Worst of the Worst -- The Axis of Evil

Which is the Worst of the Worst in the Axis of Evil?

  • Islamic Republic of Iran

    Votes: 8 17.8%
  • Republic of Iraq

    Votes: 27 60.0%
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

    Votes: 10 22.2%

  • Total voters
You didn't mention Syria. (Of course Dubya didn't either... that I recall anyway... hmmm....)

I think Iraq should be our next main target, if you ask me. Their intelligence services seemed to be involved in Sept. 11....

Iran, from what I understand, is trying hard to moderate itself. It wants to become more democratic while keeping to Islamic rule--this could be a delicate and difficult balancing act, but I think we have far less to fear from them than we do from Saddam's regime.

North Korea? I'm surprised they haven't fallen already. People are EATING people (well, according to some journalist who went in there awhile ago) to survive in some areas of that country, while any money that country still produces goes to military and sophisticated weaponry. Hopefully the people there will one day stand up for themselves--maybe with the South's help....
Relations with NK have been thawing for some time, but make no mistake-

They are very dangerous.

Iraq is led by a buffoon, with singular control of everything that occurs in his country. We will undoubtedly deal with Saddam once and for all, very soon. The Iraqi government, as it exists now, wont. Bye.

North Korea has a party apparatus, that supports the "Monarchistic" leader, and its goal is unification with the south.

NK is actually much closer to being able to fire a nuclear-tipped missle at someone, like Japan or S. Korea. And with some degree of acuracy. So says our vaunted CIA.

I dont know if they are crazy enough to do it, but I dont want to find out.

I fail to see the logic in what their leader is doing. I think he is insane. His people are suffering in a biblical way, and yet he does nothing but spend on more war material. Like Iraq, but to greater extent. And result.

They should string him up. I hope they do. I am not against a little "government-toppling" by our "operatives" either.

Preferably before a nuclear war happens.
I would say Iraq is the worst, though maybe not the #1 threat to us at this time. Notice how quickly Iraq changed its september 11th language after it was revealed Atta met with their intelligence agency.

I would say North Korea is the next big threat, with research on nukes and that crazy leader.

I don't even think Iran knows where it is going at this point, there is a power struggle in that government.
I dont think that Iran should be in the list,
i mean right now.
In argentina we suffered of two terorist attacks against jewish buildings (the embassy and the center of the jewish community in argentina) it is sad that most of the people outside doesnt remember this, 180 people died, and most of the clues suggest that they were performed by iranian terrorists.
But nowadays iran has improved a lot, and although being a "teocracy" it is the muslim country from the middle east were woman lives in the closest state of equality with man.
If i recall correctly the vice-president of iran is a woman and i know that there are more woman in the congress of iran than in the congress of the usa.
I dont support the policy of iran towards israel but you cant deny that they are progressing, they are turning into a moderate muslim state and as long as the moderate president jatami is being supported by woman and young people who want to change for good this will continue.
A good example is what happened with Rushdie, now he can walk safely.

this is an article.

Summary: Except a very few cases the job market is open to the female race. More than 30 percent of the public sector employees are women mostly performing in the medical and educational fields.

Text: Nowadays, men and women can work side by side in almost al fields of business and society. Based on a 1991 census, women represent more than 48 percent of Iran's total population. In a 15 year period between 1976 until 1991 Iran's female population rose from 14 to 27 million. These women have had a tendency to enter the medical and education fields more than other businesses. The number of women teachers has steadily grown since 1976.

In 1976 the percentage of women in the scientific, technical and specialist fields was only 13 percent. The ratio grew to 32.8 percent by 1986 and 39.7 percent by 1991.

In 1991 more than 650,000 women were employed in the services sector.

On the other hand, the level of women's employment in the agricultural, livestock, forestry, and fishing industries has continually decreased during the above mentioned 15 year period from a high of 26.6 percent to just 13 percent. The reason is obviously that not many women are inclined to work in farms and rural areas anymore.

According to available statistics, from a total of 1.97 million people employed in the public sector in 1993, more than 630,000 were composed of women. The largest percentage of government employed women are in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The smallest figure is for the industrial and technical areas such as the Ministries of Energy, Industries and Mines, etc.

