Worldbuilding the NES 2a, The Outlands


Sep 25, 2005
Tucson AZ USA
. Welcome to Worldbuilding the Que... err, I mean NES 2a-The Outlands. A simple project derived from another game I am currently running.

. Well, somewhat running.

. A game of building a world and the life that inhabits it, then progressing into the creation of a civilization within it. Currently, it is still ongoing, but has effectively lost power and is now slowly cruising to a stop. One more update in the development of life within it, then creation of a sentient species,. Then it will be swapped over to a new game overseeing the rise of that civilization.

. This game takes place on the same world.. albeit in different place with terrestrial life. The Outer-lands are separated from the Inner-lands, where the first game is still ongoing, by a temporal field of suspended time. But that’s not all, for the inner lands are also encased by a bubble of accelerated time, allowing the process of evolution and development to continue.

. The over all goal of these quest is literally in the title of the game. To build the world. To write its history, critical events, and culture of its people.

. This was heavily inspired by my NESing days over here on civ fanatics, hence, my shifting it over here for nostalgia sake after I remembered this place. It's pretty much a NES, but with some quest trappings. It's only on the scale of a single city, with players representing families within it. But If it ever manages to get past the stone age, I plan to expand it to competing city states in the old classic fresh start NES style.

. The more specific goal of this game is to establishment the first settlements upon this world, in the Outer-lands. To oversee their development and growth, ether to see them rise into nation or to fall into ruin and obscurity.

. To start with, you two choices have to be make. The first one, is where in the world you want to start your settlement at. The Inner-lands and their buffer zone have had their area blacked out, but everywhere else is fair game; simply place a dark green spot on the site picked and post the map, or vote for an already posted spot.
Spoiler Known world, Outer-lands 10okm pixel scale :

[] Location of the settlement

. The second is what Race this first settlement will predominantly be. Any sentient species that comes from an Earth-like environment can be picked. Humans are the most neutral of choices, but you could pick a fantasy based race like Elves, Dwarves, or Orcs. Or one from a Sci-Fi series like Vulcans, Andorrans, Salarians or Wookies. As long as there is some material I can look up to base it's pros and cons on, and it originates from an earth like world (oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, earth like gravity, lives on land ect..), it's a valid pick.

[] Primary species

Brief history of the world, from before the game starts.

. An unknown entity, likely a lesser god, steals a Divine Tool and uses it to create this world/realm, along with sealing it away from all other Divine beings. Why it did this unknown.

. After a undefined amount of time, likely in range of billions of years, five other Divine Beings manage to project their souls past the defenses the unknown entity set up and invade the world. They quickly spread terrestrial life to it and attempted to reclaim the Divine tool.

. After a few millions of years of conflict, both sided exhaust their limited resources and a truce is established-- with intent to restart the war once they recover enough to do so. The Inner-lands with the original life has been sealed off from the Outer-lands, which is contaminated by terrestrial life, as part of this truce.

. Mortals start appearing some time after, leading to the start of this game.

Crystal Reefs:
. The only form of native life not pushed out by terrestrial life; they are large masses of crystal-like plants that seem to grow in straight lines in the shallow oceans surrounding various landmasses. Where and when these strange reefs appear seem to be completely random. In areas of warmer waters, these strange lifeforms are often overgrown with more conventional coral reefs, which do not seem to interfere with their ability to survive.
Planet details:
  • 19,700 Km radius, slightly less average density than earth, gravity is approximately 905 of earths gravity.
  • 80/80 magic/anti-magic saturation: Magic exist , but has a very hard time being projected any real distance or causing permanent changes directly. Being able to create a small shower of sparks to start a fire, or a simple divining of the nearest source of water are the most advanced forms of magic currently.
Spoiler world map :

