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[GS] Winter 2019 Update: what do you want to see in the next patch?

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by acluewithout, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. acluewithout

    acluewithout Deity

    Dec 1, 2017
    This thread is for posting things you’d like to see in a future patch (ie post the June 2019 Update).

    Honestly, I think it’s unlikely we’ll get another Patch in 2019. But FXS did seem to take some ideas from the last patch suggestions thread, so I thought this might still be useful.

    Personally, I think the main things that still need work are Coastal and Colonial Cities (including raising maintenance costs and nerfing the CH and Market so Coastal Cities are more important for gold) and overall Unit Balance.

    Also, while the June 2019 made some good changes to Production, Tier 3 buildings and Science pacing, I think there still needs a bit more work making the “puzzling the map” stuff more interesting (eg giving Lumbermills back their river adjacency) and the Campus still needs a solid nerf given how early it comes.

    These are my suggestions:

    Industry and Production
    • Industrial Zone. Adjacency are +0.5 for each Lumbermill and Quarry (no adjacency for Mines); +1 for each Strategic Resource, and for Stone, Copper or Mercury Resources; +1 for each Harbour or other IZ; +2 for each Aqueduct, Dam, or Canal. Industrial Zone Maintenance Costs increase by +1 per Government Tier.
    • [New] Tech Hub. Tier 3 IZ Building, unlocks at Telecommunications. Allows stacking of Industrial Zone Building Regional Bonuses (i.e. Magnus' Vertical Integration Ability). Each District in this City also gains +1 Production and +1 Science when Tech hub is powered. Cost 600, Maintenance 5, Power Requirement 4. (Uses Research Lab graphics.)
    • Mines. Upgrades are now +1 Production at Apprenticeship for all Mines, and an additional +1 at Industrialization but only for Mined Resources.
    • Quarries. Additional +1 gold if Quarry is adjacent to a Harbour or Commercial Hub after you research Mercantilism.
    • Lumber-mills. Revert to providing +1 production and an additional +1 on a river. Lumbermills provide an additional +1 production at Machinery, Steel and Cybernetics.
    • Farms. After you research Irrigation, Wheat and Rice provide +1 Production if next to a river.
    • (see also Coastal and Colonial Cities; Harbours and Sea Ports, and Government and Governors; Magnus.)
    Science and Infrastructure
    • Campus. Remove adjacency for geothermal. "Mountain" Natural Wonders provide +1 Adjacecy just like normal mountains (currently they don't provide any adjacecy). Campus Maintenance Costs increase by +1 per Government Tier.
    • Library. Reduce Science to +1.
    • University. Reduce base Science to +2 science, and an additional +3 (+5 total) if there is a Governor in this City.
      • Madras. +4 science, and +6 if there is a Governor, otherwise unchanged.
    • Market. No longer provides base gold. Instead, Market provides +1 Gold to all Luxury Resources and Oasis in this City (in addition to the +1 Trade Route capacity).
    • Bank. Additional +4 Gold if there is a Governor in this City.
    • Stock Exchange. No longer a powered building. Instead, provides +4 Gold and an additional +7 Gold if the City has a Governor.
    • Tier 3 Buildings. All T3 buildings additionally provide +2 Citizen slots instead of +1.
    • Armory. Provides +1 Niter per turn.
    • Ancient Walls. Unchanged, but renamed “Walls”.
    • Medieval Walls. Changed to “Medieval Castle” (which also provides Medieval Walls). Additionally provides +1 Housing. (Uses Medieval Wall graphics.)
    • Renaissance Walls. Changed to “Renaissance Palace” (which also provides Renaissance Walls). Provides additional +1 Housing, +15% production bonus for Anti-Cav and Siege units. (Uses Renaissance Wall graphics.)
      • Tsikhe. Unchanged, but becomes replacement for Renaissance Palace.
    • (see also Government; Monarchy.)
    • Military Engineer. Military Engineer can build Roads without using a Builder Charge (1 Iron) in addition to building Railways.
    • Railways. A City connected to a Capital City by Rail receives +10% Production.
    • Entertainment / Waterpark. Entertainment and Waterpark Districts no longer require Population to build (i.e. like Aqueducts etc).
    • Neighborhoods and Policy Card, Public Transport. Now longer provides Gold for replacing Farms with Neighbourhoods. Instead, all Cities with a Governor can Purchase Neighborhoods with Gold.
    Governments and Governors
    • Monarchy. Legacy Bonus changed to +1 Amenity for each Castle Level (+1 Medieval Castle or +2 Renaissance Palace). Farms adjacent to a Castle provide +1 Production.
    • Digital Democracy no longer reduces combat strength of units; instead, unit maintenance is increased by +1 for all units, War Weariness is +150% and you cannot declare Surprise War.
    • Fourth Tier Governments. All Tier Four Governments can access Wild Card Policy Cards as their equivalent Tier Three Government, eg both Digital Democracy and Democracy can slot New Deal.
    • Loyalty. Tier 2, 3 and 4 Governments provide all Cities with a Governor respectively +1, +2 and +3 Loyalty.
    • Governor, Magnus. Verticial Integration no longer allows stacking of regional effects (see Tech Hub above). Instead, +1 Production for each District in this City, and +4 Power.
    • Governor, Liang. Reinforced Materials allows Districts and Buildings in this City to be repaired with Gold.
    • (Universities, Banks and Shipyards also provide additional yields if there is a Governor in the City, see Science and Infrastructure and Coasts and Colonies generally. Government Tiers also increase maintenance costs for Campuses and Industrial Zones, see above.)
