WW1 - egyptian style


Feb 15, 2002
I remember in this one game there had been no wars in all of history (w/ 16 civs) then at the end of the middle ages egypt wanted 500 gold, monarchy and my world map, and i siad no then they declared war on me one turn later the aztecs delcared an allicance with egypt against me so i decided to get the Zulu and americanson my side then the americans asked japan and england to help out within five turns everyone was at war with atleast 5 other civs, the wars ruined my attempt at a spaceship victory because of all the mobilization and drafts which made people mad :mad: i lost he game becuase of the egyptians (no way to research into the modern era now) anyone have tips on how to prevent massive wars like this they ruined my game, i'm okay with a five civ war cause i could still trade techs but not everyone where techs are hard to come by, well so much for spaships next time i'll rule the world:king: cause atleast WW's would help me destroy other civs
Well build a large army that does not go too far over the limit of number of units you can have. A large army will deter the other civs from bullying you around.
BTW the AI looks at how many units you have, not wether they are more advanced.
I don't see how this would ruin your game, I mean, this is a part of Civ! It happens, learn from it and try again!
i meant ruined the game as in "ugh now i can't win" but it was still fun, i played until 2073 (wanted to finish off the aztecs so played an extra 10 turns). but still i should of made that part clearer and to God, thnx you the first God that dosn't ingnor me :D now only if i could rule an entire Civ, in RL. shouldn't be too hard for a god.:lol:
What I often do is give each Civ a little gift every few turns...this keeps them polite and lessens unreasonable demands. I also trade them techs as long as it won't hurt me. The other thing I do sometimes if I have more than one key stratigic resource that I don't want to trade to anyone is disconnect the roads going to it. That way other civs can't demand it from you. I try to always trade my extra lux's becuase they don't do you any good sitting in the bank. Only time I will hold onto a lux or strat resource is if I am letting the other civs do research for me and I plan on an upcoming trade soon. This is pretty much how I do it now with the new 1.17 patch. I used to try to beat the other civs to techs and or buy them of one and sell them to the others. But now you can't do that...if one gets it before you they all have it. Plus buying early game techs got a lot cheaper...especially after they are a few turns old. That is what I do...just try to keep up with the important techs and then buy the other ones cheap of the AI. Then later in the game I will have a big bank and Universities to start making my own techs. Theory of Evolution is key to get ahead at that point. make sure you are even with the other civs...get ToE and along with it Atomic Theory and Electronics and most of the civs will pay over 100gp/turn if they are not bankrupt already. These are just my strats on Emperor level. I don't play Diety level much since the new patch because I just can't seem to win (argh...I know it is just my weakness). It is kinda wierd...Diety seems to hard and Emperor is pretty much too easy.
The other thing I do is that once one civ declares war against me Iwill pretty much pay the other civs what ever they want for an alliance then you don't have to worry so much about mobilization because they other civs will do all of the fighting for you. Even more if the attacking civs in not on your border. If it is I just roll them over with stacks of cannon/artillery with riflemen/infantry then clean up with cav or tanks if you have them. Make a B line for any cities with resources. Well I've rambled enough and this is just one of the strats that I use. The most common result is a Diplomatic victory...as long as you get the UN. Just bribe all the other Civs right before the vote and make sure you never break any treaties. FWIW.

:egypt: Rules!!!
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