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Why my agreement with another Civ is not going to expire?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by ViterboKnight, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2006
    If I'm right, Rights of Passage and Mutual Protection Pacts are expected to expire after 20 turns (unless not extended).

    Sometimes I find myself with such an agreement with another CIV, and watching it from the Diplomacy Screen (actual agreements), I cannot see how many turns it will lasts, I cannot finish it or break it, it just lasts forever.
    Sometimes, I would prefer to stay in peace cause I'm so weak or in Democracy, but this unwanted MPP brings me into war.

    This doesn't appen always, just sometimes.
    Is this a bug? Does anyone know something about it?
    Or maybe these agreements do last forever and must be broken to end?
    I'm playing PlayTheWorld, v.1.21f.
  2. vmxa

    vmxa Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    I cannot remember in PTW, in C3C you can set preference to always renegotiate. In any event, you can go to the screen and select active and it will show all your current deals with that civ. You can then change the deal, if it is expired.
  3. Mirc

    Mirc Not mIRC!!!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Düsseldorf, ->Germany, E.U.
    Welcome to CFC, ViterboKnight! [party][party]:band::banana::band::dance:

    What vmxa said. Click "We would like to propose a deal" then at the bottom of the diplmacy screen you will see Active. Click that Active and see the current deals.
  4. Desertsnow

    Desertsnow πr²

    Dec 13, 2004
    The preferences is available in PTW 1.21 as well, yes.

    Welcome, Viterboknight. :)

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