    Coast and Colonies
    • Coastal Cities. All Cities receive +1 Production for each two adjacent Coastal Tiles after you research Celestial Navigation. All Coastal Cities on Foreign Continents receive +1 Housing after you research Exploration.
    • Harbours and Sea Port. Harbour Specialists now provide +2 Gold and +1 Production, and an additional +1 Production with Sea Port. Sea Port additionally provides +5 Resource Capacity.
    • Shipyard. Additionally provides +1 Science. Also provides +4 Production if there is a Governor in this City.
    • Wonder, Colossus. Now provides +1 Gold to all Cities within 6 tiles, plus +1 Trade Route and a free Trader.
    • Wonder, Great Lighthouse. Now provides +1 Movement to all Naval Units and +1 Science to all Coastal Cities on a Foreign Continent.
    • [New] Diplomatic Policy Card, “Sun Never Sets”. Each Colonial City provides +0.25 Diplomatic Favour and +0.5 Influence Points per turn. Unlocks at Colonialism.
    • [New] Military Policy Card, “National Guard”. +100% Production when Repairing Districts or Buildings. Unlocks at Civil Engineering.
    • (see also Governments; Loyalty, which buffs both Colonial and Coastal Cities.)
    Units and Combat
    • Anti- v Melee etc. Spearmen and other Anti-Cav are cheaper; Spearmen have zero Maintenance Cost and all other Anti-Cav have -1 Maintenance compared to other units of the same Era and combat strength generally brought in line with Era average CS for units.
      • Bonuses. Anti-cav no longer get a flat +10 v Cav and Melee don't get a flat +10 v Anti-Cav.
      • Warrior. Gains no bonus against Spearmen etc.
      • Spearmen, Pikemen and Pike & Shot. Spearmen gain +10 v Horsemen. Pikemen and Pike & Shot gain +10 v Light and Heavy Cav (up to but excluding Tanks and Helicopters). Swords and Medieval Melee gain +10 v Spearmen only.
      • Gunpowder. All "Gunpowder" units (eg Muskets, Pike & Shot, Cavalry etc.) get +10 against all non-gunpowder units.
      • AT Crew and MAT Crew. These units gain +10 v Tanks, Helicopters and GDR. Provide AA cover.
      • Helicopters. These gain +10 v Tanks and GDR.
      • Infantry, Mech Infantry. No bonus v AC, but +5 fighting in Districts.
      • Tanks. +10 v Cities.
    • Resources.
      • Frigates and Bombards, Artillery have their resource requirements halved. (note Armory also now provides + Niter per turn.)
      • Infantry have no resource requirement to build, but still use 1 Oil per turn (so, you can build them without Oil but they're weaker).
      • Tanks require 20 Iron (representing Steel) and require 1 Oil per turn.
      • Aircraft (including Helicopters) require 20 Aluminium to build but have no maintenance requirements.
      • AI receives +2 Resource Discount at Emperor and Immortal, and +5 at Deity.
    • Light Cavalry. -17 CS vs Cities and +5 CS v Ranged and Seige units.
    • Heavy Cavalry. Heavy Cav always have +1 Maintenance compared to other units of the same Era. No penalty v Cities, however Tanks get +10 v Cities.
    • Siege Units. +10 Defence vs Ranged if unit has not moved this turn.
    • Aircraft Carriers. Aircraft Carrier gains experience from any kills by other friendly naval or air units within three tiles of the Aircraft Carrier. Additionally provide same bonus as Support Convoy to adjacent units.
    • Unique Units. Hoplites additionally receive no penalties from being injured (like Samurai). Immortals no longer replace Swordsman - both are unlocked at Iron Working. Berserker receives additional Movement when in Enemy Territory or Embarked. Khvesur gain combat and movement bonus from both hills and woods. Samurai additionally receive +5 CS when attacking. Guarde Imperial resource requirements halved.
    • Future Techs. Advanced AI provides +1 Pop to all Cities when unlocked, and all Factories provide +1 Amenity; Cybernetics provides +1 Movement to all Land Melee Units; Smart Materials provides +5 Defence to Heavy and Light Cavalry; Predictive Systems provides +4 CS to all Light Cav and Anti-Cav units.
    • Spies. Spies can no longer Recruit Partisans.
    • Policy Card, Professional Army. No longer discounts Gold Upgrade costs. Instead, all Naval and Land Melee and Anti-Cav units gain +20% XP.
    • England. Pax B no longer provides free Melee Unit. WotW additionally provides +20% production towards Industrial Zones, not just Industrial Zone buildings; and Powerplants provide +50% Pollution during the Industrial and Modern Era.
    • Canada. LA grants Coureur De Bois UU. Industrial Era Recon Unit. Weaker, but +1 movement through forests and ignores ZOC. Canada no longer builds farms in Tundra. Instead, Cities founded in Tundra records +1 Food and +1 Production for each adjacent Tundra Tile. UA no longer prevents other Civs declaring Surprise War on Canada; instead, any Civs which incurs Grievances against Canada has those Grievances doubled (i.e. no one likes it when you pick on Canada).
    • China. Great Walls gives additional +1 Culture and Gold in any City with a Wonder. Great Wall can be built on any land tile without a feature (eg woods), other than in the first ring of your city or adjacent to more than two other GW UIs (ie you can only build them in a line).
    • Cree. UA provides free Starting Recon Unit. Do not receive a free Trader at Pottery, but instead +50% Production for Traders.
    • Netherlands. UA additionally provides +50% production bonus for Harbours.
    • Sumeria. Civ ability additionally gives your first City +1 Population (so Pop 2) when founded. Ziggurat additionally provides +1 Science for every two adjacent Farms. Leader Ability is revised as follows: all units receive +1 Combat Strength for each Suzerain (including Levied Units). Earn +50% Alliance Points.
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  2. AntSou

