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WoC Traduction Post

Discussion in 'Civ4 - World of Civilization' started by French guy, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. French guy

    French guy Chieftain

    Aug 25, 2006
    France, Gironde, Médoc

    I offered my services yet before for traduction in French/Spanish, but, i aint got many informations, helps nor tips, on how should i traduce the modules...
    I was in peru last month :D (enought to appreciate more and more playing Huayna Capac:p), so i ain't got many time to traduce more... and i lost my organization... and more busy to rework pics actually...
    I still have some will to do the traductions, but more things slow me.

    I would need to have a contact with someone knowing WoC fine, and all modules...
    Cuz sometimes i just don't understand what English mean...
    (i understand the words.. but, not the final functions or peaning, as an English word always means 10 000 things different dependeing the context...:mad:)

    Just in the aim to make the best traduction as possible... and

    I just hope that topic could turn a good place for traducing, adn that another langauges can be added (even if i won't use it !! jeje)

    i begin worked the moduels in order, and i'm actually on ressources...
    i guess i can easily finish it...
    :rolleyes: maybe for chirstmas :rolleyes:

    waiting comments, tips, help for other languages !

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