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    1. Magic:
    1.1 What has changed in the magic system?
    -All spells cost mana
    -Spells have a separate research tree
    -Terraforming spells like scorch are now rituals that affect multiple tiles and are payed with mana
    -Summons are permanent and cost mana upkeep
    -Buffs like 'enchanted weapon' are applied with combat auras
    -Magic Buildings like 'hope' are now Global Enchantments that effect all your cities and cost mana upkeep
    1.2 How do i get Mana and where can i see how much i have?
    -Mana is displayed in the upper left corner (the blue orb)
    -Mana is gained by certain buildings, like the mage guild or your palace
    -Mana is gained by Mana Shrines and Mana Nodes within your cultural boders
    1.3 I only gain a small fraction of the Mana that i should get, why is that the case?
    -keep in mind that summons and global enchantment cost mana upkeep
    -there is also mana decay that reduces your income by 5% of your current mana, so if you have 100 mana and your base income in 5 Mana per turn you get no mana at all
    -you can see all effects on your mana income by hovering with your mouse over the mana symbol
    1.4 How does Spell Research work?
    -you can see the Spell Research tree by either clicking on the new Spell Research bar or the spell Research Button in the top right corner
    -you gain Spell Research by certain buildings and Witch Huts inside your borders
    -the spellschool (dark, light or elemental magic) is determined by your mana nodes and your alignment
    -the spellsphere (nature, sun, entropy, ...) can be chosen by clicking on the technology, but beware it can only be one level past the one that you already have. For example if you have Sun 1 you can research Sun 2.
    -some Spells are blocked from being researched at the beginning of the game, this is random. You may get those blocked Researchs by defeating Mana Guardian however.
    1.5 My mages can't summon units any more, what has changed with summons?
    -You can summon creatures by clicking on the mana button in the top right corner (next to the spell research button) and go to the tab: Summons
    -Summons are no longer cannon fodder, but support units since every summon has a unique Combat Aura
    -newly summoned creatures are placed in your capital
    -every summoned creature has a specific mana upkeep
    -Summons can get cheaper and more powerful by certain mana types (go the magic overview tab for more information)
    1.6 How do i change the landscape, what has happened to Terraforming Spells?
    -Terraforming Spells can be cast by going to the Terrfom tab on the magic screen
    -Terraforming Spells can either be targeted or can be automatically placed. Targeted Terraforming Spells affect less tiles.
    -Some Terraforming Spells are offensive, i.e. they affect enemy territory
    -Terraforming Spells can get cheaper by certain types of mana, like summons
    -some Terraforming Spells must always be targeted
    1.7 How do Global Enchantments work?
    -Global Enchantments can be cast by going to the G.E. tab on the magic screen
    -Global Enchantments cost mana upkeep
    -Global Enchantments are either a blessing affecting all your cities or a curse affecting all cities of your enemy
    -Global Enchantments can place buildings in cities like 'Hope' or have more unique effects like 'Death Wish'
    -Global Enchantments of other players can be dispelled with certain spells
    -you can always cancel your own Global Enchantments if you wish to do so
    1.8 Were there changes made to normal spells as well?
    -Yes all spells are targeted, i.e. they only affect one tile and not all tiles around the caster like in previous version
    -Spells can get critical strikes and can kill units
    -Some spells may affect more then one tile (like meteor shower)
    -Most spells have a limited amount of targets, so they don't affect whole stacks anymore (although there are still some powerful spells who do)
    -Spells deal more damage, if you mana of their type, for example a fireball deals more damage if you have fire magic.
    1.9 How do Combat Auras work?
    -Combat Auras can apply promotions to other units or have a direct effect (they can have both)
    -Combat Auras affect either your own units (blessing) or enemy units (curse)
    -Combat Auras affect only a certain number of targets, have limited Range and Strength, all three of those properties can be changed with promotions
    -the strength of a Combat Aura only affects direct effects, but not the strength of Promotions. A general rule is that Summons have mostly scaleable Aura Effects while the Auras of Arcane units are mostly static, i.e. Promotions.
    -Arcane units can choose between one of three different Auras: Light Magic, Elemental Augmentation or Dark Magic. Those Auras don't have an effect, but can be given secondary effects by giving your units certain Promotions when leveling up, for example a Mage with Light Magic can buff units with the 'Enchanted Weapons' Pomotion or with the 'Enchanted Armor' Promotion (or both). Therefore high level Arcane Units can have much stronger Auras with much more effects then low level Arcance Units.
    -A unit can only be under the effect of two friendly and two hostile Auras.
    1.9.1 Understood, but what happened to all the promotions of my acane units, where is Fire I, Sun II, Master of Fire and Ice and so on?
    -They are gone, since spells are unlocked by spell research
    -There are roughly speaking three promotion categories for your arcane units now:
    1: Promotions that make your Spells better: Spell Power I - III, Spell Targets I - III
    2: Promotions that make your Auras better: Aura Strength I - III, Aura Dispersion I - III and Aura Range I - III
    3: Promotions that give your Auras their effect: Enchanted Armor, Enchanted Weapon, Valor, Loyalty, ...
    -However there is one base Promotion that unlocks them all. That can be either Basic Dark Magic, Basic Light Magic or Elemental Augmentation. Based on the Promotion you have choosen you can cast only Spells of that School and your Aura can only have Effects of that School, for example you can not have a Dark Magic Aura that grants Valor, neither could the unit cast Light Magic nor Elemental Magic Spells
    -You can see the new and much shortened Promotion Tree in the Pedia under the tab: Promotions (scroll down a bit)