    AntSou Emperor

    Jun 8, 2019
    NO PURCHASING UNITS WITH GOLD, unless you are the AI. Makes game too easy for the player since he doesn't have to bother with production opportunity costs.

    A locked system would work better, and rather than purchase the player should be allowed to hurry production with Gold. Such as:

    Autocracy: May hurry the construction of Government Buildings with Gold.
    Oligarchy: May hurry the construction of Military Buildings with Gold.
    Classical Republic: May hurry the construction of Specialised Buildings with Gold.

    Merchant Republic: May hurry Naval Units, Traders and Builders with Gold. (Minimum 30% Production)
    Monarchy: May hurry Land Military Units and Settlers with Gold. (Minimum 30% Production)
    Theocracy: May hurry any unit with Faith.

    Fascism: May purchase or hurry Military Units with Gold. (No cap.)
    Communism: May purchase or hurry any Building, Settlers and Builders. (No cap)
    Democracy: May purchase / hurry techs with Gold. (Keep 50% discount on Great People patronage)

    Also, nerf gold yields. Everything gives gold. I'm swimming in gold even when I don't care about gold.

    You get where I'm going with this. Obviously I haven't entirely considered proper balancing, someone smarter would have to do it :p.

    Edit: I'd also rather we get back the 1 or 2 turns Anarchy (no production) if a player wishes to change governments when it's not free. (Currently you pay gold)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  3. Jkchart

    Jkchart Emperor

    Jul 13, 2016
    I'll bite:

    One thing I want to see is for old empires to be able to re-rise out of empires experiencing Dark Ages, i.e. if an empire is in a dark age, cities previously owned by other empires are even more restless than the rest of your realm. It would add to the true Rise and Fall experience they wanted to create. Some sort of "foreign conqueror dark age" penalty that applies loyalty pressure towards the previous owning civ, and allows your empire to split, and even resurrect a dead civ if successful.

    And with that, some sort of mechanic that allows a liberated civ to be at an average tech level with the rest of the world because iirc, when you liberate a dead civ kiled in the medieval age in the atomic age, they come back with medieval techs only, and I think that is inherently silly and unrealistic.
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  4. acluewithout

    acluewithout Deity

    Dec 1, 2017
    I'd also really like to see World Congress resolutions re-worked a bit, although maybe that's too much to ask for in a Patch.

    Basically, I'd like to see the Resolutions be a bit wider, so you have more interesting trade-offs voting for or against resolutions.


    • Instead of banning or buffing a specific Luxury, (e.g. foxes), you ban or buff classes of luxuries, e.g. animal products (foxes, ivory, whales) or precious metals / stones (jade, gypsum).

    • Instead of targeting a particular Civ, you target all Civs with a particular Government (which of course may force some Civs to swap governments)

    • Instead of targeting particular Spy abilities, you target classes of abilities, e.g. not Rocketry, but Corporate Espionage (Rocketry, Industrial Zones, Dams)

    • Instead of targeting specific buildings or districts, it should be classes of buildings or districts, e.g. no city centre builds or theatre squares, but civil society (theatre square, aqueducts etc), or technology (campus and industrial zones).

    The Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty also shouldn't just eliminate nukes. It should stop other Civs building them and multiple grievances for those that have them (whether they use them or not).

    The loyalty / grievance system gets at this, but doesn't quite work. Basically, conquered Cities get additional -ive loyalty based on your grievances with the original owner. This has two nice effects: first, because after you take a City you'll have a lot of grievances, there is an initial level of disloyalty from the conquered population. Second, later in the game, that City will be more sensitive to your relations with your old rival, which is a fun dynamic.

    The problem is that the mechanism falls away if you actually wipe out your rival civ. I'd really like to see a mechanism which lets this loyalty / grievance mechanism keep working in that situation - or, if not, then there should be a much greater penalty for wiping out another Civ (e.g. increased barbarian activity, negative Era score).
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
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  5. Naktis

    Naktis Warlord

    Dec 1, 2017
    I actually expect around winter time to know if there is next expanssion or are we done with civ6 and firaxis working on smth else.

