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Why not just unbalance the AI factions?

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by Minor Annoyance, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Minor Annoyance

    Minor Annoyance Deity

    Jun 27, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario
    At higher difficulty levels the AI get's lots of bonuses. Instead of giving them all the same bonuses, why not give each different high level bonuses? The only reason not to is to not call too much attention to the fact that no one can make an AI that is competitive, but it says the AI gets bonuses right in the description of the level so why not do something more interesting with it?

    I'm suggesting having a alternate version of every sponsor that is more powerful than the one available to the player. Master of Orion 2 did this, by giving the races more abilities. I also this on my own in MoO2 when I got a mod that balanced the custom race picks, which resulted in most standard races having extra points to spare. So I added more bonuses that fit their existing theme. Also added more stuff to races in Galactic Empires 2 and Fallen Enchantress.

    However those games did all have a customization system already. So they had extra bonuses ready to add already. Technically CivBE does too since it has most of the cost civ5 had, all the old abilities are still available

    The two most obvious choices would be to give FI and SF the free technology versions of their old abilities.

    The AI could also be given more colonists or other things.

    Also in some thread a while back I said they should have made AI units stronger rather than give them a production bonus so they'd have a stronger military but not from the 'carpet or doom' and someone mentioned that they made a mod that give the AI a large XP bonus rather than unit production so they'd be building units at level 5 and they could get things like two attacks or extra range right away. Wouldn't work as well here thought since there aren't that many promotions and it's even locked at a 4 level max. However some could be brought back as only available to the AI as free promotions.

    Downside is a played might feel like the AI is having all the fun with the extra abilities. It could always be reversed for the two lowest difficulty levels and have the player get the better versions and the AI the lesser. That way they can stomp the AI if they want to and others can struggle against
  2. Guide-on

    Guide-on Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2009
    Some to the mods have AI that are stronger. My suggestion is that the easiest levels you face Sue Fielding (with current AI) and on higher levels you face Suzanne Fielding with AI that would have a strong P/H tendency. Duncan would be Purity (P) etc. Strategic resources would be even, but the lower the difficulty, the less to the sponsors "favorite" resource the AI would have.

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