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Why isn't this game more popular?

Also to note, if you play with character turned off, you get no events at all outside of war/peace declarations. But, you won't have characters, families, or any of the other dynastic fun.
Hi folks,

Yes i recall the minimal events option, thanks Dale.

Isnt setting it to minimum kinda tune down the game?
I thought the main feature of OW are the events no?

Shirotora Kenshin,
Well, thanks,
If you had tye same impression as i had and now you enjoy it, maybe i will too.
Perhaps ill give it another try.

Modding wise,
I wonder , maybe i can play around with it also...

No characters, oh my thats like killing the game bare boned :) maybe ill try with min events, then try the no character.
Thanks Dale
Yeah just play around with the options in Advanced Setup. You should be able to tune it to your liking.
Playing a few games without characters really helped me to get into the game, just because it allows you to see how the economy and military works without all the character modifiers on top. Old World is often described as a mix between Civilization and Crusader Kings. That's not wrong, but the setup options allow you to decide the exact mix, ie how much - if any - Crusader Kings you want to have with your Civilization. And with the Barbarian Horde scenario, you can turn the game into Colonization! I'm tempted to say "Old World, at least three games for the price of one", but that would miss the point that all these game modes still feel like variations of the same game. The core mechanics as well as the presentation (mainly the map itself, but also aspects like event artwork and music) create a coherent atmosphere that feels special and pleasant.
Old World is often described as a mix between Civilization and Crusader Kings.
IMO, this always misleads ppl. OW has only a little role playing element.
The benefits/abilities from archetype and traits of your leader are UAs of your nation. OW actually is a pure 4X game, I will answer it has nothing to do with CK to ppl who asks me about the game. Many ppl dive into the game for role playing fun, end up with disappointment due to they picked the wrong game.

What harms a game is not lack of players but misunderstanding, then these ppl who has a wrong impression will mislead passerby directly or by osmosis.
The advertising could be more precise. Do we have a trait included in thoughtful? LOL

OK, back to the topic. Sometimes just cuz ppl don't have much more energy to dive deeply into another game. For instance, it's obvious that I like D2 but it's hard for me to dive into another D-like game. I even made some preparation for PoE, Titan Quest, but nope, I dont want to do it all over again. Let alone 4X takes a lot of time too.

I was a bit doubtful at first because I thought I’d miss the other eras, but so far it’s been great. I wonder if other people think the same thing. I do feel like I get too many popups, so I’ll try to tune that down - nice recommendation.

I also feel like this engine would be absolutely incredible with a fantasy theme - its own version of Fall from Heaven. I think a focus like that would also help differentiate it a bit, and help people who were worried about other eras being missing feel more confident in the buy. I wish I was more of an artist to take something like that on, but I’m no Kael. Maybe that could be a nice OW 1.5.

Customise a civ could be fun as well, for those who are interested in other ancient civs.

All that said I’m super happy to have found a new amazing 4x and think the team has done an amazing job. I’m going to go add a stellar review now so others can hopefully discover and support this great game, which was obviously built with love.
this great game, which was obviously built with love

It definitely is. I started to write a review in Oct. 21, almost 3 years ago, and as I changed job, got kids, and stopped playing, I never published it.
For a new game there are some incredible details that I wouldn't expect because they don't often exist in AAA games:
  • Options audio disable tracks you don't like
  • Options: Azerty keyboard WOW
  • As most games, during loading, the tips can move on to the next tip too fast or too slow
  • I love the "Resume" button when you launch the game
  • event system impressive thought this was marketing from the trailer but no
  • report a bug within the game, how awesome this is, they really care about fixing the game!
  • you can rewind the turn! no need to save and load if you are frustrated and want to go back
    buuuut this can be such a huge temptation to retry your turn another way that you may end up spending hours on it
Tthe game is complex and yet simple to play; very addictive, one more turn, I need to see this through!!!

scouts need to go back to empire to heal, that's a constraint, but I get it

Old World is much much more immersive to me than any Vanilla Civ, because the game helps you to make a storytelling.

Well I'll need to play again before I publish the review anywhere, to make sure what I say reflects the current status of the game.

To anyone hesitating, go for it!!!
Congratulations on the kids, I promise Old World only becomes cooler when you're a parent, so looking forward to the completed review ;)
I agree OW is more like Civilization with a dash of Crusader Kings. I really really really want to like CK but.... my old brain just cannot handle that much detail.
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