Wining at Deity level


Jan 4, 2004
Hi im playing civ 3 anf im proud to say that i master it at deity level.... at least i used to before i got the play the world expansion.
now workd maps a worth nothing and that really gives me a problem in order to keep up with the other civ in research. But the biggest problem is that the other civ don't offer money per turn anymore, untill they reach industrial age do anyone have a solution for this


Man with a Mission
Nov 29, 2003
Let them research at deity level, just :hammer: . I find that warfare is the easiest way to win, and play at 0% or 10% science for much of the AAs and MAs. By industrial you have banks and universities in your core cities and you can start researching 4 turns techs yourself.

World map trading is worthless unless you manage to meet up with another continent first, then it becomes valuable.

GPT trades only occur when the AI has enough GPT to support it. If they don't offer GPT that means that they either are very close to researching that tech themselves, or they are broke. Finally by industrial times the AI has a fairly good economy and can afford to pay GPT deals.
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