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Dec 17, 2004
Anyone noticed that occasionally work boats are made without being queued?

It seems to happen in the industrial age especially, and repeatedly.
Could be because of Production Automation
Anyone noticed that occasionally work boats are made without being queued?

It seems to happen in the industrial age especially, and repeatedly.

That would be a very weird and serious bug and I would be very surprised if it really existed. Many people would have already complained about it if it existed. I suspect that you accidentally left some workboats in the queue and never deleted them. If you have already invested some hammers in an item and then click another item to be build, then the game assumes that you're still willing to finish the older item and it will just be pushed back in the building queue and construction on this older item will resume once the newer item has been finished.

If you really think that you have encountered a bug, then please upload a save game of the turn before the bug occurs and also mention the city where the workboat is being constructed without being added to the building queue. It would be a quite serious bug if it works the way you describe it.

Or even if you aren't sure if it is a bug and just seek an explanation of this weird occurrence, then a save game would be the way to get such an explanation.
The nature of the bug is that they're being made with no need at all....I don't have free fish resources in my territory! They weren't in the queue, and were popping up after the queue had run its course. But I'll check again to be sure it was some kind of govenor automation accident.
Were you trying to set up a build que for a bunch of other units? I have noticed that if I have my mouse pointer over a unit in the city screen then use the middle mouse wheel to scroll down to another unit etc... and then I click on the unit I want to build the first unit that I had the mouse over is the one actually getting clicked, not the one I want to build.

Example: I want to build a bunch of missionaries of religion X. They just happen to be the second unit from the left on te second row of units in the city screen. If I have my mouse over the 2nd unit form the left on the first row (usually because I just qued up a missionary in this example, and when you click on it ot que it up, it automatically jumps back up to the first row), and then use the scroll wheel to move down a row (thus never moving the mouse) the game thinks I am still on the unit in the 1st row, while I think that I am on the missionary.

The only way to prevent this is to actually move the mouse pointer either off the units completely, or to move it over another unit, and then back to the unit I want to que up.
when you automate workboat and have no more sea resources they just stack in town. but they sometimes change of town (for instance if you conquer a new sea resource, several will try to reach it, and since only 1 can get it the others will go into a new city) so you may believe they were built there whereas they just came here.
Nope, I've never had anything built that I didn't select myself.
Well, in my last game some of my cities (maybe the capital only) started to build archers/defenders.
This happened because barbarians razed one of my cities and I got a handful of axemen in return.
Another queue manipulation is with [alt]

[shift lclick] to place next in queue
[ctrl lclick] to head queue
[alt lclick] for repeat production (shows asterisk at selection)

I've mistaken [alt] for [ctrl] in the past, esp in intensive games.

Any chance this is happening here?

I've not experienced the OP's symptom....
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