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Jun 26, 2003
Cape Cod
Ok I have briefly heard of this program, not to mention I've seen it on my computer. WHat exactly is it? I never really gave it much thought till now.


Retired Moderator
Apr 17, 2002
Wild Tangent
Vendor Notes: a web plug in for online gaming, similar to Macromedia’s flash. We make and publish 3D online and offline games that play in the web browser. Users are able to purchase our games though our E-Commerce solution and unlock the download version of our games. We also have the WildTangent Web Driver that these games need to run. It is a 3D plug-in for the browser, similar to Macromedia’s Flash. We also have a technology called GameChannel that users opt-in to receive. The GameChannel delivers new updates (notifications) to the user’s machine when there are new games available to play and purchase.
The WildTangent Web Driver is the Internet’s most popular and widely used media player for games and other rich media applications. The Web Driver provides streaming, caching, rendering, security and multiplayer features for online games. This control panel was installed for support purposes when any Web Driver based content was played on this computer. Web Driver based applications may check in online periodically for patches or to report usage statistics. These usage statistics are used to determine how people are interacting with our products, what features they like and dislike, and in order to find ways our products could be improved. When this information is shared with select third parties, it is only done so in anonymous aggregated form The Web Driver has an update feature. Updates can include patches for the Web Driver, feature upgrades, or new content for any Web Driver dependant media applications you may also have installed on this computer.

Concerning the "Clot Factor" below: "This number completely varies, due to how many WildTangent games have been installed on the machine. They are legitimately installed by users and users can unlock games."

Alias: WildTangent [Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner], WildTangent [Seek And Destroy], WildTangent [Spybot], WildTangent [SpyBuster]
Category: Adware: Software that brings ads to your computer. Such ads may or may not be targeted, but are "injected" and/or popup, and are not merely displayed within the form of an ad-sponsored application.

Similar Pests: Adware

There's more there at the link provided. I would suggest cleaning it off of your computer.


Architeuthidae puericomedentis
Dec 29, 2001
Chumash Land
Came with my computer. Horribly made little games. I too would uninstall it.
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