[WIP] 1350AD Mod v0.848


Aug 21, 2012
East Coast US
Greetings, all! I am publishing this 85% finished 1350 AD mod so y'all can have fun with it.
What's done:
historically accurate city placement of a lot of different civs
a giant world map and accurate civ placement for the start year
some relations and governments
accurate tech levels
much infrastructure
most if not all units
all resources are historically placed (not by me, but the map I chose is good and carefully vetted)

What's left out/undone so far:
black plague events at mod start
rise of the Timurids
making sure historical kingdoms don't go Republic/Senate
probably relations need more work, but many conflicts and so on are simulated
Orthodox and Protestant Christianity

All this is built on the back of the incredible Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn mod


Download attached 1350 mod.z01 - z10 (each partition is 100MB) and 1350 mod.zip.

Unzip by opening the zip file in the same directory as where the z01-10 files are located.

Total mod assembly will be 1.1 GB.

Unzip to /beyond the sword/ Mods/


This mod is OPEN SOURCE so long as people are truthful where they got it. This 1350 scenario is built on the incredible work of the Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn team, and is but a pale shadow compared to that which they have conceived. I look forward to optimizations of this mod that don't require a full repackaging of the dependent scenario, but it is beyond my current capability. I rely on those who would advance this project forward.
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