Wich expansion pack should I get?


May 18, 2003
I only got about $20 buck this weekend, and I was thinking of going to get a Civ IV expansion previously used. Do I get Conquests or Beyond the Sword?

Wich one should I get and why or why not? I thought i would like BtS but keep reading bad things about it needing patches and the current patch is no good.

So can you guys tell me what and why you prefer?


Conquest is Civ III, not IV ;)

Otherwise, if you apply the unofficial patch provided on these forums, almost eveything should be fine (and after all, lot's of people enjoy BTS, so why not you?)
Beyond the Sword contains pretty much everything Warlords has except the scenarios, plus all the new BtS goodies. It's by far the better deal. I haven't run into many of hte issues I hear about, but I just installed the 3rd party patch to be safe.

Go for BtS, you will be very happy :).
Warlords that's it. Oops got them confused sorry about that, but glad you guys knew what I ment.

I think I will got for BtS then. I just hope they still have a copy of it previously used.
doesn't BTS also include all the content from warlords?

Although warlords is less buggy.

I don't know, tough call
Question: Do you need Warlords installed to play Beyond the Sword? Or can you go straight from Vanilla to BtS?
No you don't need anything at all from Warlords to play BTS, and you don't need it to play BTS.
The absolute only reason to get Warlords now is if you really like playing Ancients / Classical era scenarios, so much that you'd pay $20.
you could wait till civ 4 complete comes out, then you get all the scenarios
doesn't BTS also include all the content from warlords?

Yes and no. All features (units, leaders, game concepts) from Warlords are there in BtS as well, but only combined with all the BtS features. It is not possible to play a Warlords only game (great generals and vasalls enabled but without founding corporations, updated espionage and app. palace elections) with only Vanilla and BtS at hand.

Although warlords is less buggy.


I'd definitely try to get both, there's also a 'Complete' edition available in several countries. For me CIV is only complete with Warlords. Although there are no big changes, a Warlords game feels different than a Vanilla or a BtS game. I would not want to miss the experience.
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