18 percent of all university faculty members (5539 from the total of 30262) are women.

Both economic and social necessities have opened many doors to women during the last few years. Moreover, there are no legal hurdles for women in this regards either. Article 28 of the Iranian Constitution clearly states: "Everyone is entitled to choose and select his or her desired employment, as long as it is not against Islamic principles, public interest and does not interfere with the rights of others. The government is duty bound to create jobs for all able bodied individuals equitably and according to the needs of the society."

The only restriction and condition in the labor law, which is indeed in support and favor of women is that hard, laborious and dangerous jobs have been forbidden for women.

Something we shouldnt forget is that muslims are men like you and me, i bet that they would rather watch woman in the streets using short skirts than a shador:groucho: .(you can see the face of the woman with the shador)

I think that the taliban and the al qaeda members are gays, i mean, lots of men fighting for many years AlonE in the deserts...
that sounds gay, that is why they made woman use the burka.
do you mean dangerous for their neighbours, the u.s., their own people or generally?

i don´t find north korea dangerous for anyone else then their own people. sure, they have really mad leaders, but they have said that they want to do "it" their own way, without influence from the outside. i find it very unlikely that they will attack anyone unprovoked. their relation to south korea has also been much friendlier the last years.

in iran there is a struggle between the fundamentalistic and the democratic powers. the fundamentalists has the power now, but it´s relative peaceful there and i think the democrats will win in the long run.

then iraq and saddam. they don´t have the capacity to do anything foolish against anyone right now, but i would like see to saddam taken away from the throne, so iraq gets a chance to rebuild it self, and the turkish bombings of kurds in north iraq stop.
I voted Iraq. Saddam's a nutcase. I read an interesting opinion on why George I didn't take him out....kind of made sense. Anyway, I'm not sure how you do it, but he's one guy you can be sure of reducing terrorism by getting rid of.

I think Iran is an interesting case. I heard a couple nights ago that their's are some of the most pro-American people in the region. I was surprised to hear it...and it is relative to the rest of the region, afterall....still. Is this the case?

I know that there's an ongoing struggle between moderates and conservatives. I'd hate to see us screw that situation up for us. I'm sure we're, uh, supporting ;) the moderates there and should they win out we might have a valuable friend there. We could easily blow it and if the people there aren't already anti-American, well...

NK can barely feed their own people, although we know that's no obstacle to a nutcase....
Originally posted by VoodooAce
I'd hate to see us screw that situation up for us. I'm sure we're, uh, supporting ;) the moderates there and should they win out we might have a valuable friend there. We could easily blow it and if the people there aren't already anti-American, well...

I thought you said id hate to see us screwing up that situation wich would be much more appropiate in my opinion,
The situation in Iran is changing for good in a very natural and civil way, the last thing that would help would be to declare Iran one of the axis of evil and to start military actions against it.
I think that the USA should support the trade with iran and became friendlier with that country, and if Iran starts to be very dependent in its exportations towards the usa, i bet that the usa gobernment would press Iran to change its policy towards israel wich is the big deal.

The policy of Iran toward Israel is historically ironic because persians (iranians) allowed jew to return to Israel from the exile in Babylon, and if the story of Esther in the bible is true, the iranians saved the jewish twice.
But now they are one of the biggest opposers to Israel.
The most dangerous nation in the world is certainly the U.S.
The most dangerous nation in the world is certainly the U.S.

Certainly is, but I'll assume you are being funny and not making a statement.

Of the three? I'll give Iran the edge. Iraq may like to push U.S. buttons, but I'd be surprised if they didn't back down so long as America stands firm. Saddam must recall the relief he felt when Bush Sr. made premature peace. He's dangerous, and maybe I'm underestimating him, but I deem him mostly bluff now.

North Korea isn't going to do anything without Chinese support, IMHO.

That almost leaves Iran by default. However, I know very little about Iran personally.
Originally posted by ApocalypseKurtz
The most dangerous nation in the world is certainly the U.S.