    I agree with some people , something has to be done with gold , either give economic victory type , or make more sinks , and AI is bad at spending gold.
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  6. WillowBrook

    WillowBrook Lurker

    Sep 12, 2004
    A few things is really like to see:

    - fix RND. Would love too see a hot fix on this.

    - disaster recovery: allow engineers to repair damaged districts and buildings and/or allow repair with gold. Lower priority, but add a late-game project that would provide protection against damage from hurricanes, blizzards, and sand storms and maybe lower damage from volcanos and tornados for perhaps 30 turns.

    - T3 buildings need benefit from 9 or 10 envoys in the corresponding city state type. But overall the city state benefits are too strong. Perhaps current level (e.g., +2 science per scientific city state per science building) only for cities with a governor and half the amount for cities without one.

    - I don't like the removal of river bonus for lumber mills. Perhaps gold for being on a river as suggested above. Also, connection by road to a city should give a bonus to mines and quarries (perhaps one gold, increasing to 2 with a rail connection).

    - I want a barbarian intensity slider.
    0 - no barbs
    1 - barbs like just before the June 2019 patch
    2 - between 1 and 3
    3 - current barb level post- June 2019 patch
    4 - even more barbs
  7. Gedemon

    Gedemon Modder Moderator

    Oct 4, 2004
    A modding log.

    A real one I mean, filled with new modding capabilities, not simply a larger exposition of stuff we could do in 2016.

    Just to illustrate, here is the "modding log" for the last patch:
    And here it is when you keep only new "modding capabilities"
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  8. Zyxpsilon