    2. Faith:
    2.1 What is Faith?
    -Faith works akin to mana in the sense that you need it to cast certain spells with disciple units. Those spells are referred to as miracles.
    -You can see your amount of Faith in top left corner next to your mana
    -Faith is reset when switching the religion
    2.2 How do i get Faith?
    -First you must adopt a state religion
    -Faith is gained by certain buildings like Temples and improvements like Lost Temples inside your borders
    -The longer you have adopted a religion the more faith you get, to see this multiplier just hover with your mouse over the faith icon in the top left corner
    2.3 Is there a Faith decay or any other catch to it?
    -no, but beware certain units cost faith upkeep, similar to Summons

    3. Improvements:
    3.1 What happened to them?
    -All Improvements now cost a certain amount of upkeep
    -Cities can support a limited number of Improvements for free
    -The more Improvements you have that your cities can not afford the higher the upkeep gets
    -Certain Improvements support other ones, for example a windmill boosts the food production of adjacent farms
    -Some Improvements affect your cities, for example cottages give a health penalty to the city that is working the cottage
    3.2 How can i see the number of free Improvements each city can support?
    -Each city that has free support has a little hammer icon displayed (where Religions and the Noble Houses are displayed)
    -Alternatively you can open the city screen and hover with your mouse over the improvement maintenance on the top left
    3.3 What affects the number of Improvements that each city can support?
    -Each Civilization has a favored Improvements that only needs half support, this can be seen in the Civilization screen in the pedia under favored improvement
    -Certain Civics reduce the support that some improvements need, for example slavery reduces the support that quarries need
    -the higher the City Population the more improvements the city can support
    -the higher the Culture Level the more improvements the city can support
    -open space, i.e. unimproved tiles(?) has an effect too
    3.4 I just conquered the enemy capital and now i have to pay a lot of maintenance. How is that?
    -When you capture a city you reduce its Population and set the Culture Level to 1, therefore the captured city can support much less Improvements then in the hand of your enemy. Make sure to raze some improvements first.
    -If the Improvement maintenance is too high some Improvements are automatically razed
    3.5 I can't build Improvements, why is that?
    -while building more Improvements that your city can support will cost you money we also have implemented a hard counter so people who are new don't wreck their economy by accidentally building too many improvements
    3.6 I can build quarries on tiles without stone or marble and by the way i never see stone or marble on the map, where are those resources? is this a bug?
    -No, this is not a bug. Most Improvements can discover resources, for example a Quarry may discover Stone or Marble during the game

    4. Global Yields and Equipment
    4.1 Global What?
    -Global Yields are "resources" that are used to buy equipment for your troops and can speed up production of buildings
    -There are: Metals, Herbs, Leather, Wood and Stone
    -They are produced by certain Improvements like Mines (Metals), Witch Huts and Plantations (Herbs), Quarries (Stone), Lumbermills (Wood) and Camps (Leather)
    4.2 Why don't all my units get better weapons like Iron Weapons?
    -Those promotions were removed, instead there is a new Equipment system in place. If you have enough resources you can open a pop up via a spell and choose equipment for your troops
    4.3 Can i place Improvements outside the working radius of my cities, therefore not paying improvement maintenance and still get the Global Yield?
    4.4 Is there a catch to equipment?
    -Yes, Equipment has durability, if it reaches zero the equipment is removed. However if you have enough of the corresponding global yield a unit will repair its equipment when the durability gets too low.

