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May 10, 2008
The Netherlands

These are the requests I am aware of:


Inquisition - Xenomorph
Church of St. George - dacubz
Kuwaiti Towers - dacubz
Konserthuset - dacubz
Anglo American - dacubz
GE - dacubz
Coca-cola - dacubz
Ford - dacubz
Channel S.A. - dacubz
Maruha - dacubz
Eco-Oil - dacubz

A whole bunch of requests for shrine-movies by Johny Smith for his World Religions Mod

Jewish Shrines

Christian Shrines

Islamic Shrines

Hindu Shrines

Buddhist Shrines

Iranian Shrines

Chinese Shrines


Trafalgar Square - Wolfhanze
Brandenburg Gate - Wolfhanze
Burj-al-Arab - HROCHLAND
Area 51 - JustATourist
Piazza San Marco - Wolfhanze
Naval Academy - psob2 - redo?
Trading Company - psob2 - redo?
SDI - ripple01
Blue Mosque - Johny Smith
Crystal Palace - psob2
Air Defense Network - psob2
KGB - Xenomorph
Petra - Xenomorph
Canadian Oil Sands - Xenomorph
Canada Hockey Night - Xenomorph
Globen Arena - Onagan
Empire State Building - Seasnake
Sydney Opera House - Xenomorph
Big Ben - Walter Hawkwood
Hanseatic League - Walter Hawkwood - made by JustATourist
Shahnameh - Walter Hawkwood
Tsukiji Fish Market - Walter Hawkwood
Das Kapital - Walter Hawkwood
Gondeshapur - Walter Hawkwood
Quantum Theory - Walter Hawkwood
Silk Road - Tsentom1
Basilica Pontmain - Deuskane
Ezekiel Kifl - Johny Smith
Shrine of Imam Reza - Johny Smith
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - Johny Smith
Tesla Tower - Tsentom
Kashi Vishwanath - Johny Smith
Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku-ji) - Johny Smith
Mahabodhi - Johny Smith
Great Mosque of Djenne - Tsentom
Eden Project - Tsentom
Shrine of Mani/Manachaeism (completely made up alternate history) - Johny Smith
Shrine of Bab/Bahai - Johny Smith
Shrine of Johny/Zurvanism/Adhar Ghushnap - Johny Smith
Kuh-e Khwajeh/Mazdaism - Johny Smith
St. Mark's Coptic Cathedral in Aswan, Egypt - Johny Smith
All Saints' Church in Wittenburg - Johny Smith
St. Gregory Church in Armenia - Johny Smith
The Great Mosque of Samarra - Johny Smith
The Great Mosque of Kairouan - Johny Smith
Masjid al-Haram - Johny Smith
Qumran Temple - Johny Smith
Herod's Temple - Johny Smith
Solomon's Temple - Johny Smith
Magna Carta - Ripple01
Kong Miao - Johny Smith
Dai Miao - Johny Smith
Fa Jia Miao (made up alternative history) - Johny Smith
Mo Jia Miao (made up alternative history) - Johny Smith
Church of the Nativity - Johny Smith and Wolfshanze
Hagia Sophia - Johny Smith
St. Peter's Basilica - Johny Smith
Itsukushima Shrine - Asioasioasio
League of Nations - Asioasioasio
Bletchley Park - Asioasioasio
Tankograd - Asioasioasio
Autobahn - Asioasioasio
Pha That Luang - Walter Hawkwood
Cheomseongdae - Walter Hawkwood
Meteora -Walter Hawkwood
Mount Athos - Walter Hawkwood
Porcelain Tower - Walter Hawkwood
Great Zimbabwe - Cyberkhan
Nalanda University - Cyberkhan
Bamyan Buddha Statues - Cyberkhan
Venetian Arsenal - Walter Hawkwood
Palace of Knossos - Cyberkhan
Religious Victory Movie - OrionVeteran, others
National Shield
Orbital Hotel
National Shield (CtP2 version)
Nanite Defuser (CtP2 version)
Ascension Gate (CtP2 version)
Diplomatic Victory Movie (CtP2 version)
Nazca Lines - Ripple01
Time/Score Victory Movie (CtP2 version)
Shia Faith - Linkman
Orthodox Faith - Linkman
Slave Auction
Human Clone Project
Atenism - Walter Hawkwood
Sol Invictus - Walter Hawkwood
FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) - OrionVeteran
Pantheon in Rome - Walter Hawkwood
Devil's Table - Natural Wonders Team
Uluru - Natural Wonders Team
Sugarloaf Mountain - Natural Wonders Team
Temple of Heaven - Hian the Frog
Lollywood - dacubz
Victoria Falls - Natural Wonders Team
Willis Tower - dacubz

