldn't show up is if you are in a gov't that does not suffer it. However, if you switch to a gov't that suffers WW, any WW that would normally have built up is immediately apparent.
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