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World Builder: Whole map instantly revealed in custom scenario, why?


Sep 4, 2021

Today I made a custom map in World Builder, which I've done a few times in the past. This time however, instead of just making a map, I also created a custom scenario in the "Scenario Editor" so that I could choose my starting location and that of the other civs in the game. However, for some reason when I begin the scenario, the entire map is revealed and I instantly discover all other civs, city states, natural wonders etc. can anyone work out why this might be? If I simply use the map and don't play the scenario, the fog is there as it should be and I can only see my capital, but then the starting location of all other civs is random. Not what I want!

I've been unable to find a setting in the World Builder that has anything to do with the shroud/fog of war (not sure exactly what you'd call it), except for the "Revealed" option in the "Paint" tab, where it appears that you can paint parts of the map that you want to be revealed for a specific civ i.e. Team 1, 2, 3 etc. This doesn't work however. I am assuming the player is Team 1, right?

I thought it may have something to do with placing cities in the map, or creating culture borders for civs, but removing these things does nothing.

Is there some sort of setting or game rule that I've unknowingly enabled that reveals the whole map from the start or something?

Any help is much appreciated!

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