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Apr 12, 2019

I am trying to install the 'Graphics Mod Pack for the Original Game' from Catfish's Cave like I've done on Windows 7 and before it. Before, on several operating systems up to Windows 7, I had zero problems following the directions perfectly and had no hiccups; the game would run fine with the expected results from the graphic mod. On Windows 10 however, I get to the last step and the patch doesn't apply the necessary file changes.
For the record, prior to applying the graphic mod patch (the filename is: ToT_Original_Graphics.7z), I followed the instructions titled: 'Civilization II: Test of Time Installation Guide' as it it written exactly (like I said I have done multiple times before with success on prior operating systems).
The webpage for the instructions are listed here: http://users.tpg.com.au/jpwbeest/cc_tot_install.htm .
When I get to the final step, after lowering the User Account Control setting to it's lowest possible threshold, I run the install.bat file located in the newly created Original_Graphics folder using the Run as Administrator option and it presents the menu of three selections. When I chose option one it should write the file, however instead, for each instance in the .bat file, the message "Could not find path" appeared quickly as the .bat file ran. Typically you see the files quickly being written, the program ends, you launch Test of Time, and the graphics mod works. For good measure, I've deleted everything and retried the entire installation process (all the way to reinstalling the game) all to the same end: failure for the mod to apply.
Is there something inherent about Windows 10 that's different from Windows 7 that might be presenting me with the difficulty I'm having? Obviously I've rechecked the readme files within every program for every step and I'm not missing anything. The only thing I can think of is something must be different in Windows 10. Is there some sort of workaround that is known?

Finally, if I've posted this to the wrong forum, I apologize. If anyone could tell me the appropriate place to post it I'll do so.

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