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Sep 6, 2007
the human player should have the option to pick someone to be their worst enemy and get notified when someone is trading with them. how is it that the AI always knows when i trade with their worst enemy and i have no way of finding out if they do!
also when the AI brings a war ally against me, i should be notified of that as well instead of not being sure if they were asked to go to war or not.
I do agree that this aspect of diplo is somewhat shady - especially AIs that don't know you knowing that you traded with their worst enemies.
It would only be fair then I could warn them to stop trading with my worst enemy or I'll...well, I probably wouldn't do anything but that's not the point....;)
Yeah – you should be able to see all resource trades and make better offers based on the information that the AI would consider.

And the AI, if I’m not mistaken, gets just as upset at you if you let another AI through your lands to attack them than if you sell them bannanas. If you were selling the AI Iron, Horses, Oil or other stratagic resources then I would understand why they would be so mad. But selling purely luxury or health items – relax.

Diplomacy could use a lot of improvements.
You know the one improvement I want to see in diplomacy (at risk of going OT a bit here) is the option that says 'CALL OFF YOUR SPIES OR I'LL CRUSH YOU!" I can remember one game in particular where I was being ravaged by enemy spies, but wasn't at war with anyone. I was pretty sure I knew who it was, and had overwhelming military might over the offender, but really ddin't want a war (and, for the life of me, I don't remember why now... oh, well...)

Would be nice to have a diplomatic option that related to espionage - similar to a peace/ceasefire, where if they agree to your demand to stop sending spies they can't send any into your territory for a set period of time.

Sorry - rant over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread... :)
I wonder how this sort of thing could work mechanics-wise.

In the case of "or I'll crush you," it could be a choice for the other civ between following your wishes or an automatic DOW by you on them (diplo penalties and all), I suppose.

In the case of "please," though... the human doesn't exactly have an attitude rating...
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