Will they ever learn?


Apr 28, 2003
Killeen, TX
Currently, I'm on an island all alone, with plenty of military. All I want is to live on my island, ALONE. But people keep settling on my island, so I kill them and raze their cities. Will they ever learn to not build on MY island?!

Try rushing temples in your new cities so their cultural influence extends your border over the coast line.
Or just build cities all around the island so there is no space left. Another possibility, if you are feeling cruel, is to put military unitws on every square around your island so the AI can't land units. Not you will need to have every single tile covered that can be accessed by ocean.
The most annoying part is that they often found the city one square away from the best spot :confused: so you have to raze and build a city of your own in the right spot
Well, I have only 5 cities... doing my best to complete a 5cc... i kinda violated one of the rules by holding an enemy city (only because it had the temple of artemis)

I'm currently planting defensive units around the borders so no one can land (that is, until someone learns amphibious warfare and attacks my 2 coastal cities)
Try building up your culture/expand you borders first and than destroying their cities. When they are gone you borders will just leap over their ex - terithory
Attack the invaders when they are a unit and a settler. Add the captured wrker to a city and pop rush a temple. Keep a few archers circling about.-make sure ur cities can withstand at least a 2 sword invasion- Let them come. Bordering ur isle with units is expensive and unneccessary-and too-if a weak civ has tried to settle u may get tech in a peace treaty. Or if u are to late to prevent a city from being built, just build cities around it - rush culture building- and it will eventually flip over to u- free city-, or Let the enemy city grow to a 2 pop town- attack and keep it-there is a risk of it flipping back to the owner here however it should be minimal if its a one isle continent- u build lots of culture in it..pop temple asap - library (cathedral if ur there instead of library if ur religious)
Damn , just read 5 city challenge thing in the post now, i regress
kill settlers take wrkers.
Yeah it is rather annoying when the computer does it, but I've adopted the stance, of doing it back to them. Very useful for later on when WAR occurs - just paratroop the troops to that city and launch a full on invasion.
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