Here's a small tutorial how to add movies to a mod:
Spoiler :
1. Put the movies in your mod-folder assets\art\wonders\movies
2. Edit CIV4ArtDefines_Movie.xml (in xml\art) and add an entry for each movie you want to use like this:

3. Edit CIV4BuildingClassInfos.xml (in xml\buildings) and add an entry for each wonder you want to use like this:
4. Edit CIV4BuildingInfos.xml (in xml\buildings) and add an entry for each wonder you want to use. Point the movietag to the movie like this:
5. Add text tags in some text-xml ie. Civ4GameText.xml (in xml\text) like this:
	<English>. .. .. .. .. .The Westerkerk ("western church") is a Protestant church in Amsterdam, built in 1620-1631 after a design by Hendrick de Keyser. The church is right next to Amsterdam's Jordaan district, at the bank of the Prinsengracht canal.
The spire is the highest church tower in Amsterdam, at 85 meters (279 feet). The crown topping the spire is the Imperial Crown of Austria of Maximilian I. The church bells were made by the brothers Hemony.
Rembrandt van Rijn was buried in the Westerkerk on October 8, 1669. The exact location of the grave is unknown, but presumed to be somewhere along the northern wall. Rembrandt's lover Hendrickje Stoffels is also buried here, and his son Titus van Rijn may also be. Other painters buried in the Westerkerk are Nicolaes Berchem, Gillis d'Hondecoeter, Melchior d'Hondecoeter and Govert Flinck. The church organ is decorated with doors painted by Gerard de Lairesse.
The Westerkerk is located close to the Achterhuis (now Anne Frank House) where diarist Anne Frank, her family and others hid from Nazi persecution for two years during World War II. The Westerkerk is mentioned frequently in her diary - its clock tower could be seen from the attic of the Achterhuis and Anne Frank described the chiming of the clock as a source of comfort. A memorial statue of Frank is located outside the church. - WIKI</English>
	<English>The [COLOR_BUILDING_TEXT]Westerkerk[COLOR_REVERT] provides [COLOR_HIGHLIGHT_TEXT]happiniess[COLOR_REVERT] and increases [COLOR_HIGHLIGHT_TEXT]culture[COLOR_REVERT] in its city.</English>
6.To display national wondermovies I suggest reading the thread. It's explained there. Python is involved there.

That's it. Good luck and enjoy the movies.
Here are the wondermovie packs I made:



Pack 1 contains these movies:

Bourla Theatre, Bolshoi Drama Theatre, Semperoper Theatre, Old Opera
Alamo, Brandenburg, Burj Al-Arab, CN Tower, Golgotha, Grijalva
Kharbas, Machu Picchu, Oktoberfest, Palacio Da Pena,
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Trafalgar Square, Wembley Stadium


This pack contains all vanilla BTS national wondermovies:

Academy, Military Academy, Moai Statues, Globe Theatre, Oxford University
Westpoint, Ironworks, Heroic Epic, National Epic, National Park
Red Cross, Scotland Yard, Hermitage, Mount Rushmore, Wallstreet


This pack contains wondermovies for:

International Space Station, Mission to Mars, Forbidden Palace
Zvarnots Cathedral, Abu Simbel, Arc de Triomphe
Area 51, Inca Temple, Inca Monastery
Toltec Pyramid, Sacrificial Pyramid, Piazzo San Marco


This pack contains wondermovies for:

Air Defense Network, Blue Mosque, Crusade, Bush Crusade
Crystal Palace, KGB, Naval Academy
SDI, Trading Company, White House


This pack contains wondermovies for:

Big Ben, Canada Oil Sands, Empire State Building
Theory of Evolution, FaMenSi Temple, Globen Arena, Hockey Night
Inuksuk, Petra, Sydney Opera House


This pack contains wondermovies for:

Shahnameh, Tsukiji Fish Market, Das Kapital, Ishtar Gate
Golden Gate Bridge, Jokhang, Golden Buddha
Labyrinth of Knossos, Hermes Tower, Pont du Gard


This pack contains wondermovies for:

High Walls, Reichstag, Supreme Court, Gondishapur
Mont Saint-Michel, St. Vitus, Secret Army Base
National Airbase, Shaolin Monastery, Theatre of Dionysus


This pack contains wondermovies for:

Akshardham, Basilica Pontmain, Centers for Disease Control
Central Bank, Central Station, Quantum Theory, School of Confucius
The Senate, Silk Road, Treasury


This pack contains wondermovies for:

Royal Albert Hall, Statue of Anubis, Bampton Church, Ezekiel Kifl
Shrine of Imam Reza, Kamakhya Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple
Meenakshi Temple, Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, Sringeri Temple

MOVIEPACK 1 by Johny Smith

This pack contains:

