wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization

Jun 2, 2005
Major graphics changes, very small game play changes. Because not every mod needs to take years to put together and change everything about Civ to be fun.

Some Preview Pics
I'm using modified versions of Womok's terrain and Mobilize's resource packs

The Civs

Each civilization's Civilopedia entry now tells you exactly what you need to know

Infantry units are now actually important for more than defense, especially in the early Industrial Period

Spoiler :
1st row; Horses, Iron, Saltpeter, Coal, Petroleum, Rubber
2nd row; Aluminum, Uranium, Wines, Furs, Dyes, Incense
3rd row; Spices, Ivory, Silks, Gems, Whales, Game
4th row; Fish, Cattle, Grains, Gold, Coffee, Oasis
5th row; Sugarcane, Tobacco, a blank space, Shellfish, Oysters, Kelp
6th row; Sheep, Natural Gas, Opium, Cotton

Some Tech Screen shots
Spoiler :

After working on a compilation mod with Jewmpaloompa for the past year or so, I came to realize that modding had become less of a hobby and more like a full-time job. Even between the two of us, it took up major amounts of our time and effort, cutting into work, school, relationships, etc. It was during this time that I realized that Civ was no longer fun for me. After a long time away from the game, if not from these forums, I started working on this mod; a variety of simple changes, none of them large or 'game-changing,' but enough to make it slightly different from the normal packaged game and enough to make it interesting. I hope you all enjoy it, it took less than a week to put together.

To download the mod click this link.

To install wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization...
~(NOTE: You must have Civilization III: Conquests Edition in order to play wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization)~

1) Download wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization
2) Save the folder to the following location:
C:/Program Files/Infogrames Interactive/Civilization III/Scenarios
3) Unzip the folder.
4) Move the .big file (Lovely.biq) into the Scenarios folder if it's not already there.

To play wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization...
1) Install wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization
2) Open the Civilization III Conquests program.
3) Select "Civ-Content"
4) Select "wolf_brother's Lovely Civilization"

A legal note

  • Please be aware this is a third party conversion pack.
  • It is NOT an official Civilization 3 patch or product.
  • The author is not responsible for any damage or loss of data caused by installation.
  • This file is provided as freeware and should not be for sale.

All kinds of comments are welcome and very much appreciated.
Jun 2, 2005
I'm going to assume both that there are no comments or critiques and that all nineteen of you that have downloaded this haven't run into any glitches or errors.
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