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Wonder Movies

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by JHLee, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. JHLee

    JHLee Prince

    Aug 27, 2013
    A quest for the wonder movies. QoL stuff.
    Spoiler New Wonders :

    * Apadana Palace (Arithmetics, Zoroastrianism): free Monument in every city, +50% improvement construction rate
    * Dujiangyan (Writing, Rice): +1 food on river tiles
    * Jetavanaramaya (Aesthetics, Buddhism with Buddhist or Hindu state religion): +1 food from Artist
    * Al Khazneh (Currency, Judaism, Oasis in city radius): +1 trade route in all cities
    * Nalanda University (Philosophy, Buddishm with Hindu state religion): +2 research per state religion building
    * Gondeshapur (Medicine, Zoroastrianism): free Medic improvement for units built in the city, +1 food from Scientist
    * Prambanan (Politics, Hinduism with Buddhist or Hindu state religion): +25% food stored on growth in all cities
    * Salsal Buddha (Artisanry, Buddhism, Camels): trade routes remain connected during war
    * Iron Pillar (Steel, Hinduism): free Forge in every city
    * Cheomseongdae (Scholarship, Confucianism with Buddhist state religion): +1 happiness per 10% research rate
    * Mount Athos (Ethics, Orthodoxy): double great people points from buildings
    * Krak des Chevaliers (Fortification, Islam with Catholic state religion): free Castle in every city, defeated city defenders retreat to your capital
    * Monolithic Church (Guilds, Incense, Orthodoxy): +2 commerce from Priest
    * House of Wisdom (Alchemy, Islam): +200% research from great people discoveries
    * Old Synagogue (Commune, Judaism): +2 gold from Jewish buildings
    * Santa Maria del Fiore (Patronage, Catholicism): +100% great people birth rate
    * Alamut Fortress (Compass, Islam): +10 experience for espionage units built in the city
    * Silver Tree Fountain (Paper, Silk, Paganism): free great person is born when a great general emerges
    * Saint Sophia's Cathedral (Doctrine, Orthodoxy): +1 food from Merchant
    * Gur-E-Amir (Cartography, Islam): city receives additional culture equal to gold pillaged in conquered cities
    * Kremlin (Gunpowder, Orthodoxy): +25% defense in all cities, +1 movement for civilian units
    * Vijaya Stambha (Companies, Hinduism): free City Defender I promotion for units built in the city, +50% great general birth rate within own borders
    * El Escorial (Exploration, Catholicism): additional gold for every acquired colony
    * Torre de Belem (Optics, Catholicism): +100% foreign trade route yield
    * Saint Thomas Church (Humanities, Protestantism): +2 happiness in every city
    * Itsukushima Shrine (Logistics, Buddhism): +1 great people rate per water tile in city radius
    * Oxford University (Academia, Protestantism): +1 research from specialists
    * Potala Palace (Statecraft, Buddhism): +1 great people rate per hill in city radius
    * The Bourse (Economics, Protestantism): +2 free Merchants
    * Image of the World Square (Geography, Islam): +1 trade route per culture level
    * Emerald Buddha Temple (Civil Liberties, Buddhism): no unhappiness in the city
    * The Louvre (Civil Liberties): +2 free Artists, +2 culture per controlled wonder
    * Shalimar Gardens (Horticulture, Islam): excess health counts as happiness
    * Salt Cathedral (Geology, Catholicism): +2 commerce per state religion building
    * Amber Room (Geology, Protestantism or Orthodoxy): other civilisations are more willing to enter into defensive pacts, shares golden ages of defensive pact partners
    * Hermitage (Sociology): +10% research per culture level, technologies cost -25% less in trade and espionage
    * Guadalupe Basilica (Sociology, Catholicism, different continent than the Catholic holy city): +1 gold per Catholic city on the continent
    * Abbey Mills Pumping Station (Thermodynamics): free Sewer in every city
    * Bell Rock Lighthouse (Metallurgy): +1 trade route in all coastal cities
    * Chapultepec Castle (Nationalism): +1 unit experience per culture level
    * Crystal Palace (Engine): +2 free Engineer
    * Menlo Park (Electricity): +25% commerce with power
    * Tsukiji Fish Market (Refrigeration, Rice): +1 food on water tiles
    * Brooklyn Bridge (Labour Unions): free Levee in every city
    * Neuschwanstein Castle (Journalism): settling a great person restores 25% of great people points
    * Metropolitain (Pneumatics): +1 commerce per 2 culture on buildings in the city
    * Mole Antonelliana (Assembly Line, Catholicism): +2 production per peak in city radius
    * Nobel Prize (Refining): extra great people point when a great person is born in a pleased or friendly civilisation
    * Chateau Frontenac (Refining): free Railway Station in every city, +50% Railway construction speed
    * Las Lajas Sanctuary (Microbiology, Catholicism): +10% unit heal rate in all cities
    * Palace of Nations (Civil Rights): congresses occur every four turns, cities cannot be demanded in congresses, other civilisations are more likely to approve your congress requests
    * Golden Gate Bridge (Infrastructure): +1 commerce from Scientist and Engineer
    * Bletchley Park (Radio): +50% chance to avoid spy detection, +50% chance to detect enemy spies
    * Sagrada Familia (Macroeconomics): +1 production from Artist, +25% production converted to commerce
    * Crystal Cathedral (Television, Protestantism): +1 happiness per 10% gold rate, +2 commerce from Priest
    * The Motherland Calls (Power Projection, Central Planning): a free unit is draft every time a unit of level three or higher is lost
    * World Trade Center (Globalism, Free Enterprise): +50% corporation commerce
    * Berlaymont (Globalism, Multilateralism): +2 possible defensive pacts, +1 free specialist per defensive pact
    * Atomium (Nuclear Power): +1 research per nuclear weapon in the world
    * Iron Dome (Laser): +50% intercept chance in own territory
    * Harbour Opera (Tourism): +1 food per two excess happiness
    * Lotus Temple (Tourism, four religions in city): +1 food per non-state religion in all cities
    * Gardens by the Bay (Ecology): +2 commerce per excess health
    * Burj Khalifa (Aerodynamics, desert): +2 food, +2 commerce on desert tiles
    * Hubble Space Telescope (Satellites): +3 research from satellites
    * Large Hadron Collider (Superconductors): +100% research
    * Channel Tunnel (Robotics): +100% trade route yield with friendly relations
    * Oriental Pearl Tower (Telecommunications): +2 research per city population
    * Skytree (Telecommunications): +1 production from Scientist, +1 food from Engineer
    * Delta Works (Renewable Energy, only flat land in city radius): +1 food, production, commerce on water tiles
    * Global Seed Vault (Genetics, tundra in city radius): +1 research per Farm, Paddy Field, Orchard and Plantation resource
    * ITER (Fusion): provides power for all cities on the continent, +1 commerce per power consumed in all cities

