wonder defender & combat issue


Jun 25, 2001
Last night I had my first case of 'wonder defender' I was the Romans and I was attacking the Americans. (I just needed their space to grow). All went well, my Legionary was doing well against their spearman. Some lost but that was expected. However one city had a couple of defenders. All perished quickly except for one spearman. It took about 15 legionaries to kill it. Allways it get down to 1 hitpoint just to stay there. When it created or imported a new spearman, that one would perish soon, but when it was the 'wonder defenders' turn to defend, it would just kill all the legionaries, and while doing this getting to elite status. :mad::mad::mad: Now I am wondering. :confused:

I read a couple of threads about this, however I didn't come across this idea: Could there be kind of statistical value attached to a unit, which describes his/her/it's chance of victory in combat. I just find it strange that a specific unit allways survives/wins

Furthermore I found that sometimes in a battle I lose two hitpoints at one turn. As I understand every turn it is calculated who wins the battle and then 1 hitpoint is substracted from the loser, not two. Anyone encountered this also.
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