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Why do you need coal for a railway when...


Nov 7, 2003
Earth, for now

Why is it when you have researched refining and combustion there is still a requirement for coal before you can build railways..?

I would have thought like modern naval units make ironclads obsolete and they in turn are not a pre-requirement for advances in naval units then the same would apply for building a railway.

It is not as though once the ability to build advanced naval units and even have built an airport or two that you would still consider building steam trains.

I hope, it wouldn't be the first time, that I'm not missing the obvious here.

Lucky me plays a huge map again to find only two blobs of rubber on the entire map (both of them in the middle of a huge Celt group of cities (other side of the map) and no coal near me either. Still I do have three lots of ivory ;)

Well I don't know maybe you need the coals not for the trains but for the rails themselves.. Don't you need coal to refine steel ? Not sure on that though...
Masquerouge thanks for your answer. But if that applies about needing coal for the steel process why can I now produce it to make battleships, aircraft etc...?

I can understand that I need rubber to make bouncy tanks, aircraft musn't need to bounce as much as I can make them, but still find it hard to understand that coal is still needed for rail - still maybe the answer is to just accept it rather than try and understand it :)

Originally posted by The Last Conformist
Indeed; you just have to accept it. It's still not as bizarre as Battleships not requring Iron.

. . . or being able to build aircraft carriers before aircraft (depending on your tech research order).

You can rifleman without needing any resource, yet at the same time, you still need to have gunpowder to build cavalary.
Well the salpeter is a very crude form of gun powder and with later units they use a more advanced form they choose not to display similar to how units made from steel don't require iron even through it is needed to become steel.
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