    Zyxpsilon Running Spider

    Oct 29, 2009
    On Earth
  9. _hero_

    _hero_ King

    Feb 21, 2002
    • Strategic resource finder map mode- I think it was Civ 4 that had this but basically it puts a map pin on all discovered strategic resources. With Districts and wonders covering resources it can be very difficult to figure out where they are in Civ 6. Maybe not an issue normally, but if you lack a resource and are planning a war to acquire it, this would be very helpful.
    • Harbors and Lighthouses now unlock with Sailing- Not having to grab Astrology to have early coastal cities be somewhat productive will help a lot of the problems with coastal cities
    • New harbor building "offshore platform" (or some better more relevant name for the time) unlocked with Celestial Navigation (or possibly Shipbuilding), +1 hammer on all water tiles- This means you don't HAVE TO have Auckland to have a productive water city. Water cities need high tile yields to make up for the overall lack of district tiles available.
    • Entertainment Complex/Water Park now give a base 1 outward loyalty pressure per 10 pop (doesn't decay the way normal pop pressure decays) and +1 local loyalty per 5 pop - This is sort of a game-wide attempt at the Eleanor playstyle. This change serves a few purposes- 1. It makes going "tall" more interesting. 2. It makes Entertainment Districts more interesting. 3. It makes Loyalty a more engaging mechanic. It also makes at least a little sense from a realism standpoint. "Look at all the amazing tourist destinations our neighbor has. Our country lacks all this, I want to be a part of that country" is the general theme I am going for.
    • Aerodromes- I haven't figured out a specific change, but I would like to see the economic importance of flight reflected better in the game. As they stand now, they are primarily just a niche military district. In reality, air travel has substantial economic implications.
    • Neighborhoods now have specialist slots. These citizens give +1 to ALL* yields in the city. - The goal here is to again, promote "tall" playstyle. *I don't actually mean ALL yields, but I do think these specialists would need to be more productive overall than the other specialists in the game since Neighborhoods are only providing housing, so spamming them for specialists needs to be more appealing. I definitely think that food needs to be one of the yields, however. Also thematically, when I think of a "specialist" from a neighborhood, I am thinking of something more diverse. A scientist specialist produces science. A priest produces faith etc. What does a "civilian" or perhaps an urban planner produce? A neighborhood specialist would be someone who is, in general, focused on making the lives of the populous better. Better infrastructure. Better access to basic daily needs. Better educational access.
    • Neighborhood project "public works" converts :c5production: into :c5food:- The goal here is to again, promote "tall" gameplay and I think it also makes sense thematically. Food represents pop growth and "good" neighborhoods are likely to attract migration. Also, a safe and happy neighborhood is one that people are more willing to raise children in, so anything that promotes a little bit of :love::hug::eek: between the men and women in your empire fits with the idea of pop growth.
    • Neighborhood buildings now provide increased yields per neighborhood in the city- So, for instance, the +4/6 food that you get from a food market could maybe add an additional +2/3 for each extra neighborhood. This change is mostly just to "clean up" the weirdness with building multiple neighborhoods and also to make sure that the shopping mall/food market decision is compelling.
    • Naval units now have a "trade protection" command which protects all trade units in an "X" tile radius from getting plundered, and increases the trade route yield gain of any trade routes passing through protected tiles- The trade route yield increase will work similarly to the yield increase of Canals and Tunnels and general water travel. I can't give an exact formula, but I think the greater the number and percent of tiles that are protected, the better the route yield should be.
    • Naval units now have the "plunder trade" command which hunts down enemy trade routes for pillaging. Any naval unit with this command will auto-plunder any enemy trade unit on the water that comes within its range. The range should be considered however many tiles the boat can move in a turn, rather than how many it can see.
    • Privateers and their promotions gain the "piracy" promotion. Patrols an "X" tile radius and loots "Y" gold per turn for each trade unit passing through the area (not counting your own trade units)- The goal of these 3 changes is to in general give a reason to have a navy even if you don't intend to use it for water. Naval trade routes are quite powerful now. I don't know that these changes are enough, but they would help.
    • All naval units may now heal 5hp/turn in neutral territory, Supply fleet/Auxilary Ships promotions are now simply +10/HP per turn for ships. - "Aggressive" naval combat can be frustrating when you need T3 promotions to heal your ships at all. This change would allow for strategies that involve sending massive navies at distant enemies and fighting naval wars of attrition to take coastal cities. The current gameplay makes naval invasions only viable when your navy is strong enough to flatten cities and their walls in short order. The time it takes to come home and repair makes it generally more convenient to send a ton of land units, that can repair in the front lines.
    Diplomatic victory/Diplomacy
    • Allied AIs will now always vote for whichever ally has the most Diplo victory points, or against whichever non-ally has the most Diplo-victory points.- I'm not sure exactly how it works now, but it seems that the AI will either vote for itself or vote against the point leader. This change would make alliances actually matter some to diplo-victories.
    • Diplo-favor costs and yields are adjusted. Declared friends now provide +1 favor per turn per friend, LVL 1 allies provide +2, LVL 2 allies provide +4 and LVL 3 allies provide +8. Again, this makes diplomacy matter for Diplo-victory. It shouldn't be possible to be a warmonger with tons of grievances who still blows everyone away in Diplo-favor. In the live game, Alliances only provide a small percentage of the total favor per turn in most games.
    • LVL 4 alliances now exist. A level 4 ally in addition to all the benefits of a lvl 3 ally, now becomes a permanent partner. Is not automatic, but must be chosen in a diplo agreement. This is essentially a union of 2 nations into one. All wars will be joint wars. If one member wins a diplo-victory, both members win a diplo-victory. Trade route yields between the empires receive a 25% boost. Additional members may be added to the alliance, but only if all current members share a LVL 3 alliance with the 3rd party. The ability to form said alliance must be unlocked in the civic tree. Placement should be somewhere around the Modern/Atomic/Information era. Leaving the union is possible, but comes with heavy temporary repercussions.- The general idea is European Union-style politics with "Brexit" being the result of leaving the union. This seems like it could be quite compelling in multiplayer games, but maybe more situational in single player.
    • Adjust how the AI values Diplo-favor in trade deals. The overall value should decrease slightly with the increased availability from previous ideas. Additionally, AI should only "want" a certain amount of favor relative to how much is presently available and how fast it's coming in. Once the AI has a certain level in stock, it should simply say no to any more favor in trades. I shouldn't be able to bankroll my society by trading away 5 favor per turn in the early game. The "cost" is not being able to force my will in the world congress, but frequently the resolutions aren't powerful enough to pass up on the hundreds of gold per turn I get from selling my favor.
    • Get rid of the negative effect of the future era government types. While I get the general idea and interesting gameplay decision that they create, it just makes it feel bad to take a future government. While I still sometimes take them, it is usually because I value 2 extra policy cards over the penalty, not because I value the perk so highly that it is worth the penalty. I don't have to take a penalty to gain 2 cards for T2/3 government upgrades, why do I have to for T4? Why is a future government hurting my society? It doesn't make sense.
    • Add future era government plaza building choices. Going along with the random unlocking concept of the future era, these could be tied to a tech, or perhaps only 3 of a larger pool come available randomly each game. I won't attempt to name them but here are some ideas for what they might do:
    1. War themed- GDRs have x% reduced maintenance and strategic resource cost, build x% faster, repair xHP every turn.
    2. Space themed- Spaceport projects build x% faster. Laser station speed increase now doubled.
