Won't start at all...


Dec 6, 2001
Whenever I go to run Civ 3 the splash screen pops up and then, as soon as the CD kicks in, closes and leaves me on my desktop with no error message.

I'm running on Win 98, PIII 700 w/512 mb RAM.
I have the same probleme so if somebody can help us it would be really usefull

Tank you
It's a copy protection issue. I have the same problem. Max Payne had the same issues as well. DII had them also, but it only appeared as a slow startup. They all have safedisk in common. The fix, until Infogames does it properly, is to get the nocd binary off of gamecopy.com, the 1.07 version works for me, the 1.16 didn't.

Jason Pollock
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