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Aug 1, 2003
When I start an epic game and change the name, title and tribesname of the civ then later, when I start a new conquest, those titles are shown for every civ you click on.

For example. I played an epic game as Germany. I changed the title in Führer and the noun in Nazi. I played it and quit later on. Then I wanted to play the Middle Ages conquest. Whatever Civ I select, they all are called Führer and Nazi. I restarted Civ, and later my PC, but nothing changed. I had this before and sometimes when I restart it is ok, but often it is like this. You can change it, but it is strange.

Can someone tell me they had the same or how to prevent this?

Thanks in advance.
Can you send a save, and the steps to reproduce it?
Originally posted by Chieftess
Can you send a save, and the steps to reproduce it?

Well, there isn't a save, because it happens before you start playing. In the civ-selection screen when you click a random civ it has the same title (in this case Führer) and the next one you click too. So not the King/Queen/Chairman or whatever, but Führer for all.
I have restarted everything, but nothing helps. I am not so good at computering, but could it be something like cookies?
I just checked it (this time the Mesopotamia-conquest) and it is still all called führer...
Man, it is irritating. You can all change it, but sometimes I didn't know what it is called. And it shouldn't be like this, of course. I am surprised nobody else here has this error.
I reproduced it, but it is one of those bugs that is hard to reproduce consistently based on my limited trials with it. It didn't always recreate.

Here is what I did:

1) Start a new game.
2) Rename a civ leader.
3) I saved game - this may not be necessary.
4) Start new game. (civ leader was still showing Idiot Man). If I don't click on any other civ and accept Idiot Man, it will load as Idiot Man. If I click on another civ, no problem, name switches to whatever civ leader name it is supposed to; if I switch back to Idiot Man, it will usually revert back to the original civ leader.

Here are links for a screenshot and two different game starts; I doubt they will help because the issue is when you start a new game:



I had this too, with PTW. But since Conquests it stays that leadername whatever Civ I click on and however often I click.

Thanks for your effort!
Try opening the customization menu again, and delete your custom name. Just leave the leader name field blank actually, and then press ok. That should reset it to the original name.

Alternatively, open the Conquests.ini and delete anything after the '=' in the line:


I guess your problem was solved a long time ago, but just in case it's not, or someone else has the same problem. :)
The problem still is around with the 1.15 patch, as you may see below: (it happens not very often, a rough guess would be 1/100 times)

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