Alhambra, Arc De Triomphe, Leonardo's Workshop, Bach Cathedral
The Blue Mosque, Cure for Cancer, Copernicus Observatory
Crusades, Theory of Evolution, Flavian Amphitheater

MOVIEPACK 2 by Johny Smith

This pack contains:

The Gateway Arch, Hungarian Parliament, Art of War, Longevity
Magellan's Voyage, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Plato's Academy
SETI, Terra Cotta Army, Woman's Universal Suffrage, World Trade Center

MOVIEPACK 3 by Johny Smith (it's a link to a folder actually)

This pack contains:

Adam Smith Trading Company, Apollo Program, Bach's Cathedral
Copernicus' Observatory, Cure for Cancer, Crusades, Darwin's Voyage
Hoover Dam, Leonardo's Workshop, Magellan's Journey,
Marco Polo's Embassy, Newton's University, SETI, Women's Suffrage
Alhambra, Plato's Academy, Terracotta Army, Art of War
Flavian Amphitheatre, Longevity, World Trade Center

Enjoy :)
Alphabetical List

Abu Simbel
Air Defense Network
* Alamo
* Alamut Fortress
Amusement Park
Apollo Project by JustATourist
Arc de Triomphe
Area 51
* Arg-e Bam
Ascension Gate/Field Dynamics Lab (CTP2 version)
* Azadi Tower
Bampton Church
Bamyan Buddha Statues
Basilica Pontmain
Beijing Olympic Stadium
Beit HaMikdash
* Bell Rock Lighthouse
Big Ben
Bio Tech Lab
Bletchley Park
Blue Mosque
Brandenburg Gate
* Buckingham Palace
* Buddhas of Bamiyan
Burj al Arab
* Cairo Citadel
Canada Oil Sands
Centers for Disease Control
Central Bank
Central Station
* Chauburji
Church of the Nativity
CN Tower
Coptic Cathedral in Aswan
Crystal Palace
Dai Miao
Das Kapital
* Devil's Table (natural wonder)
Diplomatic Victory (CTP2 version)
Domination Victory made by JustATourist
Eden Project
* El Castillo
Empire State Building
* Etemenanki
Ezekiel Kifl
FAA (Federal Aviation Agency)
FaMenSi Temple
Fa Jia Miao (made up alternative history)
* Federal Reserve
* Ferrari World
Firaxis Games (new version)
Firaxis made by ??
Flavian Amphitheatre made by Johny Smith
Forbidden Palace made by ??
Gasplant made by ??
* Gate of the Sun
Globe Theatre
Globen Arena
Golden Buddha
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku-ji)
Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro
Great Mosque of Djenne
Great Mosque of Kairouan
Great Mosque of Samarra
Great Zimbabwe
Hagia Sophia
Hanseatic League made by JustATourist
Helsinki Cathedral
Hermes Tower
Herod's Temple
Heroic Epic
Heroic Epic (alt) made by JustATourist
High Walls
Himeji Castle
Hockey Night
Hubble Space Telescope
Human Clone Project
Ice Hotel
Imam Reza Shrine
* Imperial Academy
Inca Monastery
Inca Temple
International Space Station
Ishtar Gate
Itsukushima Shrine (Torii)
Jested Tower
Kashi Vishnawath
Kharbas Caves
King Richard's Crusade
King Richard's Crusade ft. Bush
Kong Miao
Kuh-e Khwajeh/Mazdaism
Labor Union
Labyrinth of Knossos
Lascaux Cave Painings
League of Nations
Leaning Tower of Pisa
* Leshan Giant Buddha
* Library of Ashurbanipal
* Lollywood
* Lotus Temple
* Louvre
Machu Picchu
Magellan's Voyage made by C.Roland
Magna Carta
Masjid al-Haram
* Matsumoto Castle
* Mesa Verde
Military Academy
Mission to Mars
Moai Statues
* Momine Khatun Mausoleum
Mont Saint-Michel
* Motherland Calls
Mount Athos
Mount Rushmore
Mo Jia Miao (made up alternative history)
Nalanda University
Nanite Defuser (CTP2 version)
NASA made by JustATourist
National Airbase
National Broadcasting Company
National Epic
National Park
National Shield
National Shield (CtP2 version)
Naval Academy
* Nazca Lines
Neuschwanstein Castle
* New York Public Library
Orbital Hotel
* Oriental Crown/China Pavilion
Orthodox Faith
Oxford University
Oxford University, music changed by Wolfshanze
* Palace of Darius
Palace of Knossos
* Palacio Da Pena
Pantheon in Rome
Particle Accelerator
* Pergamon Altar
Petra Monastery
Pha That Luang
Piazzo San Marco
Pont du Gard
Porcelain Tower
Public Works
* Pyramid of the Magician
* Pyramid of the Niches
Quantum Theory
Qumran Temple
Red Cross
Religious Victory Movie
Rock Hewn Church (Bet Giyorgis)
Royal Albert Hall
Sacrificial Pyramid
* Sagres Compass Rose
* Samarkand Observatory
* Sarcophagos de Karajia
School of Confucius
Scotland Yard
Secret Weapon Development
Secret Army Base
* Serpent Mound
Shaolin Monastery
Shia Faith
* Shimabara Castle
Shrine of Bab/Bahai
Shrine of Mani/Manachaeism
Shrine of Johny/Zurvanism/Adhar Ghushnap
Silk Road
Slave Auction
Sol Invictus
Solomon's Temple
Springfield Armory
St. Gregory Church
St. Peter Basilica
St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague Castle)
Strip in Las Vegas
* Sugarloaf Mountain (natural wonder)
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Supreme Court
* Sutro Tower
* Swords of Qadisiyah
* Sydney Opera House
* Temple at Uppsala
* Temple of Heaven
Tesla Tower
Theatre of Dionysus
Theatres: Bourla, Bolshoi, Old Opera, Semperoper
Theory of Evolution
Time/Score Victory Movie (CtP2 version)
* Tlaloc Shrine
Toltec Pyramid
* Tomb of Darius
* Tomb of Ferdowsi
* Tomb of the Unknowns
Tomb of Zoroaster
Tower of Babel
Trade Fair of Troyes
Trading Company
* Transamerica Pyramid
Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji Fish Market from ViSA mod
* Uluru (natural wonder)
Venetian Arsenal
Veterans Stadium
* Victoria Falls (natural wonder)
* Vijay Stambha
Washington Monument
Wembley Stadium
White House
* Willis Tower
Wittenberg Church
Zizkov TV Tower
Zvarnots Cathedral

