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Why Forrest?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by Jericho Strange, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. MadScot

    MadScot Brandy's back!

    Jun 5, 2002
    La Belle Province
    You can also use a forest as a "super fortress"

    If you have a tile you have to keep - say a choke point - a simple fortress might not be enough. So once the fortress is built, plant a forest too. The unit will get both defensive bonuses.

    Personally, I forest the unworkable tiles between cities - often the AI city placement leaves gaps that cannot be worked, but not so many to be worth a new city. So I forest the area between the cities, so that I know not to bother railroading that area.

    Also, although a forest is the same no of shields as a mined grassland with rails, it's one less food. If I'm trying to balance out the food and get an odd food left over, I might plant a forest to lose the odd food. (saves the tedious growth and starvation cycle).
  2. kb2tvl

    kb2tvl Chieftain

    Jul 15, 2002
    I want to highlight some of what has been said here.

    first, take a city that sits on grassland and you have roaded and don't have hospitals yet.. There might be a river or not but all 20 tiles are grassland. Now, lets say that 1/3(6 tiles) of the tiles have a shield bonus and the other 2/3's(12 tiles) don't.

    Alright, giving that the land is grass land, you can mine 6 of the tiles with shield bonus and then you need to decide what to do with the 6 tiles with no shields. If you mined all of them then you would have +2 food left over and 1 shield from each mined tile plus a shield from the bonus tiles. Alright, if you change 2 tiles to forrest then you get 2 shields from each forrested tile(regardless if the tile has a bonus shield or not)and lose a total of 2 food.

    Altermantely, you can irrigate 2 tiles with shields which will give you 1 more food for each tile... or a total of 6 food. Since your irigating the shield bonus tile you still get the 1 shield bonus but not the 1 shield from mining. Now, forrest a non shield bonus tile and you get your 2 shields + 1 food!

    ->Similarly, irigate 4 shield tiles(4 extra food/lose 4 shield) and forrest 3 tiles(6 shields/2food). Notice the net gain in shields? 2 shields when building a wonder can be the differnece between getting it or not.

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