The heavens and the Moons of the world:
  • The Void Moon: Luna sized moon with a barren, with light green surface that seems smooth to the naked eye. Magic is much harder to use when it is in the sky; Orbits at 100,000 Km
  • Life-bearing Moon "Cornucopia": Roughly half the size of earth, but unusually dense. It has visible signs of supporting terrestrial life even to the naked eye. Orbits at 180,000 km
  • The Crystal moon: Seeming composed completely of semitransparent crystal, this moon that is two thirds the size of Luna refract sunlight extremly well and is quite beautiful to observe. Magic is slightly easier to use when it is in the sky; orbits at 340,000 km
  • The Sun: A small, very compact star less than 1km in diameter. Sustained by magic, it provides the planet with the heat and light in needs to sustain life; Orbits at 400,000 km
  • The crystal sphere: An impenetrable sphere of crystal surrounding the planet and its moons, protecting it from the immaterial void of non-existence. Small imperfection dot the interior of its surface, composed of various materials. it exist 1,000,000 km out from the surface of the planet.
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Sep 25, 2005
Tucson AZ USA
Settlement Name: (name)
Total Population: 0
NPC population/manpower pool: 0/0
NPC families: none currenltly
Settlement Prosperity: N/a
-Known problems: None
List of the Players Families:
Spoiler :

-Player name:
-Family members/manpower: 0/0
-Family prosperity:
--Known Problems:

Stat explanation

Settlement Name:
. The name of the Settlement as decided by the player base as a whole. It can be changed at any time by a majority vote by the active players in the game (with total of active players being the largest number of voting players among the last three updates). Initial name of the settlement will be put to vote in the second turn

Total Population: #
. The total population of the settlement, Its the combining the population of both the players families and the NPC population.

NPC population/manpower pool: #/#
. NPC's are the population of the settlement not under the direct control of the players. New families will have their population and manpower drawn from here first, before considering migration from outside the settlement.
-NPC families:
. The families of players who have not voted in the last three updates and are considered inactive. They will continue to exist here for five more turns, with their population and manpower being temporarily added to the NPC pool during this time. At the end of the five turns they will be disbanded and permanently merged into the NPC population. Should the player return and vote again before the end of the five turns, the relevent NPC family will be moved back to the player pool and relevent timers reset; If they return after, they will have to start from scratch.

Settlement Prosperity: named level
. How well the settlement is doing in general terms.
-known problems:
. Any known problems that need to be dealt with.

List of the Players Families:
. A list of all active player controlled players.
-Family name:
. The name of the Family, as determined by the player controlling it.
-Player name
. The name of the Player controlling this family
-Family members/manpower: #/#
. How many members that belong to this particular family, along with how much manpower the family has at its disposal.
-Family prosperity
. How well the individual family is doing.
--Known Problems
. Any problems the individual family is encountering.
. How much favor the family has accrued with various divine beings.

Game mechanics
Manpower and voting:
. In this game, you are not actually voting for various options, you allocate your manpower to them. Thus, your number of votes you have at your disposal is equal to the manpower your family has.
There are two types of votes, each with their own rules.

-Social votes:
. These votes are independent of each other, and you have your full Manpower available to devote to each of these votes; If you have X manpower, you have X number of votes for each social vote. These are primarily policy making decisions and don't involve physical work for the most part.

. Social votes develop due to consequences of events and projects that occurs through the game, but they can also be called by the players themselves to change things about the settlement or -in some cases- the rules of the game. In the latter case at least 1/5th of the active players must be supporting the player called social vote, at which point it goes on the card of votes to take place during the next turn.

. Chieftainship vote is a special type of social vote that can be called at any time by the Settlement by 1/3rd of the active player base stating that they wish for such a vote to take place. Once it is called, various candidates are put forth for the position of being the settlements Chief, then a vote is held to select from among them. If one candidate gains 60% of the votes, they gain the title of Chieftain. If a chieftain already exists, and 60% of the votes are for no chief, the position of chieftain is dissolved until another vote is called.

. Chieftain is a very powerful position, with a lot more power than any other player.

. The NPC population will vote as the Chieftain votes during social votes, barring outside influence or low prosperity.

. Chieftain are responsible for assigning punishment to Families who do not contribute to community projects; unless limited by other social votes, there is no limits to what these punishment can be.

. Chieftain are also responsible to organizing the communal projects, deciding which suggested communal projects go up for vote, and allocating the NPC manpower among the various communal projects. They must do so each turn, and failure to do so without notice will result in them being removed from the position, as will doing so twice in a row even with notice.

. Chieftain also have the ability to make snap decisions for the settlements during emergencies, such as natural disasters or battles.

. Chieftain can not be elected to the position against their will, and can step down from the position at any time.

. Chieftain have an additional .1 manpower for social votes; this is purely to prevent tie. If there is no Chieftain, the first vote cast for a particular social vote will have the .1 manpower instead.

