Wizard "King Unit"


Apr 3, 2003
Here's a Wizard "King Unit" I made. I say he's a "King Unit" because he's a little larger than average units, like the other king units are. Yes, that was intentional.

He comes with 6 different attack animations, 2 different fidgets, and 2 different deaths, and a "teleport" (paradrop) animation. I wanted him to get different spells as he upgraded or changed eras. I'm not happy with the regular death animation, but I re-rendered it about 5 times, adjusting it each time, and then having to deal with Poser's Cloth Room each time, which had a tendency to crash on me more often than not, prior to my upgrading my RAM 3/4 of the way through making this unit. I'm not using that death myself (I'm using DeathB), so you'll have to live with the death as it is!

Much thanks to Utahjazz7 for his unit making tutorial, Plotinus for his tutorial on Poser's Cloth Room (and I don't remember, but I may have used one of his anims for my unit somewhere), and tom2050 for his ice storm and meteor spells. I know I didn't ask you if I could incorporate those spells into the unit Tom, so if you want I can remove those spells from the download. Oh, and thanks to Supa and Vuldacon for help with a palette issue I had whilst making this unit.

The unit might jump a bit in the previews, or be located in different locations in the pink box, but that's just for the preview; ingame the unit should be fine. I split it into 3 different previews because the palette was making one long continuous preview anim have too few colours for each displayed flc. It's still not identical to ingame because there's more colours represented than the individual animations, but the previews are pretty close.

Anyways, enough babbling... enjoy the unit... feel free to mod/alter/recolour or resize/cut-and-paste/etc. this unit as you please.



The teleport animation can also be used for the teleport funciton.
oh man, absolut fantastic, would you consider making some souls for me rising like the wizzard, i have idea in mind for 15 years by now....i do not like units dying, i like them rise to heaven, like settlers 2 ...:(
That is a fricken great unit Grandraem. Thank you so much. I've been wanting a really good wizard unit for ages. This is going straight in my mod to replace the good, but somewhat dated, Gandolf unit I was using.

Although, he is so cool I might have to make him a unique king unit as you are using him.
Great animations! Wouldn't go too far astray as a papal king unit too (with some animations unused, of course)
Great work! I think this is the first unit I've seen with dynamic cloth (other than mine) so I'm glad that tutorial helped someone. I think he looks like Dumbledore.

Also, I don't think I've seen so many bonus animations in one unit - six attacks, two fidgets, even two deaths. I really like the alternative death and also the Victory. The Fidget with the book is a nice touch. All the sound effects are excellent - very good work.
Thanks for the positive comments, everyone! :)

No it's not my first unit, though I don't have too much experience with human units, but it's my first posted non-C&P human unit. I've made another human unit for my mod and a humanoid unit, but they'll be released with my mod. I'll be making maybe ten or so other units (hopefully) that'll be released with my mod as well, though if I finish all the other aspects first, I'll probably leave some of them as placeholders for now, just to finally (after about 10 years) get my mod uploaded, and then worry about updating. ... and this unit can be a souped up Sinterklaas (or pope or Dumbledore) as well, if anyone wants to use him that way! ;)

Sorry, although I wouldn't mind making requests, I don't have the time right now to do so. :(
Thanks, themanuneed!

Actually, I just remembered that I made 3 other human/humanoid units, instead of 2 as I'd said.
Thanks, odin!
Beautiful unit
generic enough for multiple uses, yet unique
the animation is amazing and providing multiple animation options :goodjob:

no, that is not true it is named "asuncion" ;)

The Analepsis (taking off to the heavens) animation is just breath-taking :thumbsup:

Analepsis = "flash-back" (as in movie, film or literature)
asuncion ["Asunción"] (Spanish) = Assumption (English)

:goodjob: cheers for a multi-national game-based website
In Spanish it's Asunción…
that is not on my keyboard and im too lazy to look for it :confused:

just trying to alliviate any confusion or conflict ;)

besides, am an semi-ignorant american
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