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WT Pay someone to mod


Sep 7, 2002
I really like fall from heaven 2. I would just like to constantly see more and I would like the strengths and costs of units modified to my preference. I play by myself and I usually play 1 game every day. It is my chess.

I could mod it myself or I could pay one of you to do it for me, which I prefer.

So if you can add units, modify existing units, buildings, technologies, and possibly even add some basic art, please contact me @


I have not created the changes I want made yet. When I find a modder, and understand their skillsets and the cost, we can work things out.

I will probably want to add about 20 units, a couple of religions, 20 buildings, 9-12 techs, and mod a few existing items as well.


OOps, wrong forum, posting this in general....Respond there.
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