worker and 'lost' technology questions


Feb 18, 2002
I had no problems at all building railroads between my cities until after I started attacking enemy cities and capturing their workers. Now neither my workers or captured workers will build any railroads at all. What do I do?

Also, while attacking an enemy I discovered 'Space Flight' and 'Stealth' and wanted to start work on the 'Apollo' wonder and 'Stealth Fighter' but neither show up as options to build in any of my cities. Do I need special resources in order to build 'Apollo' or 'Stealth Fighter', or is it a 'bug' in the game? It seemed like all of my build options were listed until after I started attacking other Civs.

Got coal? :scan:

You need coal to build RR. Perhaps the AI signed a trade embargo against you? Perhaps the AI bombarded the tile where you had coal and destroyed your road to it?

Railroads need iron and coal, the Apollo program needs aluminium and stealth fighters need oil and aluminium. It sounds as though these resources are not in the cities where you want to build. If this is happening as soon as war starts, is it possible that you were previously obtaining them from your enemy, or that they were reaching you through a trade route that goes through the territory of your new enemy?
I just played a game there and in it I had aluminium and uranium and the apollo wonder and it wouldnt let me build the shuttle?

It also wouldnt let me build the UN after getting the tech to do it?

And when the Great Lighthouse became obsolete, all ships movement was reduced again?:confused:
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