You are absolutely correct. You put yourself in the shoes of an average middle eastern family member, and see how you feel (and I am not 'siding' with them, I'm a full blooded westerner)

But in the poll, I think Iraq is probably the worst...
If you want my subjective opinion, Iran is the worst. Each day they threaten Israel that the moment they get their hands on on a nuclear ballistic missile they bomb tel-aviv with the A-Bomb.

Surely USA is not the most dangerous country in the world, but it could be. It developped the largest ammount of nuclear warheads in the world, in an ammount that is enough to destroy the world about 500 times. They invest 370 billion dollars yearly just on their defence budget, and 220 before their war in afghanistan. when the american public is attacked its lack of general knowledge of politics and the world makes it a warmonger, most of the people supported the attack in afghanistan not because it is against terror or against the taliban, just because 'We should get them back, the *******s!' type of support.
The american democracy is very limited IMO. almost no governmental plurality, only democratic movement and republic movement. and the moment something like communism dares to get close USA suddenly manufactures weapons in an unbelievable rate, and it did use the largest amount of bombs ever used in a war just in vietnam. they killed about 7000 afghan citizens just to 'attempt' to catch bin laden, but they made it look liek they are freeing the afghan people from the evil taliban. like they didnt support bin laden 20 years before this war.

But enough of criticsizing america.... I dont like it, I like USA and I owe it a lot, its still almost pure democracy and comparing it to Iran or Iraq is either funny or sad.
So, I did my part in bashing america for the next few months and now its back to praising it for their support to israel :p
I think that the USA should support the trade with iran and became friendlier with that country, and if Iran starts to be very dependent in its exportations towards the usa, i bet that the usa gobernment would press Iran to change its policy towards israel wich is the big deal.

This is just the kind of thing that pisses off so many people. We wind up being viewed as supporting a bad regime, and then forcing them to dance to our tune. This would be the same claim that OBL would make about Suadi Arabia.

I agree that we don't need to be going to Iran with guns blazing, but if we improve trade relations with a government that isn't popular and then extort them to conform to our policies...well, you know what kind of protest that generates.
You do know, of course, that seeing as Bin Laden is dead, we must keep Saddam Hussein so we can have a recognizable demon figure for the American public :rolleyes:
I still think he's a bigger threat to his own people than to the United States. Starving your own people so you can build palaces?
Originally posted by ApocalypseKurtz
The most dangerous nation in the world is certainly the U.S.

I also agree....but since Bush is unlikely to say the homeland is the next target....I think it's irrelivant. ;)

North Korea has come a long way in missile research.....I think they are the biggest "direct assault" threat. But all in all, I doubt any of these countries are as large of a threat, as the next suprise country will be.
But what do you consider a surprise country to be? Australia under Simon Darkshade? :lol: I'd be surprised!
Seriously though, Afghanistan can't be considered a surprise country because they have never been, nor never will be, a threat to the US. No-one in the world at the moment could threaten the US seriously, as you are allied with the nuclear powers and have the largest nuclear arsenal. It would be foolhardy for a dictator to send his whole country on a sucicide mission by sending a nuke at the US. The satellites currently in orbit can detect any missiles fired and then they could either be shot down, or the country whence they came would cease to exist in the same manner the hotheaded were suggesting happen to Afghanistan when it became known that Osama Bin Laden was hiding there. I am not saying that the US has nothing to fear, as a nuke could do a horrific amount of damage, but I don't feel that any state will be responsible for such an attack, should it ever occur. Everyone would hope not, but in the future the threat to the US will come from independent, James Bond-style bad guys and in time, nuclear science will be far more easily available than it is today.
I notice you don't have France on your little list - know anyone else who've set off nukes recently?
Yeah, but knowing the Russians, only about half of them actually work properly.
The ageing Russian arsenal is definitely the easiest place for a rogue warlord to get his (or her) hands on nuclear weapons. The transition of the Russian economy to capitalism has not been kind to many who were guaranteed an easier life in the military and the sale of assets that were left in their care could be a tempting moneyspinner for the unscrupulous.
Eeny meeny miney moe catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go, eeny meeny miney moe ... my mother says to choose this one.


^- American foreign policy doctrine :)
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