Wonder Splash not Loading - What am I doing wrong? (Also, help on compression image and audio files)

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    Jul 8, 2016
    EDIT: Does anyone know why 1024x768 would work when 972x768 would not? That ended up being the issue

    Hello all,

    I am almost finished with my wonder mod, but I can't get my Wonder Splash images to load for some reason. Is there something wrong with my compression in Gimp? I am using "Export As..." -> .dds -> compression settings shown below/attached. I cropped png and jpeg files I found online to get these images.

    When I open up other wonder modpacks, the image preview shows on my computer, but opening the file in gimp gives me a white window. Is something bad with the .dds GIMP plugin?

    Thanks for the help and my mod is also attached below if debugging it yourselves would be easier. (Is there a way to compress audio and image files so that I don't have a file that is 70+ MB?)

    Link to mod: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/8wFSD

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