    3. Diplomacy Themed- Chance to receiving an additional Diplo victory point each time you receive a point.
    4. Religion Themed- "Telemarket" your religion to the world, generating 1 pressure on every non-believing city in the world for each city following your religion, all missionary and apostle spreads are twice as effective.
    5. Culture themed- Rock bands are now half as likely to retire. National parks, Ski resorts and Seaside resorts now have double tourism.
    6. Generic themed- All district and tile yields increased by x%
    City States
    • First envoy bonus now gives half as much yield as before (+1 hammer/science/faith/culture +2 gold) but it now applies to all your cities.- This will reduce the power of first discovery in the early game and have the added benefit of making non-capital cities feel closer to the capital in raw power the rest of the game
    • Auckland now only gives +1 hammer on water tiles the entire game. The extra hammer will be unnecessary with the "offshore platform" addition mentioned earlier
    • City Patron goddess now +25% production towards all specialty districts, not just the 1st in each city- I never take this pantheon. It just can't compete with the others. It only amounts to a few turns saved in each city early on and later on when districts are more expensive, there are far better ways to speed them up.
    • God of craftsmen now also reveals all strategic resources- The bonus itself is fine, but it is impossible to tell how much use you will get out of it when you unlock it normally. Frequently, you don't even have horses yet. It makes it unfun to take. As for the "realism" of revealing uranium in 3000 BC, hey it's a "god" doing it.
    • God of the Forge is now 25% towards all units- I don't understand why most pantheons benefit the entire game but a select few must be limited to the early game. Make it last the whole game even if you have to lower the total bonus from 25% to compensate.
    • Monument to the Gods is now 15% for all wonders, not just ancient and classic- See above.
    • River Goddess also provides +2 adjacency bonus to holy sites next to rivers.- +2 Amenities and +2 housing is nice and all, but in the current game, amenities and housing are hard to really exploit/plan your game around.
    • Follower
    1. AI is now less likely to take Warrior Monks if war does not fit with their leader's agenda
    2. Religious community - Either +2 housing per shine/temple or +1 housing/Amenity
    3. Work Ethic: Also +2 base production - I love the % modifier, but its significance is so inconsistent between cities and eras.
    4. Zen Meditation- +1 amenity per districts- Amenities aren't that compelling, though they will be more interesting if my ideas to make high pop cities better are applied.
    • Enhancer
    1. Missionary zeal: Double movement speed added. Ignoring movement cost is nice, I guess, but there are plenty of situations where you can simply avoid rough terrain. Double movement speed would allow you to hunt down everyone else in religious combat consistently.
    2. Religious colonization: Remove the "majority religion" restriction. New cities should simply spawn the religion founded by the owner of the settler. - It isn't always immediately obvious if you have a majority religion at a glance or not and certainly isn't something I find myself thinking about while I'm city sprawling. Also, removing the restriction would create a path for respawning a "dead" religion if you've been fully converted by an opposing religion which creates an interesting gameplay consideration IMO.
    3. NEW Divine calling- When a different civ converts a city to your religion, they receive a large sum of gold and you receive a small percent of this. - There is now an incentive to spread a religion founded by someone else. This would create an interesting "lazy mode" religious victory where you convert a couple neighbor civs and then let them spread your religion. This could give Kongo something to do with Apostles that don't have Martyr as well. Mostly though, it just "fits" with how *some* religions have worked in real life. It's not as though Islam and Christianity are only proselytized by people who are members of the nation that their religions originated from.
    • Vassalization- Bring it back! Maybe it makes more sense in an expansion but please, pretty please, bring it back to Civ! Especially with the new grievance system, it makes sense to have ways to conquer that don't involve steamrolling.
    Civs and leaders
    • Arabia: If their Great Prophet is not the last one, they instead receive a free apostle.- It has always felt weird to me that I absolutely have to no go for a religion in order to get a religion as Arabia. Giving me a bonus if I go for an early religion just makes sense.
    • Egypt: Each Sphinx also increases wonder production in this city by 5%- This fits thematically with Egypt, and gives a buff to a relatively weak civ. It also creates an interesting balance. The more sphinx you build, the less tiles you have for wonders but the faster they get built.
    • Eleanor: Now also receives a free great writer, artist, archaeologist, and musician upon building her first Amphitheater, Art Museum, Archaeology Museum, and Broadcast center, respectively. Again, this fits thematically and helps a "weak" civ. This gets her very interesting mechanic "off the ground running" so to speak.
    • Georgia: All current cities receive a free ancient wall upon discovery of Castles technology and newly founded cities start with free ancient wall. Dark age policy cards are always available. The first bonus fits well thematically and the second bonus, while perhaps anti-thematic, lets Georgia actually use dark age cards sometimes, since it's so hard to actually get a dark age with her.
    • Ghandi: Now +10 faith from the leader bonus.- The overall level of faith in the game has been increased by a decent margin since Civ 6 came out. +5 faith simply doesn't have nearly as big an impact as it used to.
    • India: Stepwell housing and food increased- Many civ tile improvements have been buffed and India needs to be one of the highest pop civs every game. It just makes sense.
    • Khmer: Grand Barays now +6 faith +2 amenities and also applies to Dams. - Higher faith to match the increased faith yields in the game. Higher amenities to encourage pop growth. Applies to Dams because it fits with the dam expansion. :D
    • Kongo: Tourism from great works increased by 50%- With Rock bands becoming so significant in Culture victories and Kongo not having good ways to generate faith, he needs an alternative way to get more tourism.
    • Mapuche: Units now exert -1 loyalty pressure to adjacent cities.- It is really hard to effectively exploit their disloyalty mechanics to the point that cities actually flip. They simply regenerate loyalty faster than you can remove it. Negative pressure would offset this and would make for some amusing siege tactics.
    • Harald Hardrada: Boats may now "coastal" raid any time in their line of sight. - Fits thematically and lets Harald take greater advantage of his coolest ability. It's not like Viking raiders didn't ever go inland either.
    • Norway: Stave church spawns a melee unit upon completion, production cost increased by 20 hammers. - Because Vikings raiders. Production cost to somewhat offset the free unit.
    • Phoenicia: Cothons may now be built with the Sailing technology. May now move capital to captured cities as well. Coastal tiles provide +1 gold. - Earlier Cothons will help her get going faster. I don't know if the move capital thing is a bug or intended but it takes away from strategy. Better coastal commerce fits thematically and is the real buff here.
    • Scotland: All cities receive +1 amenity. - There might be a better way to accomplish this, but the point is letting Scotland better take advantage of his Scottish Enlightenment.
    • Spain: *If my earlier mentioned naval ideas are implemented, double the Spains benefit from trade protection and piracy* Missions now exert pressure of the religion in Spain's capital city.- Missions spreading the faith of the nation that sent the mission out just makes sense. The piracy and trade thing fits very well thematically, but I understand that it's probably more of an expansion idea than a patch idea.
    Natural disasters
    • Map generator now spawns some disaster improved tile yields- It's not as though no volcanos, hurricanes, floods, dust storms and blizzards ever happened before humans built their first city. It doesn't have to be a ton of yields. Maybe 1/20 possible flood and volcano spots and a random assortment of snow/tundra/desert and coast tiles getting buffed.
    • Make the AI more "cutthroat" on higher difficulties. - Specifically, the AI doesn't seem to place a strong enough emphasis on actually killing my units. It seems content to wound a variety of units sometimes. Wounding 3 units and killing 2 others is a worse outcome than wounding 1 units and killing 3 in a vacuum but the AI doesn't seem to realize this often enough. Even if the total damage inflicted is lower, wounded units heal, dead units don't.
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  10. Zyxpsilon