-Project votes:
. Project votes are physical efforts to effect the settlement and the world around it. A Family's manpower/vote is split among all projects and at least one Manpower must be directed toward a community project each turn by each family. Failure to do so risks punishment ether in the form of social backlash from the rest of the settlement or as direct punishment from a Chieftain.

--Communal Projects:
. Communal projects are collective efforts by the entire settlement to Improve the settlement. This can range from building a structure, developing a new technology, scouting the land around the settlement, or other similar large-scale projects. While some projects will come up as reactions to events in the game, I hope/expect the majority to be created and brought up by the players; Unless it is something completely game breaking, I will approve it.

. If there is no Chieftain, all projects suggested will be up to vote. If a project fails to gain any votes at all for 5 turns, it will removed from the potential list.

. If there is a Chieftain, only the projects the Chieftain suggests will be up for vote. Projects stay on the list indefinitely while there is a Chieftain.

. NPC manpower will go where directed by a Chieftain. If there is no Chieftain, they will be distributed at GM's discretion among multiple projects., With those projects that have received at least one Manpower from a player being more likely than a project that has none.

--Personal Projects
. Projects undertaken by a single Family, or a small coalition of Families, to improve their situation or carry out other goals. This is the main means for families to advance and increase their own prosperity within the settlement. Such projects do not need to be detailed in the thread, but the declaration to allocate manpower to such project dose need to be. As with community projects, as long as it is not game breaking, I will approve it.

-Increasing your families Manpower
. All Families start with one Manpower, and can vote with that the turn they join player base. The turn after they first vote, the gain another one manpower. These two manpower can only be reduced through conflict, and only after all other manpower has been removed. If reduced to zero, the family has been destroyed and the player will have to start over; If reduced to one, it will return to two after one turn.

. There is a chance for a family to randomly gain or lose a manpower. This is based on a combination of how prosperous the village and the particular family are, and how much manpower they currently have.

. Personal projects can be used to generate chances to gain manpower.

. Events, community projects, and social votes might also have a small chance to improve Manpower for a Family, though they are much more likely to improve the NPC manpower pool.

Divine Favor (DF):
. Divine Favor is pretty much what it sounds like. How much the spirits/ancestors/gods like a particular family.

. At the start of the game, there is no actual means for a player to spend DF directly, and it will mainly improve your odds that a beneficial event will happen to your family (DFx10-10=% chance of event, if event happens, DF reduced by 1). Once certain social/technological triggers are cleared, options to actively spend DF will appear.

. Having a DF value over 5 offers a small chance of ???

. Any player who votes in a given turn gains 0.1DF

. Writing stories, assisting the GM, or other such activities that contribute beneficially to the thread will gain players additional DF. Stories are especially good at generating DF, given the whole point of the quest is world building.

Personal Projects can also generate DF.

. Performing exceptional actions inside the game also generates DF for the relevant actors.

. NPC's gaining DF will result in a direct boost to their manpower pool.[/spoiler]
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Sep 25, 2005
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Local area elevation, local area environment, and settlement map
Spoiler :
None yet

Potential Community projects:
Spoiler :
None currently

Potential projects for the settlement to undertake.

Significant projects:
Spoiler :
None currently

. Any significant projects that are currently being done or have ongoing effect on the settlement.

Important Buildings:
Spoiler :
None currently

. Any unique or important building that is being built, or has been built in the settlement. along with its effects on the settlement.

Discovered technology:
Spoiler :
Currently it is at roughly stone age level.
Weapons are primarily wooden throwing spears, slings, and stone tipped spears. All inhabitants serve in times of conflict, and are not well-trained.

. Any technology developed by the settlement, and a brief explanation about what that means for the settlement.
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Sep 25, 2005
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No votes. Default protocol activation.
three pre-selected location put up to vote. should no vote take place, first will be defaulted to.

[]Map 1

[]Map 2

[]Map 3
As no species has been picked, species will default to "Human" should voting period end without any votes
[] Human
[] Any other species (players choice)


Aug 22, 2017
Hello there TerrisH. Checked out the site and saw the inactivity so decide to join in.

[X] Map 2
[X] Naga

SB has the terrestrial Kitsune, SV the flying Fairy so let go with the one closer with the sea, the Naga.
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