Won my first game at Emperor .. My conclusions

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by adamsolo, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. adamsolo

    adamsolo Chieftain

    Sep 28, 2010
    Leader: Alexander
    Map Type: Continents
    Map size: Small
    Time: Epic
    Difficulty: Emperor
    Victory type: Domination

    Won while still in the Renaissance era. Took 3 AIs in my continent one by one with the same army. Then after getting caravels explored the other continent that had Rameses and Elisabeth. Took London, Elisabeth capitulated and handed over 3/4 of her cities to me, of course that I razed them all. After a while took Thebes and game over.


    1. Domination victory is very easy to achieve (even at Emperor difficulty). AIs don't defend very well (as already pointed out in 143 other threads). Point straight to their capitals and bang, that's it.
    2. Epic speed is perhaps to slow, at least for me. I end up not caring much for my cities, I end up building random stuff. Production is now a rarer commodity.
    3. Alexander is perhaps too powerful in the beginning. Hoplites and Companion Cavalry units, specially the last one seems a bit unbalanced (too powerful). Two of this cavalaries and an hoplite take care of the job alone in the early phases.
    4. Cities states are nice, as many people pointed out. They mind their own business, provide nice army gifts (very useful), food and culture. They also provide resources without you having to conquer them to acquire them which is realistic and fun.
    5. Diplomacy seems a bit erratic (too much I mean). In one second you're friends of an AI, the next turn they don't like you with no apparent reason. Also they are very relunctant to accept pacts. Trade with AIs does not seem to boost relations. Diplomacy seems too much opaque and random.
    6. AIs (or at least some) don't expand in the beginning while others spam cities. This must be fixed.
    7. AIs are not very agressive (I remind at Emperor difficulty), and when they attack they are not very proficient in the arts of war. They don't bring overwelming troops neither they exploit entire unguarrisoned cities. The result is that we end up moving one large army from one place to another while leaving cities undefended, there is no problem, they don't attack you.
    8. 1upt is nice, works well and definitely adds more depth to strategic and tactical decisions.
    9. Game feels a bit slow, maybe it's because I'm playing epic, gonna try standard now.
    10. Some bugs and annoyances:
    10a. Sometimes trade routes became broken with no apparent reason;
    10b. End of peace treaty sign keeps appearing as a warning every turn;
    10c. You can (re-)propose pact of secrecy, propose war, propose pact of cooperation while you already having those.
    11. Lack of information on menus or non-obvious locations
    11a. You don't know who pledged for City-states protection (yes you need to use pencil and paper)
    11b. To know your trade with the AIs you need to consult past treaties, and you don't know how much time it takes to expire.

    And that's it, those were the more important notes I took. I guess when they fix the AI, turning them more agressive and proficient in battle and less random the game will be very good.

    I loved Civ4 and I'm still learning to like Civ 5. I'm one of those fans that like the fact that Civ5 is not Civ4 2.0 because after playing Civ4 ad nausea its good to be playing a new game that provides a new and fresh experience to the player.


    PS: What are your high level conclusions and remarks about the game?
  2. jjkrause84

    jjkrause84 King

    Sep 24, 2010
    I've only played as high as King but I do agree about the domination victory. What moron decided it would be "last person to have their capitol"? STUPID! It means a tiny po-dunk nation can win a domination victory if it stabs the military powerhouse at the right moment.

    They should really go back to the % of land and population....
  3. Labj64

    Labj64 Chieftain

    Sep 25, 2010
    I would tend to agree with your assessment of the game. Point 10b is very annoying, as well as the brain dead AI and ******** diplomacy.....actually the complete lack of any rational diplomacy. Case in point, the last game I played I had taken most of Germany's cities (5) he had two left and asked for peace. his offer to me was a peace treaty for everything I had except my cities!!!!!!!!! what sort of moronic decision making is this?

    When I countered with peace plus his gold stash (600 gold) I was told this was far too unfair a deal! Hopefully these items will be fixed sooner than later, as my son says we bought the alpha we probably will have to pay 9.99 for the "beta upgrade" a.k.a. the first expansion pack. I do have to say that if you make a serious tactical blunder the AI will take advantage of it (say moving a unit between two cities that are only 4 hexs apart etc.) but I have never really witnessed the AI use siege weaponry correctly when attacking a unit or a city for that matter.
  4. oopsy poopsy

    oopsy poopsy Warlord

    Nov 3, 2004
    If the AI was any good, and preferably an improvement on IV, it would've been a welcome change for me. IMO the devs try to tidy up the boring repetitive tasks with each iteration and with a solid AI the ability to take its capitol would establish the ability to walk all over its empire at the same time so why force a player through the repetitive task of marching his or her army on a dozen cities and puppetting city after city when it takes the same size of army, technological progress, and game knowledge to take the capitol?

    Of course, that's the theory, which like my sig suggests is not the whole ball of yarn and in the case of this versions AI, the ease of tactical supremacy in conquest becomes even gamier when you only need to take one city for each empire.

    XOVERX Chieftain

    Mar 4, 2006
    What I think has happened is that a whole new Civ has been developed, based on the 1upt, which I do like. I also like the city-states. I like the map and the clouds.

    There is a good foundation here.

    However, the rest of the game -- diplomacy and the ignoramous AI -- must be tweaked and improved to bring the game up to par.

    Little things, like going to your military list and you can't locate what city your unit is in to upgrade it. Those things also need repair.

    I also "lost" a fighter. I thought maybe I could leave it in a city that was already defended by a ground unit since the fighter's sleep button was active. I hit the sleep button and the fighter "became a ghost unit." That is, it would show up on my military list, but it would not show up in the city even when I removed the ground unit from the city. Weird. Costly, too.

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