    Zyxpsilon Running Spider

    Oct 29, 2009
    On Earth
    Nothing fancy or extensive (such as the really nice list above).. but since they've made a fully functional Parser gimmick for the most recent Gossips -- they might as well give us the same courtesy with the whole Previously Recruited / Great Peoples summary screen, no??
    Similar to this sort of mockup built from two custom snapshots & with the [Inserted] Box...


    While there.. the GP Types symbols should all be aligned in the same column by swapping the General & Admiral "Abilities" section to the far right instead.

    Maybe using the [TURN] option spot as an [ERAS] selector.. also ???

    Please -- i beg you! :smoke:


    Within a month of this previous post, i discovered... @Infixo HAD actually implemented this whole concept idea from within his "Real Great People" mod back in December last year. Duh for me.. i feel silly for suggesting.
    But it's still funny how players *do* think alike at times. :)
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  11. acluewithout

    acluewithout Deity

    Dec 1, 2017
    Yes please!
  12. kotpeter

    kotpeter Chieftain

    Sep 28, 2017
    - Make "Condemn Heretics" more situational than it is now (e.g. provide a relic whenever a friendly religious unit is condemned, so that you're only condemning units when there's no other way or when the unit is too strong); also, change diplomatic resolution to prevent relics from appearing when it is inacted (the one that allows to condemn units without being at war); if this ability is too strong for relic acquisition, I suggest adding an innate 50% probability for a religious unit to create a relic when condemned (Khmer's missionaries would have 100% then when a prasat is present);
    - Allow relics to be acquired in non-randomised way and not as slowly as they're now (see suggestion above), but leave the current "martyr" ability intact;
    - Add policy cards that provide +100% bonus to specialist yields (multiple policies for multiple districts) and increase specialist slots in all districts (e.g. tier 2 building provides less base yield, but has 2 slots, and tier 3 buildings have 3 slots) to promote tall cities without hurting the importance of expansion; just give us another option to play depending on the situation);
    - Also, add possibility to reduce food consumption by specialists in certain districts (e.g. civ-specific, leader-specific bonuses or non-legacy government-specific bonuses) to promote specialists for certain civs/situations; I believe only Harbor district has this implemented now;
    - Reduce science bonus from Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, because they're too strong and allow snowballing with science by themselves;
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  13. acluewithout

    acluewithout Deity

    Dec 1, 2017
    Added Mountain Natural Wonders should give adjacecies to Campuses.
  14. acluewithout

    acluewithout Deity

    Dec 1, 2017
    Added the following:
    • Governor, Liang. Reinforced Materials allows Districts and Buildings in this City to be repaired with Gold.
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  15. Sostratus

    Sostratus Deity

    Jul 31, 2017
    Minnesota, USA
    Hmm. I like so much of the new patch, I don't even grasp all the changes yet.

    -Australia's Citadel of Civilization toned down to +50% production, and only for military units. All instances set to 10 turns.
    Sorry mate. It's just too much.

    Natural Wonder yield balance pass.
    Still thinking but mostly, too many of them grant like +2 faith on their tile and just generally suck.

    Natural Wonders that are mountains are all properly tagged as mountains for the purposes of things like adjacency, aqueducts, wonder requirements.
    Natural Wonders that are lakes are all properly tagged as lakes for the purposes of canals and Huey Teocalli bonus (I think one of them isn't)

    Iron now yields +2:c5production: instead of +1:c5science:.
    Aluminum now yields +2:c5production: instead of +1:c5science:.
    Uranium now yields +1:c5production:, +2:c5science: instead of +2:c5production:.

    General balance pass and tuning.
    Lumbermill reverted to +1:c5production: base
    Lumbermill +1:c5production: at Mass Production & Steel & Cybernetics

    Quarry +1:c5production: bonus at rocketry moved up to Chemistry
    This means they now upgrade at Gunpowder and Chemistry.

    Mines gain +1:c5production: at Smart materials.
    They now upgrade at Apprenticeship & Industrialization & Smart Materials.