    5. Epic Destiny Victory Condition
    5.1 How does is work?
    -Every Civilization has a unique Victory condition according to its Lore, for example the Sheaim must bring Erebus to an end
    -There are multiple Steps for this Victory Condition, for example the Sheaim have three Steps:
    1. Osgabella reaching level 15
    2. A certain Number of Demons summoned through their Portals
    3. Bring the Armageddon counter up to 100
    -If all Steps are met you win the Game, if you enabled this Victory Condition
    -You can view the necessary Steps of your civilization and their progress by opening the victory screen
    5.2 Are there rewards for each step?
    -Yes, afaik you get some Adventurers for every completed step

    If anything is wrong or missing please let me know. :)
    if you still have questions or feel that some questions are not answered adequately feel free to ask :)
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    Dec 6, 2007
    Nice Work Tesb, I am sure those new to Master of Mana will find this FAQ very helpful.
    I know I did, and I am so old, I resemble my name..... haha:old:
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    Thanks Tesb. I did manage to figure everything out by simply goofing around with the game, so the learning curve isn't as steep as newbies might feel it is. Once you've picked up the basic differences it's all down to strategy. And tactics.

    The stack of doom is now the stack of necessity. Sending out a lone unit, no matter how powerful, means that unit is already living on borrowed time. Mixed stacks with dedicated defenders is now the way to go. For the first time I lost the game while on the offensive, simply due to me not being able to heal the units fast enough. I lost my entire army in enemy territory and could not produce enough units to repel the AI counter-attack.

    With this in mind it seems like a good idea to set up forward "bases", preferably in forts, where stacks can be healed and replenished with low-level expendable units in order to protect your high-level units from being overwhelmed.

    As mentioned in the FAQ pillaging is now mandatory before capturing an enemy city. Heck, you need to pillage your own improvements regularly in order to make the best use of the plots available to each city.

    Cottages are very strong in MoM but are balanced by being a source of unhealth. Grabbing many different sources of health is essential in order to fund the expansion of your empire. If you find yourself lacking in health then go for plantations and trade posts initially. Then go for Aristocracy, farms and pastures. Odds are good that health resources will spawn somewhere in your empire. And with each new resource you can scale back farms and pastures for cottages.

    High-level noncaster units with the Hero promotion can eventually have crazy strong promotions available. The trick keeping them alive to do so, especially since you can not farm barbarian units for XP past level 9. But remember that this is not true for Inspired units, and units with a General added to them. Also each dungeon (but not animal lair) explored gives 1 xp.

    Also remember that each civilization has a few questlike challenges now. The bonus might be minor but it can be very fun to try and beat them all.
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    Jan 16, 2010
    thanks for reminding me, i made some updates to the op
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    This appears to be incorrect in 1.01. If you have researched Sun I then you can select Sun II even if the other tier I techs have not all been researched.

    BTW, you currently have to click on the body of the spell tech area where the icons are shown, but not on an icon. Clicking on the title bar part of it does nothing.

    Another note: it looks like once you have researched a spell tech you can currently do any summons, terraforming, or global enchantment it gives even if you don't have any mana node of that type. For example, even if you have no Creation mana, you can cast the Genesis terraforming spell once you research Creation IV. The actual mana types that you have are apparently only relevant for the specific bonuses they give (+1 health for Life mana, for example), influencing which type of magic gets researched, and for building the various wonders that require them - they are irrelevant for spells other than the very few that the spellcasting units can cast directly (and I'm not certain that it has any bearing on them either, but I think it does) and which aura related promotions they can take (the ones that grant more abilities to the unit's combat aura).
  6. tesb

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    Jan 16, 2010
    thank you, you may be right. i wrote this faq out of memory from the beta version, i did not have the time to play the release version as of now and can not do so until mid january
    edit: upated the op

    as for the mana nodes, yes this is true. i did not mention it because i never thought that one would asume that it worked this way. also you can cast spells in FFH too even with out the mana. (you only need the mana in order to gain the promotion, not to cast the spell)
    edit: remember that some mana types have new effects that can be seen in the magic overview tab (like reducing the cost for summoning), secondly in the future spells will deal more damage, the more mana of that type you have, for example a fireball deals more damage the more fire mana you have (in 1.1). i will update the faq once 1.1 is out.
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    And is that true for other mana and magic? ie, that a spell, global enchantment or summoning from a particular type of mana is more powerful when you have more of that specific mana? That'd be a nice way to make the mana choices matter more. (Though hopefully the boni currently seen on the magic overview are still there - I like those. So, for example, fire gives all elemental damage a boost, while air gives only air elemental damage a boost.)
  8. tesb

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    Jan 16, 2010
    afaik only damage spells
  9. tesb

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    Jan 16, 2010
    updated for 1.1
  10. Jarrema

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    At home
    I have a question about Epic Destiny 'steps': must they be completed in right order, or will I get a reward for completing 3rd step without having steps 1&2 completed?
  11. tesb

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    Jan 16, 2010
    the order does not matter

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