Alternative soundtracks for Brandenburg Gate and Herioc Epic made by Wolfshanze
Alternative movie and soundtrack for Brandenburg Gate made by Xenomorph

* movie in CFC DL DB

Intromovie for Wolfshanze Mod on YouTube
Brandenburg Gate and Trafalgar Square?!?!?
Okay... what did I do wrong? I've got the building info pointing to the right movie tag-line (I know, because I can successfully get a static DDS file to show a picture), then I use the following code for Arian's movie files:


So, I think I have my code right, but in-game, when you construct the wonder, all I get is a blank blue screen where the picture/movie should be (with an okay button). The game is stable and all, it's just a blank screen like there is no movie or picture. Am I using the BIK file correctly or not? Is there something wrong with the BIK file or my XML code? What do I need to do?

I can easily get a static DDS picture to show-up in game if I replace the path with the DDS path, but I can't get the movie to play when I point the path to the BIK file (and yes, the path is right... the files are all in the same folder).

The movies work fine for me. I use Graves History in the Making mod and no problem. Also no problem with low quality graphics setting. I assume you can play and see the movies.

This might be a silly question cause I'm sure you're a good modder but did you point to the movie-file in the buildinginfo-xml??

My code in CIV4ArtDefines_Movie.xml:


This is the code in CIV4BuildingInfos.xml:


I'll try your mod to see what happens...

Anybody else got this problem??
I only have the Semperoper in the game so far, but it works for me without trouble.
Thanks for checking Refar.


I checked with your mod and no problems.

This might sound silly but I have an actual screenshot of Brandenburg but don't know to display it in this post ??? :confused:

Here's the dl:


  • Civ4ScreenShot0000 - Wolfshanze.rar
    71.1 KB · Views: 300
please put your files on a different file host than megaupload. geeeez that has got to be the worst file host I've ever encountered. Try mediafire.com, its literally 10x better.
please put your files on a different file host than megaupload. geeeez that has got to be the worst file host I've ever encountered. Try mediafire.com, its literally 10x better.

I've never had any problems with MegaUpload so I intend to stick with them. It took me quite some to upload the files and I'm not gonna do it all over again on another host. Sorry...
No dice... the XML is up-tight, I'm sure... Both in BuildingInfos.xml and in Defines_Movie.xml... yet, this is all I get:

A blank screen... if I change the path back to one of the DDS files in the same directory, I get the right screen, but the BIK files just don't work. At least not for me... this sucks.
Okay... nevermind... I solved the problem, but it was weird...

They didn't like being FPK'd in with the rest of the art... they worked fine if they were in a seperate folder, but if I FPK'd them, they didn't work.

I have them working fine now though, so thanks!
Okay... nevermind... I solved the problem, but it was weird...

They didn't like being FPK'd in with the rest of the art... they worked fine if they were in a seperate folder, but if I FPK'd them, they didn't work.

I have them working fine now though, so thanks!

Glad to hear that you solved the issue! :goodjob:

I hope to post some more movies today...
Any requests?
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