World of Kara - Scenario


Jan 27, 2004
Shanghai, the Middle Kingdom
What I did was to take the TETurkhan scenarios and change a few things around. I renamed some civs, and renamed a few other things in order to fit the concept of my storyline.

Kara is loosely based on a Fantasy world. Right now, it's at the ver 0.1 stage, but I just wanted to get it out there for now. The only changes, civilopedia-wise are some of the civs (Reynor and Dainor). I'll add the rest when i have time, and put that on the site as well.

Eventually, I hope to have a completely separate folder without using TETurkhan's materials, but TET has a hell of a good scenario.

:viking: E.D. Jones
see Sig file for download.
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