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Sep 7, 2010
Hi to the community !

I was a big fan of RFC in the past and decided recently to come back on that game to (at last) manage to win each Civ's UHV. It was a great disappointment to discover that all these precious strategy guides just vanished with the Wiki being down now for a few months. I have spent the last few days going through the forums but most of the time people refer to the wiki when discussing the strategies and you never really get a complete overview of the strat.
With Rhye gone to Japan, I doubt the wiki site will open again one day. So I was wondering is there someone down here who had the wonderful idea to make a copy of all the strategy guides and could somehow share it with all the poor guys like me who like to study a bit before acting.

Thanks per advance !
I think lots of the strategy guides were a fair few versions out of date, but I'm sure a thread here dedicated to each civ would work just as well
Good guide, I always use the same city setup as well. But isn't that much razing a little risky stability-wise?
If anything goes wrong with stability, adopt Nationalism & Police State (or something like that, I haven't played this game lately), and proceed to declare war on the whole world. That's your "panic" move. You get terrific stability and some major fun, as well as fairly historical gameplay if you are playing as Germany.
No need to adopt any authoritarian civics at all. Settling a huge load of cities with Resettlement and gifting them to your vassals is quite enough to maintain good stability.
Rhye's and Fall of Civilization stability maps, from my HDD archive (saved in Dec 2009).

(Sorry for doc file, I was not able to upload the htm attachment).


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