Why Mao Ze Dong for Chinese?


Jun 7, 2001
How many of you have problem with making Mao the leader in the Chinese civ in Civ III? I certainly got a big problem with that.

Is it just that Sid Mier and his team knows nothing about Chinese history before Communist Chinese period? Is that why they chose Mao Ze Dong? There are many many other great Chinese emperoros who can represent China much better in Civ III then Mao. Examples are Han Wu Dee, Tang Tai Zong, and Kang Xi. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!! If there's gonna be a Civ IV, replace Mao with someone else!!!!!!
There are lots of older, very long threads on this and related subjects. See the other forums, also.

I agree with you 100%. Mao was a mass murderer.

And Sid knows as much about Chinese History as he knows about how navies really should work - which is nothing!
i believe this is simply because Mao was one of the better known Chinese leaders, i personally would prefer Tang Taizong though...
ok why does it matter that he was a mass murderer or not? Frankly most of the leaders in the game have been involved in thousands of deaths. Under Chatherines rule many died due to starvation that could maybe not have been stopped but atleast could have been toned down. In england wasn't there lots of fighting between protestants and catholics durring Elizibeth's rule? (I am not sure on that one but i believe there still was lots of fighting between the two groups going on) and that fighting was motivated partialy by the royalty. Well lets look at ceasar, hmmm now what happened, ohhh yeah lets see all those women and children fed to lions ... right ... where's the complaining about him? Ok now lets look at persia greece and egypt, Now im going to make a guess here, but i bet you that wars that happened when they were in power weren't walks in the park, they were bloody events. What is this i hear about Aztecs having mass "sacrifices" of thousands or virgins at a time at moutains? ok yeah, that wasn't brutal either. Yup the world is just one happy place and has been for centuries, wait make that millenia.

Frankly death, and lots of it, is a big part of our world; this game mimics history to some extent. We are allowed to burn whole cities to the ground for cyring out loud, we can use forced labor to kill off our population, we can kill off ctizens of cities we take over by starvation, and you are saying that a leader like Mao doesn't fit in this game? I dont defend what Mao did but he did have a big impact on China, you cannot deny that, and what he did is what we are allowed to do in this game
Mao Tse Tung. They probably chose him because for the average buyer of the game, he's the only Chinese leader they could even name.
Oh brother, not another one of these threads! Yes Civ 3 went with Mao probably because he's a major icon, not because they choose to be ignorant of Chinese history. MAO IS A NATURAL CHOICE!!! Sorry that sucks for you.
Another point is that he's the only communist leader in the game. I suppose they could have picked Lenin for Russia, and (sarcastic mode:) Wang Fong-Poo as China's leader but they didn't.

Mass murderer shmass murderer. I don't want to flame anyone, but-- heck people, aren't we sick of these debates yet?!:nuke: :confused: :mad:
Well, mass murder or not, Mao is still highly regarded among the chinese communist party members (and I am not saying this just because I am going to Beijing in 2 weeks time ;) ).

And I agree to whoever said it, every leader come to power through thousands if not millions of dead. At least those who are remembered anyway. :lol:

As to other great chinese leaders in history (those that do contribute alot in history), I honestly can't recall anyone that has a totally clean book. Of what I remembered, they are either backstabber (killing all the generals who assisted him after he come to power), murderer (kill off his elder brother so he can be the emperor) or what not. :D
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