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Sep 3, 2007
Hi all

A couple of weeks ago i stumbeld into FfH and got hooked, not haveing played Civ since III, thanks to the team for putting together such a great mod.

So heres a shot of some concepts im working on.

which is to change the graphics to a ME theme where possible, and create a fuller scn of ME for FfH, i had intended just to use others work, but got exited/creative instead!, i already did a map to help me learn the game mechanics, instead of setteling, all of ME is already populated, with wide regions unpopulated to generate barbs of course and settlers locked out and not creatable, to expand takes a war with someone. Probably not everyones idea of a fun game, but it is mine.

Now if anyone wants access to a ton of bits and bobs just let me know.
Notfinished of course, ( only picked up 3ds a few days ago) tree needs to be orienated better for instance on number 3, and armour palced over the torso, playing around with plate and chain combinations atm, thinking that Gondor would start with mail and improve to plate over time. Just unsure of how much detail to put in, better to much than not enough!!.

On a related note, Civ gives better units as you go, but why not allow the same units at half (or whatever cost reduction) as well/instead, for instance Mordoer a civ based on quantity not quality, produces a basic range of units that level out at Uruks, but instead just punps them out quicker, Gondor oth, starts with Dunedain and they take forever to build, but aquires low middle men units in itys progresion, so its qualitive units never get reduced in production time like the Orcs do.
That would be a much more realistic way for the normal game to work as well. For example, Longbowmen should be significantly better than crossbowmen an than early gunpowder units, but take much longer to build
I'll go for the few stronger units. more promotions from killing all those little weak ones.
there's a link in my sig for the Arda mod (that's Lotr) forum. did you make those units? they look really good.
You would need to be care full doing the few strong vs. many weak thing is civ IV and especially FFH2. One those big units start getting promotions it would take a million little units to bring them down. Mabey you should have all units be the same but some civs get good promotions (combat one is 20% for Gondor) and some bad ones (combat one is 5% for mordor).

Good luck, I can't wait to play it.
I'll go for the few stronger units. more promotions from killing all those little weak ones.

Yes of course that needs some re jigging, the 40% and 80% combat bounus could move to 20% increments for instance.

Added some more concept art, orcs/uruks and shields blazons, spear head variations, youl need to click on the image to zoom in to see that though.

Nearest to completion, screenshots 9-12, Arnor/Gondor swords/spear/bow, plus faction commander.

White breastplate black tree is Arnor, black breastplate and white tree Gondor.

Ive added them as files for dowload, as they look better on your screen than on filefront, which needs a double click, an another double click to get to max zoom in, or pick view in full screen which works ok, and they have a lot of detail!. Including an idea of the map of Gondor/Arthedain..
Screenies of the ME Map. showing the sparse Elven Ered Luin region, arthedain and surrounding regions, Gondor and surrounding regions, havens of Umbar.

Arthedain regions work very well, barb and Ai factions provide a meaty challenge, Eothed lose Framsburg early on and gain Rohan/Enidaith from free peoples, but generaly go under by turn 100 as free peoples become to strong by that stage and peace had not broken out. Gondor v mordor is a real hoot, let the barbs take N Ithilien from the free people and then take it from them and you change the dircection of Mordors attacks on Gondor and can create very intresting combats, if you dont or Mordore takes it early, you can can get pinned into a attritional slog to defend osgiliath, either way lots of 2 or 3 strength mordor stacks will throw themselves at you providing you with plenty of exp, when led by a nazgul (vampire lord class, ie 9 strength, summons orcs and wraiths) can be a bit of a problem, luckily most of them are of converting Harad and the East to Saurons control.
Added full map screens shots, Gondor nearly finished cav along with mounted Isildur, and Rohan mounted just starting out.
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