Why is the 'Desert Folklore'-entry missing?

Because someone else took it before you. Go to the tab in the religions window and scope out the other religions in the game, someone else will already have it. Each belief can only be taken once.
Ah, makes sense. Thanks! I settled next to +8 faith wonder but ai is still faster ... :ar15:
Faster than 2120bc for a pantheon? Yes.

My first G&K game, not knowing what I was doing, founded judaism turn 71 epic pace (2200ish bc?). That was from a lucky hut, meeting a religious city state and putting my first settler near mt sinai. I thought that's just how religion was supposed to be lol. Then my next few games I got frustrated being unable to pick the pantheon I wanted, and realized I just got really lucky that first game...

... kinda like the thread with the guy playing spain that settled by great barrier reef and took one with nature, but I can't find it now...
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