    Plantation gain +1:c5food: and +0.5 housing (for a total of +1 hosuing) at guilds.
    They now gain +1:c5food: at scientific theory and Guilds, and +2:c5gold: at globalization.

    Oil Well and Offshore Oil Rig: now +3:c5production: base. +2:c5gold: at globalization.

    Any land (ie, non water) tile now counts for the 3 land tiles criterion.
    +4:c5gold: at Civil Engineering changed to +1:c5production:, +2:c5gold:.
    Currently mountains don't count as land for polders despite counting for other purposes. For example, a harbor is described as "must be placed on coast next to land," and can be placed next to a 1 mountain island.

    Aircraft carrier fleet & armada gain +1 and +2 air slots, respectively.

    Garde Imperiale
    now costs 10 niter, like the other UUs.

    Pitati Archer
    base cost increased from 70 to 80. This is so that it takes the same effective production to build a Pitati under Agoge & Ta-Seti (+100% bonus) as an Archer (60:c5production:) under Agoge (+50%).

    Holding judgement on Anticav until FXS clarifies if the anticav bonus v mounted was meant to be +14 or not (+14 in the tooltip but still +10 in the combat preview & reality.)

    Destroyers no longer require oil to maintain.

    Districts & Buildings
    IZ adjacency consolidates mines and lumbermills (minor adjacencies)into one category. This is so that 1 mine & 1 lumbermill will provide +1, currently they are rounded down separately and give +0.
    I can't think of any other districts that have multiple minor adjacencies, but this would extend to anything with multiple improvements or features counting.

    Panama Canal wonder tile now counts as a canal for purposes of IZ adjacency.

    Oil Power Plant now burns 1 unit of oil for +6 power instead of +4, to differentiate it from being the coal plant's inferior twin. Production aura improved to +4:c5production:.

    Nuclear Power Plant production aura improved to +5:c5production:. Science aura unchanged.

    Spaceport now requires 5 power to function. Go ahead, spam more of them.
    Lagrange Station now requires 1 aluminum upkeep.

    These changes are an attempt reduce the extreme upper hand certain governments have over their peers, especially in the future era.

    Monarchy: 1 Military card converted to Wildcard. 2-1-1-2.

    Merchant republic: 1 Wildcard converted to a Diplo card. 1-2-2-1.

    Democracy: 1 Wildcard converted to a Diplo card. 1-3-3-1.

    Communism: +10%:c5science: effect reverted to +15%:c5production:.

    Corporate Libertarianism bonus restored to +15% for commercial hubs and encampments.

    Synthetic Technocracy bonus reduced to +2 power per city and +20% for projects.

    City management
    Housing growth modifier table shifted by one row, so that -50% growth now starts when you are actually housing capped, not the level before.
    This is so that the notification for not enough housing now is no synchronized with when adverse effects begin.

    Cities at the housing cap receive -1 amenity due to overcrowding. Cities above the housing cap receive -2.
    This is create a little fun with social unrest when you don't have neighborhoods or many farms. Building tundra outposts to spam campuses again, are we? Tsk. tsk.
    And with the change to the growth penalty, you'll hit that cap faster... *evil laugh*
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  16. SaiH

    SaiH Warlord

    Aug 15, 2008
    Let Military Engineers contribute production to walls.
  17. Loderingo

    Loderingo Warlord

    Jul 11, 2011
    I would like a resources overlay for the borders of your civ:

    Green - resource has been improved
    Yellow - resource needs to be repaired
    Red - resource has not been improved.

    Would really help with builder micromanagement
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  18. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Balance changes are nice, but I want the Civilopedia to be accessible from the main menu first and foremost. I guess further UI changes would also be nice.
  19. phoinix

    phoinix Warlord

    Feb 7, 2008
    Wow, seems like people have really really specific wishlists! I have some rough suggestions on the direction the changes should be on:
    1. Some kind of buff to coastal cities to bring on par value wise with inland cities. Logically speaking, coastal cities should be more gold/trade oriented. This buff can be done by giving a big adjacency bonus to harbours from city centers. Also sea trade routes should be many times more profitable than land routes. This ties in with...
    2. Increase importance of gold. This can be done by increasing maintenance costs across the board, but mostly for buildings/infrastructure (e.g campus, iz). Unit maintenance is mostly ok I think.
    3. Some form of mechanism counter balancing infinite city sprawl snowballs. Loyalty mechanic just limits forward settling and I don't really like scaling production costs to settlers, districts, or anything really. It feels very artificial and game-y. Perhaps introduce a maintenance cost for roads/railroads that scales with era? I always found it a bit odd that railroads/roads don't have any maintenance cost.
    4. Decrease science yields of campus. Science output can scale naturally by tying it specialists, which in turn tie with city population. I miss the specialist focused economy from civ IV. It just makes sense in my humble opinion. Science is first and foremost produced from people, not buildings or material means alone.
    These changes are a major rebalance but I think the devs should take a few more steps in that direction. I think it is awesome that they are taking our feedback to heart and engaging with the community so much.
  20. TheyMadeMeDoThis

    TheyMadeMeDoThis Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2019
    Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
    I would like Coastal/Naval civs to act like it. I hardly ever run into a strong navy I can't handle
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