Wonder Placement Revamp


Feb 26, 2019
I was recently thinking of ways make wonders smaller on the map and not take up a whole tile while still keeping the requirements necessary for them in the base game. I'm not a fan of how big some of the wonders look in the game because of how it makes one building look bigger than a city, plus I hate having to sacrifice whole tiles to wonders. As an answer, I came up with this concept:

Wonders now replace whatever buildings they require in a district. For example, the Great Lighthouse is required to be adjacent to a harbor with a lighthouse. With this mod, the Great Lighthouse would still require a harbor with a lighthouse, but the Great Lighthouse would be built inside the harbor district, visually replacing the original lighthouse on the map. The city still receives the original yields and bonuses from the original lighthouse, but it is no longer visually represented.

This format would extend to all other wonders that require district/building adjacency in the game, so Oxford University would replace the university in a campus, Big Ben would replace a bank in a commercial hub, etc. Any wonders requiring adjacency to a city center would simply be built inside the city center. Some issues I've thought of:

- Wonders that require more than one adjacency, such as Venetian Arsenal (coast and industrial zone). Maybe leave these alone?

- Wonders that require adjacency to non-district tiles, such as Temple of Artemis (adjacent to a camp). Maybe build these in the tile it is originally required to be adjacent to?

- Wonders that must be built ON non-district tiles, such as the Oracle (hills). Not sure what to do about these wonders other than change their requirement or leave them alone.

- Building more than one wonder in the same district, such as Forbidden City and Eiffel Tower (city center). Maybe limit the number of wonders per district to 1?

Obviously there are issues but I'm open to discussions as to how to approach different problems. Thoughts?
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