    These are the new wonders that were added in 1.16, but I know that there are some wonders outside these that also need movies.
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  2. JHLee

    JHLee Prince

    Aug 27, 2013
    Repository: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IywnCTL0SNPsHnpBzUbhVqoHCXT2mSgb

    General Rules:
    I know that the movies should be in .bik format but I am struggling to find the best encoding settings (e.g. that allows good video quality without having ridiculous file sizes)
    so most videos are going to be in .avi or .mp4 formats for now.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2020
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  3. Leoreth

    Leoreth 心の怪盗団 Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
    Thank you for doing this! Movies that are not in *.bik format are actually preferable while we are still selecting what to use, because they're easier to watch for most people.
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  4. Theophilos

    Theophilos Warlord

    Oct 3, 2016
    I just wanted to say, for many of the new wonder I watch, there is no text or image it is a blank popup, sometimes it doesnt even have a pop up.

    Is this normal? (I mean I wouldnt be surprised because they do not add very much to the game, to see an image when you complete a wonder)

    or is this thread asking for people to help contribute to this project of getting some
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  5. Leoreth

    Leoreth 心の怪盗団 Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
  6. JHLee

    JHLee Prince

    Aug 27, 2013
    List of uploaded videos & their sources

    - footage & music from a video uploaded by K-Heritage TV
    Spoiler :

    Chateau Frontenac
    - footage & music from a video uploaded by fairmontfrontenac
    Spoiler :

    - music from a copyright-free video uploaded by Halcyon Days
    Spoiler :

    - footage from a video uploaded by the National Library of China (国图空间)
    Spoiler :

    - music from a copyright-free video uploaded by Music Screen: Royalty Free Music
    Spoiler :
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  7. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    I think it is better to post these suggestions in the thread in the link below. That is the official thread for wondermovies now and it will keep all suggestions together in one thread. It would be great if you also post your suggestions in the spreadsheet linked in the first post of that thread so they can be reviewed and the status can be checked.

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